Plain Crosses

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A pectoral plain cross is given to a person during the Sacrament of Baptism and is worn thereafter all his life, without taking it off. The image of the Crucifixion is a symbol of the victory of goodness and Jesus Christ over death; it is a symbol of devotion to God and faith. It helps the believer in sorrows, troubles, and difficulties, strengthening his spirit. In the F jewellery, you can buy crosses and rings for her with blackening.

Women's, children's and men's crosses

The design of worn crosses is very conventionally divided into men's, women's and children's crosses. According to Christian tradition, crosses are not divided by age or gender. In modern trends, there is still a difference between the crosses for men, women and children.

  • Women's style is light, graceful, often with intricate designs. They are more modest and sophisticated than men ones.
  • Children's crosses are small, with rounded edges and no crucifixion pictures. They are subdivided into crosses for boys and girls.
  • Men's models of crosses, unlike women's, are aesthetically simpler, a little rough and weighty, with large, voluminous elements. Men's crosses can be with or without a crucifix, with images of famous saints, icons or prayers.

How to wear the pectoral cross correctly

The pectoral cross is a sacred symbol, not a piece of jewellery. It does not matter whether you have a silver cross or not.

The cross must be consecrated. Before wearing the pectoral cross, it is consecrated by a priest. You can buy a plain cross pendant or hoop earrings in the F jewellery shop.

When choosing a cross, pay attention to what the cross depicts, not the cost.

The image of the Crucifixion and therefore the cross simple can be Orthodox or Catholic.


The Orthodox cross for sale is often an eight-pointed cross, but the Orthodox Church recognises all kinds of crosses: eight-pointed, four-pointed, with or without a crucified Jesus. The church approved the canon of the image of the Crucifixion in 692. Since then, its appearance has not changed. The figure of Jesus Christ on the cross expresses peace, harmony and dignity in important hypostases, Divine and Human.


The Catholic cross is a four-pointed cross. On it, the Crucifixion conveys the agony of Christ: the Saviour's head is crowned with thorns, his feet are folded and pierced with a nail, and his hands are sagged at the elbows. The figure expresses the human hypostasis, expressing suffering.

To order a gold Christian pectoral cross or Figaro chains at a better price, there is only one condition - an understanding of its true purpose and meaning. Do not think of it as a piece of jewellery or a talisman that can protect a person. Remember that by putting on the cross, the believer promises God to live by his commandments and firmly endure all the trials falling to his lot.

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