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The variety of accessories is likely to be captivating people’s hearts and souls forever and ever after. The reason for that lies not only in their visual attractivity. Depending on the material and design applied, such products are believed to offer several health benefits, be great heritage treasures, and investment means at the same time. If you would like to give an additional value to the accessory, then going for crosses is the right shot. What about getting to know more about the best way to select excellent layouts with professional guidance from the FJewellery specialists? Let’s get it started!

Ground Rules of Selecting a Cross

Although there is no doubt this symbol is recognized all around the world, its divergence still caused a lot of troubles for both beginners and more experienced customers. One of the first things to be sure about is whether you are looking for accessories to demonstrate your faith or it would be better for a solution under analysis to function as a decorative means.

Jewellery crosses

It is widely applied in worship, literature, and architecture, and its unique nature is also preserved in the jewellery industry:

  • Cristian crosses are perhaps the most common solution of this kind. The reason for that is its instantly recognizable composition — just two crossbars that are perpendicular to each other. But variations are also present. For instance, a Russian style of crosses possesses three horizontal crossbeams, and the last one (that is usually the lowest at the same time) is vailed downwards. Hollow crosses in the Latin style are usually made of gold and are budget-efficient for the majority of interested parties.
  • Greek crosses are also found as crux quadrata, and that name is self-explanatory. Unlike the Latin one, this has equidistant arms.
  • Crosses with crucifixes are worth being mentioned as a separate design subdivision. Although it is the same Christian cross, the figure of Jesus makes it a more staple in Orthodox and Catholic churches. For those consumers who are looking for more religious pectoral shapes, it is the best solution. It is a material emphasize of Jesus’ sacrifice in favor of humankind’s redemption.
  • Everlasting crosses are excellent to be combined with other pieces incorporated eternal signs in their layouts. Without a doubt, it is a quintessential sample of infinitive love and immortality.
  • Celtic crosses are famous heritage treasures of British and Irish culture. It looks like a simple Latin cross with the only difference — there is a nimbus in its upper part, mainly, in the arm and stem intersection.
  • There is one more wonderful yet rare way to stay on the safe side but buy crosses for chains — an ankh layout. Just imagine a common Latin cross that has a teardrop-shaped loop instead of the upper crossbar. As a representative of eternal life invented on the territory of Ancient Egypt, such charms are believed to preserve the same properties today too. This key to life is a good luck charm and appreciated as an amulet of spiritual healing. As a jewellery item, it is not typically decorated with gemstones and is performed in yellow gold. Different engravings and additional protective signs of the Ancient Egyptian culture are easy to be included.

Keep It Stylish

Crosses have become excellent accessories, so even non-Christians are welcome to enjoy its sparkling beauty without offending any sensitive beliefs. The main thing here is to pick up a piece that satisfies your standards of quality and fashion. From this perspective, celebrities are great samples of how even tiny layouts are enabled to show off and make a huge impression. For Eminem, Rihanna, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and others, crosses function as magnificent identity emphasizers.

Moreover, crosses are universal gifts that let enthusiasts prepare supportive elements without a hassle. What does it mean? Since it is not a big challenge nowadays to find solutions at the best price for you, you achieve more room for improvisation and creativity. While crosses are commonly unisex and work for him, for her, and for children, choosing additional pieces will help make a more personalized present. Just check some of the potential champions:

  • Simple bracelets mesh designs will contribute to the plain silver cross simplicity and elegance. This cheap combination is a perfect match for men, regardless of their lifestyle and wardrobe clothes preferences.
  • Earrings tri colour units allow looking for corresponding accessories with unique gemstone insertions. Apart from standard diamonds, there are various ways to decorate your ornamental accessories and stay within the frames of your budget. For example, cubic zirconia, known as a stone of practicality, will definitely create an impression of gorgeousness and style. They resemble diamonds a lot but are much less expensive. Besides, they are considered to have good healing properties.
  • Rings eternity bands symbolize everlasting love and are especially popular among females. If you are seeking suitable gifts to congratulate your second half on an important occasion like an anniversary, such designs will be highlighted by appropriate gold crosses. This will help you emphasize your sincerest feelings will never end, regardless of time and space around.

Pendant and Chain Size Guide

Once you have decided which design of crosses buy is your number one option, it is high time to think about additional items to make a final finish to your gift. The rule-of-thumb advice is to opt for a chain that is twice bigger than a charm itself. Otherwise, there is a certain probability to cause continual damage to the necklace and make it break over long-term (or not) wear.

Gold crosses

When it comes to choosing the chain length, the following considerations are to be included in your decision-making:

  • First of all, consider your priorities. Some customers prefer minimalism, so little or even tiny models are their orientation. Other consumers want beautiful and grand units to order, then chains have to be matching but not cause an overwhelming effect.
  • Think about your wardrobe capacities. On a job interview, nobody wants to look like a Christmas tree, yes? From this perspective, take into account which style of wearing is preferable by the target recipient. Let’s be more precise. If a person adores fancy clothes, then beautiful costume necklaces won’t become soulmate options — instead, they will only cheapen the chosen image.
  • Chains of eighteen inches are a happy medium for the major part of the cross-oriented audience. Small necklaces will be too short, and such chokers won’t let you achieve the desired nice V above your chest. On the contrary, going for chains like Opera that is from twenty-six to thirty-six inches or Rope with its even bigger length will make a cross be lost within your entire outfit. The best way is also to obtain your neck measurement, add two sizes up, and consider the right chain length. For instance, if your neck reaches around sixteen inches, then necklaces of at least eighteen or twenty inches are recommended. The cost of heavy and large chains is also something to be amazed at. Besides, they aren’t really convenient for everyday wear. So if you are searching for a gift for someone, keeping the balance is crucial.
  • Another essential criterion is to ensure the chain’s width will work for the cross’s eye diameter. This information is better to recheck with the service provider if you fail to find this data on the website on your own.
  • Simplistic chain types like wheat, cable, and box varieties are all pretty and highly sought-after options for crosses as pendants. They will make a polished and complete look of your ensemble and won’t distract the viewer’s attention from the charm.

Where to Buy

When it comes to looking for the best service provider, many considerations have to be taken into account, and the same while picking up the accessories you will like. It is necessary to ensure you have numerous shopping options at your considerations. Instead of visiting local establishments, it is more reasonable to think about virtual stores. On the one hand, they are accessible 24/7 anywhere and anytime. On the other hand, since they don’t usually have physical institutions, they do afford to offer exclusive promotions and discounts for their fans. And FJewellery isn’t an exception in this case.

Thanks to advanced search filters, a non-techno-savvy-user-oriented interface, valuable cross pictures, and images of other assortment products, customers don’t face any technical issues while seeking the most appropriate deals. This website’s friendliness results in smoother considerations as well: the provider accompanies item descriptions with detailed information on how to pick up the very best size and fit.

There is no need to worry about the price as well. This manufacturer proves in practice that preferring costume jewelry isn’t the only option to save funds yet look stylish. Just check their website to find exclusive masterpieces of skilled jewellers that are available for sale. Whether plain or eye-catching, religious or trendy layouts, this online shop recommends a wide catalogue variety of pieces for both mens and women.

Jewellery crosses


What is the strongest chain for necklaces?

If you would like your jewellery ensemble to possess the highest rank of durability and longevity, it would be nice to pay attention to chains that are crafted out of interlocking links. In this case, the risks of their damaging caused by folding or twisting are minimal since there is no bending point in their composition. Of course, the degree of solidness depends on the chain’s weight and thickness too. But in general, the list of the strongest necklaces boasts of Figaro, cable, mariner, curb, and some other types.

Is it worth purchasing diamond crosses?

Among numerous layouts possible, diamond cross pendants differentiate with their unique shining and gloss. At the same time, their value as a powerful investment means is second to none and won’t fade over time. It is also believed that these stones are capable of detoxifying and purifying all the systems of the human body. So its characteristics that come along with a strong meaning of crosses will turn a diamond cross into a magnificent talisman and charm.

Should I neglect gold purity and select crosses with a smaller caratage?

Overall, a caratage is a percentage revealing the fraction of pure gold in the alloy. The purer the material is, the more expensive it will be. The highest possible figure is 24K. However, gold in its essence is a soft metal that won’t work excellently for accessory manufacturing. That is the main reason why complete metal purifying isn’t welcomed. Apart from the composition content, alloys from 10K and up to 22K are different in terms of their glitter and general durability. 18K and 14K are believed to be a happy compromise between quality and cost. The final decision depends on your objectives. For stronger and more functional pieces, the purest solutions are better to avoid.

Jewellery crosses ankh


As you see, decision-making is complemented by thorough research significantly. The more tips you know, the easier it would be for you to avoid marketing-campaign tricks and see behind the advertisements. Without a doubt, precious jewellery is likely to stay among the most valuable gifts and investment means in the market for years. So why not use this excellent opportunity to satisfy your fashionista’s tastes, religious faith, and entrepreneur’s beliefs at the same time? Anyway, the choice of crosses, regardless of their design and style, would become a stunning sign of love and care for your beloved ones.

If you worry online shopping offers too many opportunities to decide on the only one, feel free to contact the expert support team of FJewellery, a leading supplier in the UK industry, and get your wishes and desires be visualized into a gorgeous and modern fashion with a deep and influential meaning.