Amethyst Earrings

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Wearing earrings is extremely simple, especially when you know what style to choose. At the FJewellery online store, there are lots of win-win combinations to admire. Without a doubt, amethyst earrings are included in the list. With so many luxurious shapes and formats, this type of jewellery deserves to be loved and welcome for any occasion. Check this catalogue and find your amethyst soul mate at an affordable cost!

What You Should Know About Amethyst Gemstones

Not only is it a beautiful stone with an amazing colour palette with purplish and pinkish tones as the most recognizable, but also this crystal is a February birthstone. You can consider it a stunning gift for numerous occasions since it symbolizes nobility and calmness. 

Despite its meaning that is full of enlightenment, amethyst combined with silver and gold can result in different vibes. It will work for summer or winter outfits, as well as casual or business occasions. Let’s take a closer look at other quality factors of this stone:

  • Colour — its palette isn’t endless and doesn’t contain all the rainbow tones. However, it is a mistake to consider it limited. Several gemstones have an interesting colour zoning and let enthusiasts enjoy the view where several tones are mixed and create outstanding gradients.
  • Size — compared to diamonds, for instance, these stones will seem bigger even if they weigh the same. If you are clear in your choice of cut, it is quite possible to get the biggest width and height available in the desired price range.
  • Clarity — since all the accessories within this catalogue are certified, you don’t have to worry about any visual drawbacks. They reflect sunrays perfectly. Still, it is an important feature that makes amethyst so unique and distinct.

If you combine amethysts with either gold or silver in a rhodium coating, the result is promising. It is a second-to-none present, which will help anybody to stand out and enjoy such a beautiful statement with a lot of confidence.

The Divergence of Amethyst Earrings

For ages, the pictures of amethyst have been among the most valuable and prizes kinds of quartz. Although this crystal isn’t as rare as diamonds, it is the basis of numerous modern types of jewellery. Whether made of silver or gold, the analyzed stone will be a wow for fashionistas:

  • Taking into account the rich colours of amethyst, it is clear that such models are versatile for several target recipients. Its brilliance is extreme, which attracts the attention of childrens. For gentlemen and ladies, deep blue, pink, and purple notes are a stunning way to stand out and set the right accent on ear.
  • Coming with secure clasps like lock backs, stud earrings are probably the most typical choice to highlight this fine jewel. Whether it comes in its light shades or unique versions like cabochon in a briolette or square cut, you are guaranteed to get a marvelous impression from the first try to wear such a model.
  • Drop earrings are another exquisite way to show off the beauty of amethyst crystals. If you would like something more magnificent, there are pieces made of white gold and decorated with diamonds. For more casual solutions, please consider layouts with minimalist vibes.

How to Match Earrings with Amethyst

To create a vintage look, you don’t have to consider pieces that are truly created a long ago. The same goes for other varieties of how to wear and match a real amethyst gemstone accessory in your wardrobe. Playing with emerald cut and other shapes like pear shaped silhouettes, you can easily get this lavender brilliance in the best size and style possible.

Fellow pieces of jewelry will only be helpful in styling your image:

  • Curb chains — whether made of small or large links, curb chain necklaces are gorgeous partners for the distinguished earring design. It brings more freedom and freshness to the image.
  • Oval pendants — experimenting with shapes and forms doesn’t cost you a lot. On the contrary, it enables interested parties to achieve beautiful solutions made of dark natural stones and accompanied by unusual perfect matches at the best cheap price.
  • Diamond signet rings — just imagine how a pair of drop earrings with a cushion cut gemstone will look along with diamond signet bands for him and for her. Don’t miss a chance to look gorgeously anywhere and anytime without spending a fortune on high-end precious metal purity — you can get eye-catching accessories thanks to gemstones for sure.

Where to Buy Amethyst Earrings for Sale

Since amethyst earrings are available in numerous patterns, including models with real flower and halo ornaments, it is clear their popularity won’t fade away soon. At the FJewellery online assortment, you can find several high quality designs and enjoy wearing something luxurious and non-traditional. Accompanied by other stones like cubic zirconia and diamonds, these palettes only become more advantageous.