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Diamond Hoop Earrings

Buy hoop earrings with diamond in store FJewellery

For a reason, diamond hoops earrings are one of the most eye-catching and picky presents. This jewellery type is especially beloved for its attention-grabbing skills and versatility. Without a doubt, it will suit different faces and kinds of skin. At FJewellery, there are numerous models to give a try to. The assortment of “into ear” models for her will make you up in arms for any occasion. Just get acquainted with the deals offered!

Everyday Fashion by FJewellery

Diamond hoop earrings made in gold can’t be boring in their appearance, even if they are classic. At the same time, it is far from the right way of thinking to believe the divergence isn’t expanded if the material and stone insertion are limited by default. Check out some of the variations listed below to make this myth completely busted in your picture of the world:

  • What is different among dozens of models? Of course, the size matters. Although gold and diamond inserts are predetermined, that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up among really oversized, extra large, medium sized units and up to the smallest scale. Ringles saddles are worthy solutions to finish the ensemble in this case.
  • The overall design differs beauce of the metal format chosen. Let’s be more precise. Such earrings can be presented in the form of wire-loop pieces, where the metal part is similar to a tube of different diameter. There are models where the round form isn’t preferred. Instead, oval lines are selected. Options with heavier bottom parts are also available on the market in a big quantity.
  • The number of diamonds can vary from a few pieces to decorate the heavy-metal element or a plenty of them. If the second option is valid, then they are likely to be presented in a strict line that is like a ribbon over the tube metal part. Although it is less typical, diamonds can be implemented with other stones too. Don’t forget there are a variety of colours of diamonds from green to even black.
  • The best price to stay in the frames of your budget isn’t your obstacle either. Nature-inspired motives are traditional ideas to use in designs of these accessories. Rings saddle, silver chains will look marvelous with them. In addition, culture and traditions are considered by designers, so you can see numerous specific signs and symbols that determine viking hoop earrings, Chinese (for instance, with dragon-forms), retro and vintage styles, and more. Infinity shaped hinged hoop earrings with diamonds look gorgeous, while vine leaf accented models are more suitable for daily wear and several outfits.
  • The type of clasp introduced in the earring layout are meaningful and influence how simple and convenient it is to take on and off either big or mini models. Hinged closures are among the finest choices. Click-downs are more highly sought-after for their comfort in daily wear. Wire hooked can take place for little lightweight pieces. Omega-back and post-back closures are less common, but some modern designs implement it for sure. This information is to be checked with the help of online pictures and images on the website.

Differences between Yellow and White Gold

One of the most suitable matches for diamonds is gold. Whether white or yellow, it will contribute to the general gorgeousness of this treasure. If you hesitate which material is more practical and beneficial in long-term perspective, here are a few things to note:

  • The crucial difference between the two kinds of metals is the percentage of their alloy composition presence. Since gold in its nature is soft and malleable, other materials are added to increase its value and durability. Thus, yellow gold is a mixture of pure gold and alloys of copper and zinc, while the opposite option is created with the help of palladium and silver.
  • White gold is chosen by many people because of its silvery colour. It is similar to platinum but not as pricey as it is. Thanks to its alloy peculiarities, white gold is harder to scratch than its yellow alternative.
  • Don’t hesitate to take into account yellow gold may create an illusion of slightly yellowish diamonds, unlike its opposite material. On the contrary, white gold can contain nickel and thus become allergenic, so please be careful.

Anyway, white gold and yellow gold hoop earrings with diamond do look magnificent — you are welcome to check that at the online catalogue by FJewellery.

How to Take Care about Dainty Diamond Jewellery

With the help of FJewellery, customers can buy diamond hoop earrings at the most desired cost. The assortment is frequently available at the discount prices, so it won’t be a problem to purchase genuine diamond jewellery that impresses with its unique fascination and luxury style. However, challenges may take place during the long-term use of items under consideration. If consumers pay little attention to the proper rules of maintenance and care, even the strongest stones in the world can lose their original shining and turn out to be bad-looking instead of being the worthiest things in style and charm.

At the same time, even if you don’t wear these accessories regularly, the risks of fading are still present. Contaminating the goods of this kind doesn’t happen only during gardening or handmade-related duties — it is enough just to have a casual walking session. Under the influence of the human’s body heat, oily skin, and moisture, these items start to attract particles of dirt and dust. As a result, it brings negative consequences for the state of quality. For instance, dust that is encrusted under fastening and clasp mechanisms leads to performance issues and the overall metal shine loss. In general, the more we expose earrings to the environment, the harder it will be to return them to their former beauty. The mentioned alterations aren’t instant, of course. But if you refuse to follow simple rules for handling jewelry, then you will take away some years out of the general longevity term of the cheap diamond hoop earrings you have.

Here are a few things to bear in mind for beginners:

  • Front facing diamond hoop earrings or any other in and out accessories of this type aren’t recommended for constant wear at home. Depending on the earrings’ size, they are better to take off when going to bed.
  • Exposing to chemicals and highly abrasive substances is forbidden in the case of earrings with diamonds. Scratches and plaques on these gemstones can be removed only by specialized grinding services. In turn, this won’t be the best way to influence the size and quality of the faceting.
  • The mechanical influence isn’t welcome as well. As a result of a non-attentive and non-careful treatment, the rough diamond can gradually lose its solid properties, so the stones can get chipped then. The recovering services will be expensive, to be honest.
  • There are some scenarios when wearing jewellery with diamonds has to be avoided for sure. For example, these are locations like beach zones and gyms. That is where your little treasure will be most exposed to the aggressive influence of external factors like temperature (to be more exact, its fluctuations) and humidity.

Diamond earrings can be cared for with simple procedures, but there are still particular recommendations to take into account:

  • It is advised to wear gloves during your diamond cleaning sessions. As it has been already mentioned, the stone of this kind is extremely susceptible to grease. Therefore, it would be a mistake to touch the diamond with your bare hands either regularly during this procedure or everyday use. Experts suggest applying a soft lint-free cloth or a piece of velvet material for wet cleaning.
  • The optimum method of cleaning your accessories with these precious stones is to give your preference to low-alkaline soap solutions. Please note the latter should be lukewarm.
  • Diamonds are forbidden to take care of in the conditions of high temperatures. This will only increase the risks and potential tempos of their fading. Leaving them in the prolonged explosion of UV rays (namely, direct sunlight) will damage their incredible quality too.

What liquids and substances shouldn’t be used to clean diamond hoop earrings, regardless of whether they are small and tiny or huge and thick? There is a so-called top five of say-no materials which are to be swiped out of your shopping list in this case:

  • Bleaching powder (also known as chloride of lime) will discolour gold and leave a matte gloss on your accessories.
  • Iodine tends to give a reddish and dark-coloured tone to gold and platinum rims, which you will then have to polish off on your own or with the professional assistance at a jewellery store.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar can oxidize gold and stone inserts, leaving a whitish residue on them.
  • Common detergents are far from the best choice since they possess a high concentration of alkali unions, which literally kill the shine of precious metals and gemstones.
  • Baking soda will make a stone dull and rub off its famous diamond luster.


At the end of the day, it may seem a choice of inside out hoop earrings and other style variations is challenging. However, all you need to do is just to visit the platform you like and take your time enjoying different genres of metals and diamond inserts. In particular, at FJewellery, there are dozens of models on sale with accents on elegant lines and very classic vibes. On the domain, you are welcome to accompany your fashion huggies with necklaces diamond options to achieve a perfect gift ensemble. For those who can’t make a final decision on what designs suit their tastes and needs, feel free to contact our support team for consultation.