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There is a misconception that gents are not interested in jewellery. Let's not forget that they are the reason why the lion's share of accessories came into being. Besides, jewellery looks great on guys if it fits the look well. The FJewellery online shop offers an impressive collection of earrings for men. Each of the pieces is cute in its own way. It’s a classy opportunity to create and maintain your look with unique accessories that suit you. It is also the best way to choose a non-trivial gift.

Mens EarringsMens Earrings

All the accessories in our range are made of platinum, gold, and silver. The latest two categories are particularly popular. All pieces can be inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones and engraved.


A metal that still captivates many people today because of its appearance. It can be described as versatile because of its characteristics such as:

  • A huge variety to choose from. There is perhaps no other natural metal that designers use to create beautiful pieces. You can buy male earrings in any shade. It can be a classic yellow, a stylish white, or a delicate rose.
  • Hypoallergenic. Even if you have hypersensitive skin, gold jewellery with a 14-karat or higher finish is likely to be suitable for you. The higher the carat value, the less likely it is that nickel is embedded in the alloy. This is responsible for an allergic reaction.

In addition, to its undeniable advantages, you can add:

  • Gold is timeless. You can wear it indefinitely without taking it off, and it will barely change. Of course, from time to time it needs to be cleaned of epidermis and sebum residue and polished for a brighter shine, but overall, jewellery is made from this metal.
  • A huge range of earrings. Metal is so popular that all the famous designs are made from it. That's great! You'll always find an option that suits your style.
  • Price. This is not the most expensive material (platinum will be more expensive). You can choose between different qualities of gold. Generally, 10-carat gold pieces are cheaper than 18-carat gold pieces.


  • Cost. It is still a precious metal, but its cost is minimal compared to others. In fact, it is cheap. This is very convenient, as it will allow you to build a large collection without a capital investment.
  • Silver is beautifully complemented by precious and semi-precious stones. Styles like this look great.
  • Easy to care for. Like gold, sterling silver is virtually maintenance-free. If you don't wear it when swimming in salt water, it will retain its original appearance for quite a long time.
  • If we are talking about the alloy 925, it is a hypoallergenic material. In very rare cases, it may cause a skin reaction.
  • It looks great in any design. Fans of the metal will tell you that there are numerous designs available for this jewellery. What's more, you can always find something exclusive in this section.

Earrings for Him

How do you choose the best option for a man?

As a rule, items are chosen according to their skin tone. For example, for boys with a cold undertone, white gold is more suitable, while those with a warm undertone can choose from yellow and rose gold. Some are lucky enough to be colour-neutral. In this case, you can buy gold or silver jewellery without restrictions and simply incorporate it into your everyday look. The following rules can help guide your choice of a particular model:

  • Combine metals. This means having something in your outfit that visually supports your choice. For example, a silver-coloured buckle will allow you to wear white gold or silver earrings. A yellow gold engagement ring will support earrings of similar material. This can also be with other accessories if you wear Singapore chains or another type of weaving with orthodox crosses, or St. Christopher pendants with or without any other pendant. They should overlap to create a unified composition.
  • Know the measure. In a male look, use an accent on one thing. Don't let the bling take centre stage in your look. It's important not to overdo it. Everything must be in moderation and harmony. It's cool to be flashy too, but even that needs to be in moderation so the look doesn't get out of hand.
  • Choose an accessory depending on where you are going. Going to work? Something classy and discreet will do. Gold stud earrings with a small diameter, with quality but not flashy decorations or no decorations at all, will do the trick. Looking for a more relaxed look? Or go for something more distinguished and eye-catching, like Huggies with a pendant if you like that option, or earrings with a jewel in a contrasting colour.

How do I wear earrings?

There was a time when the position in which you wore an earring mattered a lot. Today, that parameter is not calibrated. You can wear jewelry in one ear or both. It can be a paired symmetrical or asymmetrical piece in the latter. For example, a pendant earring with a pearl in one earlobe and a simple stud in the other. By the way, pearls will be very popular next season, so we recommend paying attention to them in accessories.

Buy Male EarringsBuy Male Earrings

Choice of design

An important parameter when choosing earrings for him. If you're choosing them for yourself, you just need to look at all the options in the image and choose the best one. If it's a gift, then try to guess. Personalised products are usually a good choice. Pay attention to them.

  • Stud earrings or studs should undoubtedly be at the top of this list. They are hugely popular. The design can be anything: a  small dot with or without a gemstone on the lobe, a logo, letters, or symbols. Separately, a hit in this category is the diamond earring. It can be transparent, white, or black. In this case, 8 mm is enough to make an impression.
  • Rings of various diameters are the second most popular product. Although extreme-diameter rings are rarely seen in men, they can be found on sale. They can be flat or voluminous, square or round in cross-section, large or miniature (on the earlobe only), with or without decorations in the form of jewels, chains, and pendants. Pendants can also be different. It could be a chain, or pendant in the form of a coin, skull, feather, cross, etc.
  • Jackets. A very stylish category. This is a sophisticated product that is designed as a stud with an original clasp that not only secures the product on the ear but also carries a decorative load. As a result, when looking at a person from the front, an entire composition can be seen on the earlobe. Part of it will cover the opening, and the other part will be under the earlobe, gently covering it from below. This jewellery has to be chosen so that the lower part does not cut in or hang down freely. To achieve the desired effect, the element has to be placed very precisely on the edge of the ear.
  • Tunnels. A fancy accessory that has been in the chat room for quite some time. Most often, one sees this model in platinum or lighter titanium, but pieces in gold and silver are also found. Tunnels embellished with precious metals look very stylish.
  • Cones. Another cool modern way to decorate yourself. Whereas "tunnels" refer to an earring that is fully inserted into the body and has a hole in the middle, here we're talking about a "cone." They are suitable for larger holes, but not as spectacular as tunnels.
  • Bilateral or double. This has more to do with visual appearance than with the new design. But still. These models include haggis, as well as rings with a hidden clasp, shades, and designs with magnets. The peculiarity of this type is that the earring looks nice on both sides. It can have the same decoration on both sides or be without it.
  • Cuffs. A very funny model of earrings has its admirers. The Kaffe-like design wraps around the outside of the ear. As a rule, the earring is rather wide. The precious metal is enough to make it stand out and adorn your look, but you can find cuffs with decorations on sale. These are always stylish and unexpectedly cool.
  • Plugs. A model that resembles a bar. The narrow crossbar, with its traditional diameter, is embellished on both sides with voluminous discs. These earrings resemble tunnels but are much less traumatic for the earlobe. They look stylish and presentable. The decorations are generally limited to engraving or toning, but inlay options are also possible.
  • Straight or curved rod. This design looks simple yet cool at the same time. On one side, there is only one unnecessary component: a precious metal rod that slides through the puncture hole. On the other, there is a stylish and neat decoration: two balls are wrapped around the rod on either side. They can be either undecorated (only metal) or inlaid with a precious stone.
  • Magnets and clips. These models are for those who are not yet sure they want to have real punctures. Magnets and clips are easy to use. Structurally, the first option is two small parts that are connected by a strong magnet. The nuance is that if one of the parts is lost, you will not be able to use the product. Both parts of a clip-on design are frequently connected to each other.

Gents EarringsGents Earrings

How to choose earrings that suit your face shape

Looking through the offers available in salons, one can get lost in the abundance of suggestions. We think it's easier to choose by following the rules. They are not rigid, but they will help you concentrate properly. One such parameter is the type or shape of the face. Let's see what the proportions tell us:

  • Round face. It makes sense to choose models that help to visually elongate the shape. These can be earrings with pendants, carnations with elongated facets, sufficiently long cuffs, etc.
  • Oval. Perhaps you are in the most comfortable situation. You can wear whatever you want. The only thing to avoid is large triangular earrings.
  • An inverted triangle and a heart-shaped face. You need to balance the shape. You may have a rather wide forehead and a narrow chin. Therefore, a kissing pendant on a long chain with a rather prominent pendant will suit you. It can be very stylish!
  • Long face. A little volume wouldn't hurt here. Your choice can either be something minimalist (e.g., stud earrings in different designs) or rings with a fairly big diameter.
  • Square. It's believed that lovers with this face shape shouldn't use square-shaped accessories near the face. But you can afford medium or even large rings with oval or elongated designs.

If you want to practise, here's a tip. Open some of your pictures on your phone in any graphic editor. To start with, it is advisable that you be there in plain sight. And pick up different shapes by drawing them on your ears. Sounds like a game, doesn't it? But this approach will definitely give you some ideas.

Ideas for a gift or the top six trendy models

Above, we have listed the most popular designs you can find on the market. All of them use support. Below, we offer the products that win men's hearts for a certain amount of time and are the most sought-after.

  1. A fashionable and xpensive gold diamond earring. And its inexpensive counterpart, the zirconia earring. Such an accessory looks very stylish and presentable. This is not surprising, because transparent minerals always attract attention. You can choose white or yellow gold. They are equally attractive.
  2. Something in silver. Even if you're a fan of yellow gold, look no further than the silver material. Firstly, it's a hit next season, and secondly, you're sure to have a couple of looks with which it will look flawless. For extreme shine, we recommend rhodium-plated pieces. Why a coat? To make the metal shine even more. Rhodium can work wonders to enhance the shine of any metal. Just remember to refresh it from time to time.
  3. Black mineral stud earrings. These look very stylish. Firstly, it's the most popular and comfortable design. Earrings can come in different weights and sizes. Secondly, if you don't have any jewelry with black gemstones, you should definitely give it a try. It can be a black diamond, an opal, a spinel, or a cubic zirconia. It can update your look.
  4. Square shape. Earrings with a gemstone in this shape look very masculine and attract attention. Size, cut, and type of mineral are at your discretion. Combining this and the previous position, you can get something very interesting.
  5. Industrial-style hoop earrings and stone-cut Huggies. Minimalist rings devoid of any decoration are a popular theme for next year. They should not look as if they have been polished all night by a jeweller. On the contrary, there must be a certain nonchalance. In today's Huggies, the phrase 'jewel-like notch' is taken to a new level. Lots of facets, and even more reflected light, not just as a glare, but as a concept.
  6. Earrings with pendants. They can be as minimalist as a traditional blade or feather or extremely long, such as a baroque pearl hanging all the way to the shoulder. An accessory for the power player who wants to make a statement.

Earrings for MensEarrings for Mens

Speaking of piercings, there is another category that many people forget about: earrings for piercing the nose, eyebrows, nipples, and other body parts. All these types of jewellery are also prepared for sale and waiting for their owner.

The FJewellery online shop offers a large collection of unique accessories online at an attractive price. This is a great place to buy. The shop has a large and constantly updated collection and many positive reviews. You can choose earrings as a gift for guys of any age. Each model has several photos and a sufficiently detailed description. The products are available in different styles with impeccable workmanship.