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Over time, fashion, of course, also doesn't remain standing still, and its trends are constantly changing. But there are accessories that are not subject to these changes and always stay at the peak of their popularity. One of these is stud earrings - bright, stylish, versatile! They are in the personal precious collection of every woman, regardless of her age or social status. And by the way, not only women - men also don't neglect these beautiful jewels. But one pair is never enough when it comes to these sparkling babes! Therefore, their range is only growing every year, and you can be convinced of this by looking at the pages of the FJewellery catalogue. We have presented both classic and the trendiest models, from the best manufacturers and bespoke, new and pre-owned - the choice is huge and here it's simply impossible not to find something amazing for yourself or as a gift to your nearest and dearest. Join now, check out our assortment and get the best and highest quality items with the maximum benefit! Welcome!

Stud EarringsStud Earrings

A bit about history

It seems to us that each of us has wondered more than once, where did the earrings come from and how long ago did people start using them? Oddly enough, but there is simply no single answer to this question. One gets the feeling that they have always been, because examples of these decorations were found by archaeologists even in the ancient burial places of the most primitive tribes. Of course, then they looked completely different and were clearly not like those accustomed to us accessories that are now on the shelves of fashion stores. Then they were made from simple and affordable improvised materials, such as:

  • pebbles,
  • animal bones,
  • shells,
  • wood,
  • etc.

But later, humanity mastered the possibility of mining and processing metals - since then, everything has changed dramatically. If earlier earrings had the status of rather ritual or totemic attributes, then later they began to be used as an indicator of a person’s wealth and power, his belonging to a certain social class. Masters began to create real refined art - graceful, openwork, filigree. The more richly and expensively they were decorated, the richer and more powerful their owner was considered. This also happened because precious metals were then very expensive, and the lower orders simply could not afford it. And they were worn in almost all ancient civilizations known to us - from ancient Mesopotamia to Egypt. It's noteworthy that in those days, such jewelry was the prerogative of men. Rulers and great warriors used them as a symbol of their power and strength. So, for example, luxurious gold earrings were found in the tomb of the greatest pharaoh Tutankhamen.

Over the centuries, their popularity has only grown, and they have been actively modified. So, in India, girls began to wear their famous nose rings - these thin earrings determined the married status of a woman. In Antique Greece, they were an indicator of prosperity - the local ladies adored animalistic and floral motifs in jewellery. Also, they always chose massive and thick jewels to make them appear more noticeable. In Rome, a more minimalist style was preferred, but earrings were richly decorated with natural gems and engravings. The more earrings there were on ear, the higher the status of the person. And only slaves wore one simple earring so that they could be distinguished from free citizens. 

The era of the Middle Ages, or rather the dark ages, made their own adjustments - bright decorations were banned and not welcomed by society. Also, the clergy forbade having punctures in the ears and performing any actions related to changes in the body. Therefore, only the most marginal strata of society allowed themselves such expressions of their individuality. These were:

  • thieves,
  • robbers,
  • pirates,
  • gipsies,
  • and others.

Kids StudsKids Studs

For each of these groups, earrings had their own symbolic meaning. For example, among corsairs, the amount of decor in ear determined the number of ships requisitioned by him.

Things changed during the Renaissance, and although the church ban was not officially lifted, respectable citizens regained the custom of wearing earrings in everyday life and at lavish secular receptions. At that time, silver was especially valued, and its cost was by no means cheap, and therefore only the wealthiest people could afford such a luxury:

  • priests,
  • knights,
  • ladies of the court,
  • kings.

Over the following centuries, the situation changed only for the better, new designs and styles appeared, and earrings became more familiar and affordable. In addition, the motive for wearing them has also changed; if before they were an indicator of luxury, now guys and girls wear them rather to underline and complement their images, making them more modern and elegant. Fashion has also begun to change, and oversized earrings are no longer considered the chicest and best, we have learned to build on our own preferences and choose what we like best, and not what society dictates to us. Thanks to this, the precious market has become more diverse, and ear studs have gained their well-deserved popularity. Today, anyone can go to the FJewellery website, study the latest novelties here and pick up exactly what will best suit their tastes. And there are certainly plenty to select from!

Varieties of studs

Despite their simplicity and versatility, as well as concise and uncomplicated design, these decorations also have several types. Conventionally, they can be divided into the following categories:

The first category includes the simplest and most modest models without additional decor and details. They can be in the form of a disk, a ball, or other geometric shapes. As a rule, they have a small diameter and look very elegant, due to which they are suitable for most outfits - from traditional casual to business or even tracksuits. Their average sizes are from 3mm to 10mm. Such accessories are ideal as additional classic earrings when there is more than one piercing in one ear.

Studs for EarsStuds for Ears

The fancy type includes decorations of unusual shapes:

Any flight of the desegner's imagination is possible here, and there are simply insanely many of their subspecies. They may also be made entirely of silver or gold, or have tiny sparkling inlays of a variety of crystals. Often, such cute options are purchased for children, and they are ideal as the very first piercing. Kids really like to see decorations that are reminiscent of their favourite funny characters from books or cartoons. Also, many teenagers prefer such thematic decorations.

Studying with a gemstone is luxury, grace, femininity. Such models are suitable for both everyday wear and for the most special occasions. They will look cool with evening or cocktail dresses, light summer sundresses and even men's suits. The beauty of natural stones is difficult to overestimate, and the abundance of their types and cut options allows you to create the unique and elegant images, mixing shades, shapes and sizes. This is the flawless option for all lovers of sparkling chic and real sophisticated charm.

Pendants on such earrings are also not uncommon. It can be a standard stud with hanging parts or an extra-long solid one. Decor can be any:

  • jewellery enamel or ceramics,
  • gems,
  • all-metal parts,
  • other elements.

Such accessories look very unusual and original, always attracting attention and intriguing looks. In addition, such pendants can be not only single, but also double-triple - the more details, the more spectacular! The length of the product can be any, but it's important to pay attention to the weight so that it doesn't turn out to be very heavy. They are suitable for the most daring and extravagant ladies who are not afraid to shock the public and love to always be in the spotlight. Fashion shows and trends of recent years only confirm the theory that the peak demand for these accessories is just around the corner.

In addition to the varieties of fance studs themselves, there are other nuances that can influence your choice and the two most basic of them are clasps and inlays. But, first things first.

Types of fasteners

This seemingly small detail plays a huge role in selecting an accessory and directly affects its safety. The more reliable and stronger the lock is, the longer the decoration will please you and this will prevent its loss. For such decorations, there are three types of clasps:

  • pin,
  • screw,
  • push-button.

New Studs EarringsNew Studs Earrings

The first plain kind is common but not really reliable. On the reverse side is the clasp itself, which fixes the product. It can also be adjusted depending on the width of your earlobe, but over time this mechanism is no longer strong enough.  Although the lock is very easy to use, it has one more drawback - it will be difficult to sleep with it, as it can put pressure on the skin, and if the jewellery is of greater weight, it will pull the earlobe. If you are choosing an accessory for the long term, it is better to consider other options.

Screw back is considered the most reliable option. The carving is very durable and ensures long-term preservation of your accessory. It's very easy to put on and take off such a stud earrings, and due to the soft base of the clasp, it will not cause discomfort when worn. This is also the best option for children, since the baby won't be able to remove them on their own and the product will be securely fixed. Most of the top models are made with just such a lock. Depending on the size of the earring itself and the lobe, such a fastener will be almost imperceptible on the ear.

The push button lock is also extremely secure. Such a clasp prevents the possibility of losing the jewellery, since in order to remove it from the ear, you need to press two buttons at once. Ideal for little children or for those who prefer active sports and don't like to take off their earrings once again. The flat base also doesn't interfere in daily life and is practically not felt.

Women usually choose the option that is most convenient for them to fasten. Also, significantly how often you have to change the decoration, whether it's intended for constant wear or will be worn only on a specific occasion. In any case, it's best to try them on in advance before deciding to buy studs, so that later you can use them as comfortably as possible. In the FJewellery shop, in the card with each product, we indicate the type of clasp, and you can also look at it in the pictures in order to understand exactly whether this model will suit you or not. You can also always consult on this issue with our managers online in order to be sure of your choice and purchase the best option.

Types of stones-inserts

The basis of the decor of many studs is the presence of precious inlays, or more precisely, one big gem. Due to the small size of the accessory itself, the crystal looks very attractive, but at the same time concise, which allows you to wear them under any conditions.

The choice of insert depends on your individual preferences, style and budget. With the help of natural gemstones, you can emphasise your elegance, add radiance to the image, or vice versa, make it deeper and even vintage. Of course, your other accessories will also play a role, but still the stones decide a lot. The most popular variations are:

Expensive crystals are ideal for such jewellery, because due to their little size, their cost will also not be high, and the stone itself will look very large. If you want to make the accessory even more unique - look for a model with your birthstone. In addition to the fact that now it's considered very fashionable to add such details to your image - they will have a special sacred meaning for you, and even become a kind of talisman.

Options with opaque stones look original and dainty, such as:

Such gems, even small or medium, will look bigger than they actually are and will invariably fascinate others with their unusualness. There are a lot of designs, so you can easily choose your perfect one for yourself.

Yellow Gold EarringsYellow Gold Earrings

Secrets of the popularity of studs

We often hear the phrase "Ideality in simplicity" and this is just about such earrings. Delicate, pretty, graceful - they add that very highlight that our outfits sometimes lack in order to be as holistic and complete as possible.

Another plus is their light weight, due to which they are comfortable to wear and the price for them is usually very good. Even if the product is made of fine metal or has inserts of natural crystals, due to the size they will not be expensive and this is nice.

You can buy stud earrings in a set even for oversized jewels, and they will still look appropriate. In general, they go very well with any decor, and you can accessorize any look in this way. So, beautiful mixes will turn out with: 

In the FJewellery shop you will find many more stylish accessories with which your wardrobe will be transformed, and each outfit will look classy and exclusive. Also, you can find here for sale really rare and unique jewels, which are only in a single copy. Join us and enjoy the most unforgettable shopping experience with us! Waiting for you!