18ct Gold Bracelets

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Unisex accessories are a special category of precious goods, which are distinguished by their versatility and practicality. Among other things, it also includes 18ct gold bracelets - elegant, stylish and exclusive models for guys and girls of all ages. These are truly luxurious decorations that can be the highlight of your wardrobe and bring a special touch to it. Such a purchase will justify itself in full, and you can make it on the website of the FJewellery boutique! For you, we have selected the most diverse assortment of 18crt models at the best price! We present both the most classic and the trendiest novelties for every taste and budget. Join now and update your personal collection with maximum benefit! Welcome!

Metal features

As you know, the basis for any precious product is metal, and the better and nobler it's, the longer the jewelry will retain its impeccable appearance and durability. 18 carat alloy is considered one of the most luxurious and exclusive, due to the minimal number of impurities of relative pure aurum.

In fact, its presence in jewels is 75% - the rest is silver impurities, less often nickel and a little copper. All this is done to give the product greater strength and wear resistance. Nickel in 18 kt accessories is used very rarely or not at all, as it can cause an allergic reaction or even redness in people with too sensitive skin - that is why this alloy is of much greater value and suits a larger number of consumers. This is especially true for children, because the delicate skin of the baby more often than others can respond to irritants and allergens.

The purity of such an alloy is considered the highest in the precious industry and is determined by a special mark on the products - ch 750. Usually, such stamped marks can be found on factory items, however, private jewellers who make custom-made decorations also often use this symbol to confirm the quality of their products. Also, each individual designer or well-known brand usually adds their own hallmark to the decoration - this adds even more value.

The cost of 750 alloy is usually higher than others - this is due to the high content of pure gold, and it's really worth it! However, you shouldn't immediately worry that these accessories are too expensive - depending on the design and weight, it's possible to pick up a model for any, even a very modest budget. For example, at FJewellery, we offer fairly cheap 18kt items under £100 - the best deals on the market, and only for our beloved customers!

Designs and styles

The variety of types and shapes of 18 karat gold bracelet is amazing - every season contemporary designers offer us more and more daring and interesting solutions for stylish looks. However, the classics always remain unchanged and popular. So, traditional weaving will never go out of fashion.

Among the most popular varieties of knitting are:

Each of this type of knitting consists of separate golden elements firmly soldered together and forming a solid and strong chain. Each link is also soldered very securely and how it connects to the others is determined by the weave design. Mens bracelets tend to have larger links and a noticeable weight, while womens models are made more graceful and lighter. So, the optimal length for him the range from 6.5 to 9 inches. For her, this size varies from 6 to 7.5". However, sizing should always be more individualised as a lot depends on your physical characteristics and how you wear it, so before you decide to buy 18k gold bracelet, make sure you measure your wrist circumference or compare with the length of other similar accessories in your precious box.

A separate category includes 18 ct tennis models - refined and dazzling products with genuine stones. They have a special vintage chic and look more than luxurious on wrist. Such decorations are more suitable for a lady, although among the whole variety of designs it's quite possible to find strict male models with diamonds or other natural gems. This is an indispensable accessory for lovers of brilliance and real precious luxury.

Also, bracelets with charms, name plates, voluminous decor and graceful pendant elements are very popular. Among the wide range of such products, fancy models with animalistic or floral motifs are especially in demand - they literally become a new trend right before our eyes and attract more and more fashionistas. Among them, you can find both delicate female and massive male decorations.

The style of id bracelets is also very much in demand - they are simple, concise and elegant. Such models have a flat metal bar on which you can make any engraving, whether it be your initials, beautiful quotes, whole phrases or even pictures. In recent years, it has become one of the most common jewellery gift options for family members, close friends, or lovers. Thus, such a gold 750 bracelet can be a great present for any holiday or even an unexpected surprise for no reason!

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