Gold Cross

Buy Crosses made of Gold in FJewellery online

In the FJewellery shop, you will find gold crosses of the highest quality, an exquisite gift on Holy Baptism or Communion, reflecting the solemnity of the moments and their deep meaning. They are chosen as a gift for a beloved woman who is connected to her faith, combining her love of beautiful jewellery with important parts of her life.

Gold Crosses

For him and her

For many people, faith in God is so important that they would like to show it to those around them. This is possible thanks to the jewellery that we wear both daily and on special occasions. Women's jewellery comes in these forms:

  • simple;
  • minimalist;
  • fanciful hollow forms, a beautiful piece of jewellery suitable for any situation.

Men's celtic crosses are stricter than the delicate female models, emphasising character and clothing.

The crucifix under our clothes provides spiritual support and reminds us of our faith. This type of jewellery is also displayed on clothing if we decide we want to show our devotion to God or create a fashionable outfit.

The rood is an accessory of choice for men and women. It is worth taking the time to choose the right model that charms even years later. Our picture offer includes gold and silver crosses that last a long time. The assortment also provides gold chains, adapted to the presented crosses.

The choice between a silver and a pure gold crucifix is an individual matter. It is worth remembering that a silver cross, just like a gold rood, is a touching symbol of love and becomes a beautiful souvenir that the recipient accepts with sincere gratitude.

A quintessential gift

Plain crosses are an exquisite offering for Holy Baptism, Communion or even Confirmation, emphasising the message of the sublime moment. These religious symbols are made from the finest metals, so the best choice is gold, which has survived even over time. It is an elegant and timeless piece of jewellery. A crucifix with precious stones looks great; they carry an extra message and symbolism.

A golden cross is a popular gift for religious celebrations, and our offer with photos includes earrings hoop and jewellery, which are quintessential as a gift for a child. Crosses are a personal accessory that we choose to demonstrate our faith. In FJewellery online shop, we have prepared exclusive traditional types of crosses for you.

A cheap rood for her or him is a great gift, even for a birthday. Just buy gold cross and a necklace to go with it (or without chain), creating an exquisite extra set of jewellery.

It can be given as a gift to someone important to us. The best choice for a gift is one of the classic models that instil confidence in the recipient that the cross will please the recipient. When choosing a silver or cross gold, we recommend an engraving option that will make your gift unique. A personalised engraving conveys words that will remain forever in their memory. If the crucifix is a souvenir for the occasion, it is also worth engraving the date of this unusual occasion.

The tiny cross is a religious symbol and is an exquisite gift for all church ceremonies. A christening, confirmation or wedding is the most important occasion for giving another person a cross or medal in 9 carat gold. It is best to bet on jewellery made from the finest metals, as it is an exquisite keepsake for life. Luxurious crosses and lockets created from precious materials can withstand the passage of time and shine brilliantly even after a dozen years.

Our jewellery does not cost much and is characterised by unique style and careful workmanship. This precious metal has an aesthetic value, so our pieces are amazingly beautiful. We provide a large selection of designs:

  • minimalist;
  • classical;
  • richly decorated.

Our big offer includes white and yellow dainty gold jewellery - a quintessential birthday, baptism, Valentine's Day, engagement, wedding, communion or confirmation gift. We recommend those that complement an offering for a church ceremony. Aureate jewellery can be found in all cultures around the world. This precious metal has accompanied man for thousands of years and has a wide range of uses. All thanks to its unique properties. It is not difficult to work with and is an excellent material for making jewellery.

Communion medals

One of the important ceremonies in which every child receives a medal is Holy Communion. If you are looking for such a type of gift, check out F Jewellery offer of flat medals. We have pendants, heavy necklaces in different weaves designed for boys and girls. Choose from simple styles, medallions decorated with many details or small shiny pendants set with gemstones.

Superstitions speech that a chain with a mini rood is best worn under your clothing. It is supposed to be a kind of talisman that protects us. If we treat it as a piece of jewellery, we can safely display it. Stars willingly wear crosses with chain-celebrity. It is a piece of jewellery that can be worn in many different ways. So, choose the best one for yourself.

With jewellery, you can not only add a little elegance, but also emphasise your religiosity. You will love our little cross for necklace; you are close to religious values. We present a wide selection of pieces in gold and silver as well as combinations of the two metals. Some types are filigree and decorated with delicate cubic zirconia.

If you value real non-standard solutions, choose a pendant with an engraved prayer, decorated with a cross-shaped indentation. Or do you want a more subtle piece of jewellery? In that case, go for a simple secular model, devoid of the figure of Jesus. Our collection appeals to every religious person, so the models available also work as an offering for Confirmation or Holy Communion.

We offer id bracelet, beautiful and elegant crucifix pendants created from the highest quality metal. For each item, you will find a detailed description of the size and weight of the item. The models offered are decorated with ornaments of strong symbolism and incomparable beauty. Thanks to their versatile shape, they look great on both women and men. Here you will find both the more massive and simple offerings as well as the lighter and more decorative versions of the pendants.

Each cross for sale is a designed piece made by a skilled master artist. This exquisite piece, crafted with professional skills, would make a beautiful gift.

Crosses in Gold

Wearing a thin crucifix necklace is not just an expression of attachment to religion. We see this kind of jewelry as a traditional ornament, such as a heart-shaped pendant or an infinity sign. There are various types of custom crucifix chains available on the market at an affordable price and depending on which one we choose, we can diversify our style or demonstrate what values are important to us.

The crucifix is an ornament and a symbol of faith. You may choose the following types of adornment:

  • subtle;
  • delicate;
  • not a flashy;
  • controversial trinket.

Which one to choose?

The offer of solid crosses is so rich that everyone will find an exquisite one. It is worth emphasising that necklaces with them are worn by both ladies and gentlemen. In the FJewellery images catalogue there are pendants in different shapes and materials. Here you'll find pieces in gold and silver, smooth and set with cubic zirconia, solid and minimalistic.