Children's Gold Earrings

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All the best is for the children. These are not just words. Parents always try to find the best for their kids. And if you are thinking of a gift such as jewellery for your child, then we suggest you look into children's gold earrings. Lovely, cute, bright, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and stylish pieces at an attractive price are offered by the FJewellery online shop. Below, we will tell you how to choose such jewellery for your princess.

Children's Gold EarringsChildren's Gold Earrings

Are children's and adult earrings the same thing?

If we're not talking about teenagers, but first jewellery, then earrings kids gold have a few differences from adult models:

  • You have probably noticed that they are smaller. This is understandable, as a child's ear is smaller, and an adult earring would look too bulky and loose.
  • Such products should be lightweight. The lightest possible design will not interfere with life or attract much attention from the kid.
  • The safest shape. These earrings even have a special backing to hold the piece in place. And, of course, no sharp corners, no dangling (free-floating) elements.

There is no huge variation in the clasp, as it has to be as functional as possible. Its main purpose is not to untwist and prevent the item from being removed quickly. It must securely hold the jewellery in place without causing discomfort. As a rule, it is a screw fastener.

As a result, when purchasing your first piece of jewellery, opt for models designed for children (babies, teenagers). This is safe, high-quality, and beautiful. Let's find out what parameters child earrings should have.

How to choose and buy gold earrings for baby girl

You should pay attention to three important parameters:

  • The material from which the product is made.
  • Correct size.
  • Design.

And now a little more about each of them.

Why should you consider gold earrings?

If we are talking about a very young child, you realise that it will not be able to properly explain to you that it has discomfort at the puncture point until it is 3 years old. Therefore, parents should keep their children as safe as possible

Gold earrings for babies

Products should be made from quality materials. The best option for an infant is 18- or 14-carat gold. A newborn's skin is very sensitive, so jewellery should be made from the best possible version. Pure gold accessories are difficult to find on the market. It is a soft material that quickly becomes covered with a network of scratches. But 18-karat gold is an excellent choice. It's quite solid and comfortable to wear. It comes in various shades:

  • White.
  • Rose.
  • Yellow.

This is due to the properties of the alloying metal used as an additive to the alloy. This can be copper (which gives a rose colour), silver (white), and other metals. In any case, the jewellery you buy for your child should not contain nickel. It is believed that most people are allergic to it.

Some countries, such as the USA, regulate additives that can be used as an alloy for gold. For example, cadmium, lead and nickel can, under certain conditions, cause an allergic reaction on a child's skin. Alloys containing these metals are not recommended for use in kid's stuff. Purchasing earrings in gold weighing 14 carats or more may be a good option for your child.

Product size

It is very important to choose a piece of jewellery that is small and of the right weight. Quite often, the smallest pieces can weigh as little as 1 gram per ear. Be sure to pay attention to the weight (in gm). This parameter will help you choose the most comfortable products for your baby.

As you can see in the collections, earrings for little girls differ in size from those for teenagers. The latter can already be called adult sizes. In terms of size, they are as close as possible to adult sizes.

Wide range of designs

The most popular option for a child of any age is a stud. It can have two types of attachments. The first is a plug, which simply slips onto the earring stem. This is very convenient but can cause a number of problems. It can also be easily removed, in which case it can quickly enter the child's mouth and cause choking. The second is the screw lock. In this case, the platform, which is shaped like a butterfly, is wrapped around a rod. Perhaps that's why this fastener is also called a "butterfly." This type of fastener is available in two versions:

  • The cap screws completely onto the rod, covering its end. This creates a comfortable, closed design. It does not scratch your baby's delicate skin and looks very cute on the ear.
  • On the rod, a butterfly-shaped twist is applied. This is sometimes a good choice for an older child. The twist has no sharp edges, but it can still squeeze the skin.

A roll-up backrest is the best choice because:

  • It is quite difficult to remove. It is important to ensure that the child cannot take the jewelry off. Sometimes they just play with the earrings, which can be life-threatening.
  • It's hard to lose. Every woman knows firsthand how annoying it is when you can't find your clasp. This won't happen to your child if you tighten the clasp once and then check it from time to time.
  • Absolutely safe. This clasp option is very comfortable and safe for children of all ages. But especially for kids from one year to 15 years of age. It is an option in which one can have their ears pierced and the piercing repaired without having to worry about lobe condition for an extended period of time.

Parents must understand that they are responsible for their children. This means checking the earrings from time to time to see whether they are securely fastened.

Earrings Kids made of GoldEarrings Kids made of Gold

The design of online products is very diverse. In our collection, you can find:

  • Floral motifs: leaves, flowers, etc.
  • Animal motifs: butterflies, frogs, ducklings, cats, etc.
  • Fantasy motifs: hearts, stylized stars, squares, balls, etc.
  • Cartoon characters: ducklings, mice, dragons, etc.

If you want to buy not just the first piece of jewellery but also a talisman, consider earrings with a birthstone. It is believed that such a gift can protect a child from the evil eye.

For older kids, another good option is Huggie Hoops. It's more suitable for conscientious children who can make their own jewellery. Their designs are so diverse that it's difficult not to get lost in them: from classics to ultra-modern models with or without gemstones. Their cost depends on the weight of the item and the decoration.

When choosing a gift for a child, pay attention to a set that is on sale. These can be earrings and curb chains with or without initial pendants. Silver ID bracelets are also extremely popular with teenagers. These are already real grown-up accessories that your baby will surely love. Such a gift can be presented on any occasion: a birthday, Christmas, or any other holiday.

The FJewellery online shop offers a large assortment of these and other jewellery items online. High-quality images and detailed descriptions help you choose the best option. The concierge is on hand to answer any questions you may have about purchasing the pieces.