Men's Gold Earrings

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Jewellery helps us to shape the image, making it more intense and harmonious. One such accessory is earrings for men gold. The FJewellery online shop offers a large collection of these pieces at an attractive cost. Executed in gold with the original decor, they will become an irreplaceable attribute of your style, emphasising your character.

Men's Gold EarringsMen's Gold Earrings

Selection rules

The designer has developed a huge range of accessories for men in different styles. It takes time and a bit of information to sort them out. There are several parameters that we recommend when choosing jewellery in gold. They are all given as general guidelines. There are the following basic parameters that will help you make your choice:

  • Your skin tone will help you decide on the material from which the earrings will be made. In this section of the catalogue, you will find pieces in white, rose, and yellow gold. These will not be pure gold. This is because they are too soft. If you have a warm skin tone, rose gold or real yellow gold in any number of carats will be your best choice. Such material will be in harmony with your skin. If you have a cooler skin tone, you should consider solid white gold. If you like even more sparkle but are not ready to buy a piece with precious stones, opt for a rhodium-plated piece, which will add sparkle to any piece of jewellery.
  • Break up the monotony with pieces that use several materials. These can be metals in different shades, gold earrings with gemstones, etc. When choosing a piece for every day, consider other accessories that you wear all the time. It's worth considering everything, including chains belcher or any other kind of chain weave. It could also be a belt buckle, ring, pendant (consider even crosses crucifix), bracelet, or watch. This will help you decide on a style.
  • The location of the piercing on the ear also dictates which jewellery option suits you best. For example, the vast majority of pieces are suitable for the lobe, including small chillies. For cartilage, we recommend cool ear cuffs that look especially stylish. Pay attention to this option. The shape of the piece may depend on.
  • Your individual style. No one will tell you that. This is when you have to choose, based on your taste and the harmony of your overall look, the visual weight of the jewellery. Prefer a business style? Consider wearing earrings with a unique diamond, black opal, or spinel. Are you the casual type who wears unisex bracelets or any bracelets with a similar neutral design? A ring without any extravagant decorations or stud earrings with a minimalist design would do you good. Prefer a more flamboyant look? Choose boho-inspired jewellery or pendants.
  • Determine the shape of your face or the face of the person you want to give a gift to. This is a fairly simple parameter, but at the same time, it is a fairly accurate guide as to what shapes of earrings might suit the person. So, if you have an oblong face, look for round-shaped pieces. These may be simple stud or rings. If you have a heart-shaped face, straightforward pieces without extra curves and extra decorations can accentuate the advantages of your image. For example, rings or blobs. Owners of a square-shaped face should pay attention to round earrings. You can choose from a wide range of fashionable stud. And for those who have a round face, square-shaped pieces are perfect. Is it possible to break these rules? Certainly! Most original images are created by intuition.
  • Age. Of course, it's not the most defining parameter, because everyone can express himself the way he wants, but there are still certain rules. For example, earrings with a pendant are not always suitable for grey-haired men, but rather for boys. Or rather, it can be suitable, but for this, the whole image must be unified and harmonious.

The top three most popular men's earrings

You should be aware that there are numerous ear ring men's gold designs available, all of which are in high demand. Below, we offer three of the most sought-after shapes that suit the vast majority of gents:

  • Studs. The best and most popular jewellery option for men and women. They are comfortable and most often have a sturdy screw clasp that doesn't unscrew itself. This means that there is virtually no chance of losing the piece. There are also stilettos with a latch on the back. It's very comfortable to wear, but we don't recommend using a piece with this lock if you're going to the gym or the pool. There is a risk of losing your jewelry. When it comes to design, the options are endless. It can take any form, material, or application of gemstone decorations or jewellery cut-outs. It's very impressive when you want to choose one thing.
  • Hoop earrings. Did you know that this shape is the most authentic? It is believed that men first started adorning themselves with this shape. They can have different types of locks, designs, and decorations, be miniature or big. But all modern options are worth trying on your image. They can be rings that will be placed directly on the earlobe or with a large diameter. With precious stones or just plain metal.
  • Drop and Dangle. A beautiful shape for men who want something more. These are usually huggers (can be rectangular or round in cross-section) with an extra dangle. This can be a pendant from a chain on which a pendant or several will hang. The pendant can also be attached directly to the hoop.

Earrings made of Gold for HimEarrings made of Gold for Him

Whether you want to buy gold earrings guys to add to your collection, are choosing a piece for the first time, or are looking for a gift for a loved one, we're sure we can help. The catalogue includes cheap models that are suitable for trying on gold earrings and exclusive jewellery. The latest is made of gold with gorgeous diamonds. 

The FJewellery online shop offers a large assortment of gold earrings for men online. Here, every product prepared for sale is worthy of your choice. Each model is unique and has detailed pictures, descriptions, and prices. You can make your own choice or ask our concierge for help. We are always happy to help you.