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Nowadays, precious earrings are the most common accessory that men and women of all countries choose for themselves, regardless of their age or social conditions. With the help of these graceful decorations, it's possible to completely transform the images, emphasise the graceful curves of the neck, shade the colour of the eyes and bring the necessary colour accents to the outfit. After all, you must admit, today it's difficult to imagine the look of a contemporary person without these fashionable products, whether it be small elegant studs, large hoops or stylish earrings white gold. But in fact, this tradition isn't new and finds echoes in the distant past. FJewellery boutique experts tried to understand all the historical details associated with these jewels and learned a lot of interesting things! We offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in this wonderful world and learn new things for yourself! Let's explore this issue together!

How did this story begin?

Multiple archaeological studies clearly indicate that the age of these amazing decorations can reach as much as 7 thousand years, and the most ancient and uniaue samples have come down to us from the great Egyptian civilization and also the countries of Asia.

It's noteworthy that in those days, earrings were not a simple jewelry, but a kind of distinctive sign, which initially appeared as an exclusively male accessory - women began to decorate their ears much later. Also, in different cultures, earrings, as a symbol, could have completely contradictory and dissimilar meanings. For example, for the Egyptian pharaohs it was a distinctive accent of their belonging to the upper class, and in the Roman Empire slaves were branded in such a simple way - just imagine what grandiose differences!

In the countries of the East, there was a completely different approach to this - there medical properties were prescribed for jewellery. We have all heard about the famous oriental art of acupuncture and that is where it all started. As you know, there are many special points on ear that are responsible for the proper functioning of all organs in the human body, and most of all on the lobe. In this way, ancient people treated many diseases and were even very successful in this.

In European countries, there were more amazing customs associated with wearing these accessories. So, for a long time they were distributed among not the most pious strata of society, or rather:

  • thieves;
  • robbers;
  • wandering gypsies;
  • pirates;
  • etc.

In this way they showed their disregard for the laws and authorities in general, but the pirates had their own special laws regarding this. So, a small ring in the ear of a sea robber meant a captured ship, and a large earring indicated that the corsair had crossed the equator line.

In the Middle Ages, the inquisitors introduced many prohibitions, including the wearing of precious accessories - this was considered sinful and unworthy of a righteous citizen. But all darkness, as you know, fades before the radiance of light, and such taboos also disappeared into oblivion with the onset of the Renaissance. Society flourished and changed, and jewellery became available again and even more - they became an integral part of womens and mens outfits. Noble gentlemen and sophisticated ladies used them to emphasise their social role, beauty, significance, and dangling precious pendants in their ears did an excellent job of this!

At the same time, more master jewellers began to appear, and this profession gained special weight and respect - everyone wanted to get exclusive and not cheap decorations for themselves in order to show themselves in a more favorable light. There was a greater variety of designs and shapes, resulting in a real precious splash! Jewels with stones and pearls was of particular value - it was true luxury and unique works of exquisite art.

Nowadays, many traditions are gone, but the trend to wear beautiful earrings hasn't gone away, but rather has become an important part of fashion in modern society, and we consider this a wonderful phenomenon, because this is a great way not only to diversify your wardrobe, but also to show your exceptional individuality, show yourself to the world. Each eminent designer today offers us his exclusive styles and collections - accessories for every taste, cost and preferences. And as you know, huge demand gives rise to even more interesting offers! So, check them all out! We invite you to clarify the assortment of the FJewellery store as an example and discuss the top designs!

Contemporary styles of earrings and their features

In recent years, more and more fashionistas prefer elegant white gold ear rings and this is no coincidence. In such decorations there is everything that is necessary to create unique images - beauty, brilliance, grace and charm of noble luxury. White metal attracts attention, but at the same time is not too catchy and saturated. Its whole essence lies in restrained and cold elegance - this is tenderness, seasoned with a pinch of rigor, beauty in its purest form.

Jewels in white gold has its own special appeal, but their carat may well vary. All this depends on the initial purity of the alloy, but to a lesser extent affects the strength or wear resistance, especially when it adds a coating designed to protect products from mechanical damage and external factors that affect its safety and durability. This comes from the fact that in its pure natural form, aurum isn't used in the jewellery industry, since the metal itself is extremely soft and malleable. To create accessories, alloys are used and with their help they change the colour of minerals. We have various options for sale for any budget: from the most popular 9 kt products to more sophisticated 14 or 18 crt ones. In this case, the price, of course, changes, but this is important only in the matter of using such decorations - whether you buy them for everyday wear or solemn occasions, or maybe you just want to profitably invest your finances. Otherwise, the differences are minimal.

Another advantage of white aurum is that it is versatile and goes well with gems of various shades - they complement each other flawlessly. So, with transparent crystals, the radiance will be even stronger and more noticeable, rose and other pastel colours will add tenderness, saturated green or red minerals will emphasise strict chic, and with blue stone it will seem even deeper and more enticing.

With regard to designs, there is even more variety, and they all have their advantages - each is unique and flawless in its own way. We invite you to take a look at the most original and sought-after of them, so that you can decide exactly and buy white gold earrings that will definitely suit you and will meet your wishes and requirements.

Studs are a timeless classic

They often become the first serious accessory for young girls and have a colossal range of advantages, including:

  • simplicity;
  • elegance;
  • sophistication.

This list can be continued indefinitely, but the fact remains - not a single precious box is needed without them. These can be both the simplest models without unnecessary inserts and decor, or more fancy ones, for example: a delicate golden bow, a voluminous sparkling cube or a cute little butterfly. Such options are ideal for children, but older lovers of refined chic may like products with a large gemstone or a scattering of brilliant tiny crystals. If we talk about noble inserts, then a special place here is occupied by princess cut stones or halo designs - they are able to give even the simplest accessories an exclusive charm.

Studs can range in size from really tiny in the range of 2-3mm to extra-large. However, you should never forget about the weight of the product - small ones will be more practical and lighter, so decide what is more comfortable for you.

By the way, studs are also the most common option for guys, due to their conciseness and size. They can truly be called a versatile unisex decoration thanks to the fact that you can mix anything to the set, and it will be amazing, whether it be simple chains, large stiff bangles or more whimsical tree of life pendants - any combination is available.

Hoops and congo - stylish exotic

This type of earring attracts with its variability and external simplicity, behind which there are endless possibilities. They are one of the oldest pieces of jewelry, but remain high at the peak of popularity to this day. They contain a special magic!

The classic design of the hoop is familiar to everyone, but it's quite possible to diversify it by giving the circle more volume, adding width, shiny inserts or unusual pendants - it's up to you! Just imagine how tempting a delicate precious feather looks that will dangle and sparkle in your loose curls - incredible!

And for lovers of more non-standard solutions, not traditional solid hoops are ideal, but models consisting of disparate parts in unusual shapes and sizes. Or a fine golden twist framed with diamond cut or precious inserts. Also, cross earrings covered with cubic zirconia or trendy swarovski crystals look very extravagant. There are more styles here than you can imagine!

The best additions to such models can be products that match them in style, which will help complete the image and place accents. These can be golden bangles for her, elegant necklaces without stones or traditional silver solitaire rings.

As gents accessories, the hoops also look very attractive - their minimalist spirit is good for a variety of looks, and their shape pays homage to the decorations of antiquity. And if you add them with a stylish chain for him or a massive bracelet - you get the ideal kit for all occasions!

Precious luxury of drops

Oh, these dainty models are familiar to every lady and really fascinate - they have everything to emphasise the femininity and tenderness of their owner and demonstrate to the whole world her subtle and very individual sense of style. And depending on the design, such an accessory can be made more than personalised, for example, by choosing a model with a birthstone or adding a neat precious flower that matches your name to the image - there are a huge number of options!

Of course, these earrings look best with noble stones - they have a special charm. The types of cuts most commonly used here are:

  • classic oval;
  • simple but ideal round;
  • sharp and daring cushion;
  • strict rectangular emerald.

The height of the hanging elements is selected individually, but you should always take into account that the longer the product, the greater its weight. Too heavy models aren't suitable for delicate kids ears and, in some cases, can even injure the earlobe - you should pick up wisely!
Thin golden bracelets, fancy gemstone rings and drop necklaces can be a beautiful addition to such sets, but this isn't the limit of possibilities and combinations - the best solution is to experiment and select your own path!

What else is relevant?

Of course, we have not listed all varieties of gold white earrings - there are many more of them, and they are all unusual in their features, but we have identified the brightest of them. You can add to this list:

You can find all these and even more female and male precious decorations on the FJewellery website and get the opportunity to create your own kits from all available mixes! And if you need help - just write to our online chat and managers will immediately solve any of your problems. Join now, get a nice welcome discount and the most out of the process!