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A true classic never gets old and doesn't go far from fashion trends. Surely, you have heard such statements more than once, and they are perfectly applicable to yellow gold earrings! These accessories have long become a real tradition and indispensable attributes for all guys and girls, because they are versatile, practical and beautiful, and what else is needed for a flawless collection? And if you decide to replenish your precious box with new jewel, then we invite you to take a look at the FJewellery assortment! Here you won't only find the highest quality products and the best prices, but you will also be able to learn a lot of interesting details from the world of luxury decorations and get expert advice on any issues. Join now, get nice discounts and buy profitably!

The most timeless accessories

Earrings can be called one of the most ancient jewelry on the planet - more than 7 thousand years ago, our ancestors figured out how to use natural minerals and adorn themselves with their help. In those distant times, when people hadn't yet learned how to mine and process metals, decorations were made from the simplest materials at hand, such as:

  • small stones;
  • clay;
  • bones or tusks of animals;
  • pieces of wood;
  • etc.

With the passage of time and the development of technology, the ancient masters improved their skills more and more, and jewellery became more and more refined and beautiful. New techniques for processing gold and silver, the emergence of sparkling gemstones, the possibility of engraving - all this influenced the development of the jewellery industry and humanity's interest in precious accessories. It's worth noting that in ancient times such products were not as widespread as they are now, due to their high cost - only really rich people could afford such a luxury, and therefore they were a privilege for the nobility, priests and kings.

It's nice to realize that times are changing now, and most ladies and gentlemen can afford to have such accessories, and not even in a single copy. So wonderful when beauty becomes accessible and there are more opportunities for self-expression. We have created FJewellery online boutique for this very purpose - to help as many people as possible, find their personal precious style and prove that luxury and quality can be affordable for everyone! And of course, we want to share our knowledge about the world of jewels and reveal all its secrets to you! Let's do this! An impeccable precious base is the key to the quality of any decoration!

As you know, gold is an eternal and very valuable type of metal, which has a number of advantages that distinguish it from other similar minerals. It has high strength, reliable protective coating, durability and has a variety of carats and shades - this is what makes it so popular.

We offer our customers only high-quality golden alloys with a purity of 9 kt, 14 crt and 18 ct - these are common options that are available in different colours and combinations. However, now we are focusing products in yellow gold, as this is the most traditional of the options, and it has a lot of fans. And where there is a high demand, there is a colossal variety! More about this!

Variety of designs, inserts and shapes

Contemporary types of golden earrings amaze with their variety and number of details - this is a real precious space in which each accessory shines like a small star, and you just need to find your only one! So, conditionally, all models can be divided according to their appearance, style, the presence of inserts or the recipient, for example: for children, for him or for her. It's convenient and practical - it allows you to quickly navigate the assortment and pay attention only to options that are interesting to you.

If we talk about precious inserts, then there are really quite a few of them, and such details are chosen based on personal preferences and images. So, many prefer luxury and brilliance, and therefore select among the most expensive crystals, such as a genuine diamond or emerald.

Others prefer the benefit, and therefore consider cubic zirconia a worthy alternative - simple, elegant and accessible in all shapes and shades. If people who concentrate on colour and therefore assemble their sets in a certain range, for example:

  • with blue stone, where saturated sapphires, turquoise, topaz, etc. predominate;
  • only gentle and pastel shades;
  • exceptional red and very bright stones such as garnet, coral or fine rubies;
  • neutral tones and transparent gems;
  • and so on.

Those who like to put a special meaning into every detail of their image often give preference to birthstone - a special and unique crystal that suits you personally and is selected based on a specific month or even date.

The cut of stones can also be very diverse: from the most familiar classics, such as the princess cut or round, to more unusual techniques, where stones are cut in the shape of a heart, triangle or ball, obtaining exquisite and multifaceted crystals that shine like a snowflake on your ear.

The forms of the inserts also vary from the classic solitaire or halo with one central element, to voluminous clusters or a thin, graceful scattering of stones, as in a long threader models or symbols of infinity.

Among the designs, there are also the most popular gents or womens options, which are most in demand among buyers. These include:

  1. Traditional studs. Small and delicate, they fit beautifully on ear, weigh little and are very practical to wear - this is the best solution for everyday looks or as the first serious decorations for kids. Among the studs, there are both the most modest and classic models, such as metal ball or solitaire, as well as more fancy ones with floral or animal motifs. The last ones are interesting for children, especially when it's a shape resembling a multi-coloured butterfly, a soaring dragonfly or a delicate sunflower. For adults, original thematic options in the form of a celtic knot, a three-dimensional cube or a cross with a scattering of gems may be of interest.
  2. Drop earrings. These are truly feminine and sophisticated models that look very elegant and emphasise the smooth lines of the female neck and face, visually lengthening them and dividing them even more tenderly. These can be voluminous drops with diamonds or cz, or vice versa, graceful drops in the shape of a flower or petal.
  3. Hoops. The most stylish and fashionable classic, which also has many variations. So, these can be the simplest solid yellow gold earrings, which are also called sleeper models, as they are smooth, don't have sharp corners and are practically not noticeable on the ear - no discomfort! There are also more extravagant models with twist, large volume and width, hanging elements or coloured inserts, as they were fashionable in the bright 80s - real vintage chic! Hoops are so diverse that every lady can find among them a product to her liking.
  4. Creole earrings. Original and wide models, covered with filigree patterns, engravings or even three-dimensional elements. They look very cool and attract attention in any image, becoming its accent detail.
  5. Threader earrings. Thin, elegant elongated models that are gaining more and more popularity in recent years. As a rule, the height of such products can be adjusted according to your own desire, and therefore they are very convenient for different situations and, moreover, it's very nice and aesthetically pleasing to sway to the beat of movements.

You can explore all these and many other designs in the pictures in our catalogue, as well as choose the perfect complement for them from over a hundred other products that we have for sale, including:

Follow the updates and learn about all the latest trends with FJewellery! Welcome!