Women's Gold Necklaces

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It's difficult to imagine a more feminine and elegant piece of jewelry than a womens gold necklace. With them, any image seems holistic and complete, original and confident. And how many types of these accessories exist - from the most modest, concise and inconspicuous to bright, massive and extravagant; the choice is truly huge and for each there is something special and unique, fully meeting the personal style, taste and character. Thus, the FJewellery catalogue contains a large and diverse collection of neck decorations - models for any occasion: simple and original, trendy and vintage, new and pre-owned. In addition, our store offers the best service, many payment and delivery options and a nice discount for all buyers. Join and buy high-quality jewelry for yourself and your loved ones with the maximum benefit and at the best price! Waiting for you!

Women's Gold NecklacesWomen's Gold Necklaces

A few words about the history of the most ancient accessory

Yes, that's right, because necklaces, as a type of decorative jewellery, have existed literally since our ancestors learned to walk upright. The desire of people to decorate themselves and their clothes existed among people as early as the Paleolithic and Neolithic times - this is confirmed by numerous archaeological researches and finds. What is true, this jewelry looked completely different from what we are used to - they were very different from the bright and stylish accessories that we are used to seeing on the shelves of contemporary stores. It was a simple and primitive decor, made from natural materials that could be found at hand, for example:

  • shells,
  • pebbles,
  • bones,
  • claws and fangs,
  • etc.

And one of the very first necklaces found by scientists was made from 41 molluscs and is more than 70 thousand years. This fact is truly amazing and impressive!

Humanity got acquainted with the processing of metals only later, and as soon as the knowledge of how to mine and process them appeared, a new era in the jewellery craft began. Masters and artisans have learned to create real masterpieces of precious art - luxurious and even filigree necklaces, beautiful chains and other accessories have come to replace a simple golden coin and a rough ingot. It was truly a breakthrough! And each civilization brought something of its own into this art, putting its own spirit, culture, and customs.

Ladies Gold Chain NecklacesLadies Gold Chain Necklaces

So, the Ancient Sumerians used coloured stones, copper and other metals to create their necklaces. The Egyptians had more diverse jewellery - simple beads were worn by commoners, and the nobility, priests and pharaohs preferred large and chunky items with filigree ornaments and unusual complex patterns. Layered necklaces were invented by the Greeks. Initially, these were layers of beads of various shapes, colours and sizes. Later, during the reign of the Greek Empire by Alexander, only gold was used to create any other valuable accessories. Then floral and animal motifs, rich decorations and multi-coloured inserts were in demand. The Romans were stricter with this, there were even certain laws dictating the number of golden decorations that women and men could wear. Roman jewellers created more concise products without bright inserts, but often used engravings. Engraved pendants were worn around the neck as a sign of social status and a symbol of belonging to a certain class of society. But the Etruscans were considered the most outstanding masters of jewellery. They were able to create the finest patterns from precious metals, give incredible cutting to stones and combine the most intricate techniques. Centuries later, many masters tried in vain to repeat the discovered precious finds of a great civilization, but few succeeded.

In mediaeval Europe, the development of jewellery art stopped. Then precious products made of gold were equated with occult symbols and were even banned. However, the Renaissance came and everything changed again, already for the better. People of different incomes began to wear luxurious jewels as a symbol of their wealth, power, status. The cost of these products varied depending on the weight of the metal and the number of precious inserts, but it was very high, which increased their popularity. Since then, progress in jewellery has been unstoppable. The demand also increased.

Gold Necklaces for HerGold Necklaces for Her

Today, chic accessories have become more affordable, and necklaces have become one of the most popular types of decorations around the world. Every famous designer or fashion brand is constantly trying to create something unique in this industry and every season they offer us amazing novelties using the most diverse and even incredible materials, such as:

  • jewellery enamel and ceramics,
  • natural beads,
  • all possible combinations of metals,
  • sparkling gems,
  • and even bones.

And we in the FJewellery boutique collect all these innovations and constantly replenish our assortment with unusual trends so that each of our clients can find something impressive for themselves or as a pleasant surprise for their mother, sister, friend or daughter. Want to find a special present for girlfriend? Visit our online shop, and we will help you with this!

Aurum is the ideal metal for the most flawless accessories

In all times, pure gold was valued very highly and was in enormous demand. But with its purity, not everything is so simple - this is worth understanding in more detail.

The thing is that in its natural form, aurum is a very soft and plastic mineral, which means it isn't entirely suitable for creating durable products. To add strength to it, other metals are added in gold, such as:

  • silver,
  • zinc,
  • copper,
  • palladium,
  • etc.

Depending on the number of them in the alloy, the strength of the product, its weight, and, consequently, the price change. So, a cheap alloy will have less pure aurum in its composition than a more expensive one. However, visually it's quite difficult to find differences in them, and this won't affect the beauty and durability of the accessory in any way. The most common today are combinations of 9, 14 and 18 carats - they are most often found in the range.

Also, often an additional coating is used on golden products. It can be a tactile matte finish, which gives the accessory a stunning charm and density, or a thin layer of rhodium, which adds incredible glitter and shine to the accessory. With the help of such coatings and metal mixes, gold is changed in colour - this is called a ligature. Today on sale you can see products of various shades:

And all this gold - attractive, magical, unreal - for every taste, even the most sophisticated and demanding! Add here a huge variety of designs, and you will understand that there is simply no limit to creating gold necklaces for her!

Necklaces made of Gold for HerNecklaces made of Gold for Her

Varieties of necklaces

There are quite a lot of female models of neck jewellery and all this so that every woman can make her everyday or evening look as unique and personalized as possible.

So, one of the most common types of neck products are chains with their large variety of weaving options. Among the most popular are the following:

  1. Belcher. This is one of the subspecies of anchor weaving. Its links have a circle shape and the same dimensions and are connected at a right angle, due to which the product seems very voluminous and airy. Also, perpendicular knitting provides extreme reliability and durability of the chain.
  2. Bismarck. One of the most famous varieties of knitting, where solid oval elements are used. Visually, such weaving looks very massive and heavy, but in fact it all depends on the width and thickness of the links, their density of fit to each other. No less popular is the Flat Bismarck, where the links are twisted and located a little wider from each other.
  3. Curb chain. Its distinguishing feature is tightly connected twisted and flattened links, due to which it looks great in a small thickness - the jewel seems graceful, light, and airy.
  4. Rope chain. It can have oval or round elements, which are connected in series with the next two, forming a dense continuous line. Due to their twisting, a spiral effect is created, which is very similar to a plain and familiar cotton rope.
  5. Cuban style. Round links are connected in the same plane, due to which a smooth and even pattern is formed. As a rule, such products are very thick and heavy, but they look incredibly impressive.

A whole evening would not be enough to list all the knitting options for ladies gold chain necklaces, but they are all unique, original and impeccable. The choice depends on the occasion for which you plan to wear the accessory and your usual image. But besides gold chains, there are other variations of necklaces - they can be distinguished by length. Each of them has a name, and they are classified like this:

  1. The choker is one of the shortest neck accessories that fits snugly on the neck. The thickness can be any, and the materials used are leather, silk, precious stones, metals, etc.
  2. Collar - a necklace that repeats the shape of a classic shirt collar, often decorated with natural gems, beads, crystals, pearls. Fits perfectly into the style of a business lady, adding an elegant charm to it and becoming its highlight.
  3. Princess - a classic option for wide and massive jewellery.
  4. Matinee - the most traditional model, having an average standard length of 20 inch - reaches the middle of the chest. This category includes pearl beads and chains with pendant.
  5. Opera is a decoration just below the chest, which is usually worn with strict elegant dresses. If a chain is used, then it's permissible to decorate it with a large locket.
  6. Lasso, lariat or rope - an extra-long accessory that can go down to the waistline. In this version, vintage necklaces are used, which can be folded two or three times and wrapped around the neck.

You can explore all these options and see how they look in detail in the pictures on our blog. And then, having chosen the perfect necklace for yourself, look into our online catalogue and find a couple of additional details for it to complete your outfit. We recommend taking a look at the following models:

Visit the FJewellery website, buy cool precious gifts for yourself, your family and friends and enjoy the most profitable shopping with us! Welcome!