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In recent years, mens gold rings have become more and more popular. This is due to the fact that guys, no less than girls, want to follow the trends of changing fashion, look stylish, contemporary and tasteful. Therefore, everything available from the world of jewels is used: decorations designed in a specific theme, massive products, signet rings and more traditional options - the choice is huge and is constantly supplemented with new and unusual models. Famous brands have long understood what men need and make their dreams come true through precious products of different shapes, styles and themes. Our online boutique FJewellery has a large collection of a wide variety of decorations for men - from classics to extravagant novelties. Here you will find impeccable service, many discounts and bonus offers, as well as the best price on all precious accessories. Join now and select perfect gifts for yourself and your loved ones with profit! Welcome!

Men's Gold RingsMen's Gold Ring

How it all began: the story of a special accessory from antiquity to today

Rings have been present in almost every ancient civilization and culture, and have been the most common decoration in the world for thousands of years. In different countries, religions and cultures, they acted as symbols of power, strength, social status. Many ancient peoples attributed special magical properties to them and used them in numerous rites and rituals. These traditions were unique - some of them spread among mankind all over the world, while others were the property of a particular people. But one custom has been unshakable since ancient times - men have always worn rings, and they did it even earlier than women. In some cultures, jewelry was an exclusively male privilege. Archaeological research and finds indicate that these decorations were found in burial places, such as:

  • Akkadians,
  • Sumerians,
  • Assyrians,
  • Babylonians,
  • Egyptians,
  • etc.

They used them in everyday life and ritual ceremonies, including as wedding rings. Yes, this tradition is first found in Ancient Egypt. However, those accessories faintly resembled modern prototypes that are found on the shelves of most stores today. Our ancestors made them from simple materials that they could find in nature or make easily:

  • stones,
  • tree,
  • cane,
  • clay,
  • bones,
  • skin,
  • glass.

Precious metals appeared later, but since humanity learned how to mine and process them, everything has changed dramatically! Jewellery made of gold began to be used as beautiful elements of decor and luxury, and in some countries even as a means of payment. Women began to wear them for the sake of beauty, in order to emphasise their exclusivity, wealth and attractiveness - they were a distinctive feature of the nobility and the ruling class. Mens accessories had a similar meaning, but not only.

The rings were worn by warriors, and they were of particular value. They were worn during battles and fisticuffs - they were chunky and heavy rings, decorated with inserts of hard precious stones. Archers used these decorations to protect their fingers from being cut by the bowstring. Also, they denoted the status of a warrior, his rank and belonging to a certain type of troops. It was especially common in ancient Rome, among famous legionnaires. Later this tradition went further.

A little later, gold signet rings appeared - they were used as a personal signature and were always worn on the finger, so that at any time it was possible to certify the transaction (sale of property, services or goods). Such decorations sealed valuable documents and assignments of national importance, they were used by all noble persons, priests and kings.

In the Middle Ages, gold rings began to be considered occult and mystical items, and alchemists increasingly acquired them for use in their experiments.

Rings made of Gold for HimRings made of Gold for Him

With the beginning of the Renaissance, a new history of this jewelry began. They became an item of chic and luxury, and their cost increased exorbitantly and was affordable only for noble and wealthy people. Accessory designs became more sophisticated, frilly, and rich, with filigree ornaments and the most expensive gems used by craftsmen to satisfy the growing demand of the nobility. In the pictures that have survived from those times, you can see these masterpiece works of precious art.

However, time runs and the world doesn't stand still, although there are things that don't change. So, it's with gold rings for gents. Recently, they have not only not lost their popularity, but have even become more relevant. Not only ultra-fashionable contemporary products, but also vintage classics are in fashion now. Each brand and each designer strive to create a special model for the season and so trends appear. You can study them in the collection of the FJewellery catalogue, where we try to collect the brightest specimens for you. And to make it easier for you to find your exclusive model, we have prepared some tips that will help you with your choice. And we'll start with the most important!

Gold: types and varieties

There is a statement that gold has changed the world - this is a fact. Suffice it to recall the great gold rush - even then it captured and captivated many people. And this particular mineral requires some attention.

Let's start with the fact that it exists in nature in its native form, it is easy to mine and doesn't need to be smelted from ores, like many other metals. Our ancestors learned to do this as early as the 5th millennium BC. However, in the jewelry industry, aurum is not used in its pure form - other metals are added to it, forming alloys of various purity. The following are used as supplements:

  • copper,
  • silver,
  • palladium,
  • zinc,
  • nickel.

This is done in order to give it wear resistance, durability and strength. In addition, what additives can be used to change the colour of the metal, which jewelers use. Ligature also affects the price of the finished product - inexpensive options will have more impurities than extra pure gold of 24 kt. The weight of the product can also change depending on the percentage of different minerals, which, like the size of the accessory, will modify the cost - a small and light jewelry will be cheap, although there are not many of these among men's models.

The most common are alloys of 9, 14, 18 and 22 carats - it's from them that gold rings for him are made today. And there are just a myriad of options for shades and coatings - for every taste and budget! So, how not to get confused in all this diversity? It's time to move on to the next step - decorating style!

Men's designs: what and under what to choose?

There are a lot of varieties of accessories for gentlemen and their choice depends on the individual preferences of the owner, his image and character. If you want to make a personalized gift to your boyfriend, then you should start by clarifying his habits and wishes.

Signet rings are one of the most popular models for men. And although now they do not carry the function that they had before; they are still in great demand as a decorative element. Among the extensive assortment, both plain models made of metal and with inserts of precious crystals are available:

It can be one large stone that occupies the entire central part of the accessory or a tiny, elegant one on the side. Such a ring can be worn under any look, and it will definitely appeal to most guys.

Rolex style rings are also very common - they are often worn with matching watches, chains, bracelets. Stylish and original, they emphasise the impeccable taste of a man and personify his desire to stand out from the crowd. Such a wardrobe detail looks very spectacular - a real highlight of a personal image!

Many adult boys will like themed rings - unusual, massive, extraordinary. It could be:

  • big skull,
  • horseshoe,
  • the inscription DAD,
  • roaring lion,
  • etc.

Such designs are called fancy - they are very large and noticeable on the hand. These models became widespread thanks to the rocker and backer cultures, but became popular far beyond their borders. If you want to surprise your beloved - then this is a great present! Well, if he loves it!

Gents Rings made of GoldGents Rings made of Gold

Latest, gents' rings on the pinky or thumb are increasingly common. They look fresh, unconventional, cool - just what you need to attract attention! However, some styles of clothing exclude the presence of such an accessory, and if, for example, you have a certain dress code in your office, such a decoration will not be appropriate.

A very wide range of rings for guys has certain engravings. These are options such as:

Large, solid, heavy - they intrigue and bewitch, because everyone wants to know exactly what meaning it carries for the owner. Often such jewellery is used by a certain collective to determine their unity.

Masculine minimalism has not been cancelled either, and it's best suited for lovers of restrained simplicity and conciseness. Modest and nice accessories without unnecessary details, inserts and engravings will elegantly complement any outfit and will be combined with all the images from the wardrobe.

The types of designs for men can be listed indefinitely - it's much easier to go to our website and study them from the photos in our catalogue. In addition, you can not only buy mens gold rings here, but also pick-up accessories for them. We have many original products on sale, such as:

FJewellery store managers will be happy to help you choose the unique gift for yourself or your family and friends. We are waiting for you and guarantee the most impressive shopping experience!