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When we talk about fashion, we also think about jewellery. What's the first thing that comes to your mind? You have to admit, it's hard to choose between necklaces, earrings, and rings. But it's the former that's considered the most versatile category. To wear women necklaces, you don't need to pierce your ears or constantly maintain a stable weight to make rings look great on your hands. They look beautiful on a woman of any age and social status. That's why we at FJewellery have created the most comprehensive collection of necklaces. You are sure to find the perfect, beautiful piece of jewellery here at an affordable price.

Women's NecklacesWomen's Necklaces

How to choose necklaces for ladies

There are several parameters to help you choose a unique piece of jewellery to suit your style and outfit:

  • Selection by style.
  • By length.
  • By materials.
  • By occasion.

Below, we look at each of them in more detail so that you are left with no questions.


Every lady has her own indescribable charm. Even jeans of the same style and designer are worn differently by each of us, and they can look both romantic and strictly formal at the same time. That's why it's so important to find the right style for you. Styles and designs can be different, but the accessory has to be just right for you. For example? It looks like something you'd like to update. It's definitely worth buying. Recommended by a fashion magazine but in doubt? This is definitely a purchase worth postponing. Below, you can read about all types of necklaces and mentally apply them to yourself.


In fact, this is one of the most important and noteworthy parameters. Especially when it comes to matching your outfit to the gold & silver necklace or jewellery group you want to wear on the neck. Let's take a brief look at all the options.

  • Short. This group usually includes pieces between 15 and 17 inches in length. Quite often, this group is also referred to as chokers. They are suitable for almost everyone. Although there is a statement that chunky ladies should wear them with caution, if you pick your style, it will look great. You can use them to create a daytime look and a cute evening look.
  • This includes necklaces between 17 and 20 inch  long. This is one of the most popular options. They are suitable for women of all ages and physiques, who choose to wear any style or create their own. Necklaces of this length are comfortable to wear on their own or with cute pendants.
  • Long. All pieces are larger in size. They look perfect with deep necklines as well as with high necklines on jumpers and shirts. They are also used to create tiered necklace compositions with medium and short necklaces. It looks very stylish, understated, and fashionable. This option has been popular for several seasons in a row.

Necklaces for LadiesNecklaces for Ladies


It's also an important parameter if you know how to use textures. Complementing the look with the right materials can show you in the best possible light. The FJewellery catalogue has just the right options for you on sale:

  • Gold is available in rose, white, or a beautiful yellow. Gold is also available in different qualities: 10, 14, 18, and 24 carats. The latest option is quite rare. Real gold is soft and requires extra care. Optimal is considered to be 18-karat gold and below. These are a great option to wear. They require almost no extra care and look stylish and attractive with any look.
  • Silver. A perfect combination of cheap materials and a wide range of designs.
  • Platinum jewellery. The most expensive option.

The necklace can also have a rhodium coating. This gives the piece an extra deep shine. It is worth noting that such a piece should be taken to a jeweller from time to time. And it's not just wearing and tear, but the coating needs to be renewed at least once a year if you use the item frequently. The cost of the necklace will be determined by the price of the other precious metals and gemstones.


Often we buy jewelry for a specific date: a wedding, an anniversary, graduation from college, for wife etc. In this case, it must go with the outfit. You choose a piece based on the length of the neckline, the colour of the dress or suit, and the presence of other jewellery. A necklace is a gorgeous accessory that can age you or make your look unforgettable. So take care and pay attention to all the details, carefully considering all the nuances. If you still can't put your thoughts together or come up with your own bargain, take a look at our recommendations below. We've rounded up the top 14 models that every lady should have in her jewellery box.

Necklaces With GemstonesNecklaces With Gemstones

14 modern ideas for your look

  1. Necklaces with a pendant in any style. The simplest and most elegant way to enhance your look and add personality. This is one of the most versatile models. You can afford anything, and your imagination cannot be limited by anything, except maybe the ability of the designer and the jeweller to create something like that. Fashionable pendants can be made of precious minerals (processed or not), simply from a piece of alloy in a different shape or design. In fact, a pendant is one of the best examples of a personalised gift. It can simply be a plate with a name or letters engraved on it, an entertaining piece with a totem animal, etc. Chain necklace womens is one of the most popular options today.
  2. Choker. Today, it's no longer just a romantic velvet ribbon or braided headband with a small pendant. It can be made from a variety of materials, including precious alloys. The pendant can be a single pendant or many small ornaments that are attached at regular intervals. The peculiarity of such a necklace is that it has the smallest possible size. Ideally, the jewellery should hang as close as possible to the base of the neck (but not squeeze it). This is ideal for U-neck dresses and various off-the-shoulder outfits.
  3. Tennis (with and without pendants). This is a must-have if you're going to a party or planning to attend a special occasion. It looks great with an off-the-shoulder, boat neckline, tortoise turtleneck dress. The gemstones in a row, with or without pendants, look very elegant and sophisticated. The size, colour, and design of precious minerals depend on your financial possibilities, taste, and predispositions. The jewellery could be diamond jewellery combined with diamond stud earrings, rubies, sapphires, etc. Zirconia pieces look no less beautiful when paired with CZ cluster rings.
  4. One of the varieties described above is the Riviere. Elegant and stylish, it is made up of perfectly sized gemstones arranged from the largest in the centre to the smallest at the edges. It's a fascinating look!
  5. Want to add drama to your look? Consider pearl necklaces. There may be several options here. A chain of almost any type of weave, such as an anchor or belcher, with a pearl pendant. This option would look great in a small size. It can be worn as a talisman every day, with almost any look. The second option is more stylish and laconic; a string of pearls will never go out of style. It can be of any length: run along the base of the neck, be medium, or large. In the first and second cases, it looks cool. Third, when the thread can be wrapped around the neck several times, it looks stunning and luxury. The embellishment looks great with turtlenecks, high collars, and round necklines.
  6. A locket and a medallion. Many people confuse the two, but nonetheless, they are some of the most interesting pieces of jewellery to look at. In the first case, it is a rather large disc. This can be something with letters, a motto, or a bas-relief. The second is the smallest box in which you can hide a secret — the initials of a loved one, a family photo, or a lock of hair of a loved one. This is often done in the form of heart lockets. Perhaps with the word 'love' written on it or engraved on it. Such a piece of jewellery has a girlish look. Besides, it's a pretty nice gift for her. Such amulets can be carried around all the time. They also look great with clothes that have a square neckline.
  7. Lariat versions are very dainty. It is a necklace that does not have a special clasp. As a rule, it hangs loosely around the neck. Putting it on is quite simple. You need to wrap the chain around the neck and insert this end of the piece into the design on the opposite end. In some products, the ends are already attached to each other. You slip such a piece of jewellery over your neck and pull up the loose end. Then you can assess the tension and position of the jewellery on the body. As a rule, such constructions are not massive and thin. This method of riveting is fairly new but has already found its admirers. The little piece looks very nice and special.
  8. A princess necklace looks very festive. It is usually made of precious stones and metals. It looks very festive. It is definitely worth buying if you are planning an outfit for a party or want to impress with your look. Such a piece of jewellery needs a matching outfit. Strapless or low-cut bridal gowns are perfect.
  9. Chain. Yes, this is the simplest and most popular type of necklace. It can be big or small, thick or thin. Choose the length and thickness of such a piece based on your size, purpose, and the clothes you wear. This jewellery is great as a single piece as well as in tiered compositions. They are a great option for casual looks. They are suitable for any neckline and style of dress.
  10. Lavaliere. One of the most popular shapes when it comes to simple but attractive overweight. It represents just the perfect middle ground: perfect in size and not very noticeable. It will perfectly complement an evening look and will look great with a long neckline. If you see yourself in the future as the centre of attention, at various parties, we recommend that you choose several variants of this necklace (with different minerals and designs). In fact, it's a win-win option for a party.
  11. Asymmetrical necklace. A classcy and stylish option to draw attention to your cleavage. It can be simply deep, heart-shaped. In addition, this option looks equally good paired with a business jacket or an outfit with bare shoulders. As a rule, an asymmetrical necklace is a chain that is connected by a design element and has ends of different lengths.
  12. A garland necklace looks fun. It's essentially a base with several chains dangling from it, secured at both ends. This vintage-inspired piece of jewellery looks great on the shoulders of an outfit. Creates a very delicate and romantic look.
  13. Bib. It looks massive and attractive due to its design. Often, natural minerals treated in a special way are used for these designs. This is how a jeweller can showcase the beauty of nature. The front element may consist of sections fixed in an alloy. The back is a chain that holds the central element.
  14. Plastron. A large, voluminous necklace that can adorn any simple outfit. It usually occupies almost the entire space between the chest and the neck. It looks perfect with a simple monochrome look, in which the plastron can be the only piece of jewellery or combined with a huge number of thin bracelets.

Necklaces for KidsNecklaces for Kids

Tips for choosing a female necklace as a gift

Probably the hardest option is trying to buy the perfect piece of jewellery. But it's doable, and if you guess right, your gift will be the most coveted. When choosing necklaces for her, consider the following points:

  • If you have experience and have a good idea of what your chosen one should wear, you can move on to the next step. If you want to choose a gift for a girlfriend or the first jewellery for your daughter, you should pay attention to what design the woman prefers. Pay attention to her style and also read the descriptions of the types of necklaces above. One of the safest options might be a slim necklace with small, repeating elements. It can be worn alone or assembled in tiered compositions. It looks cute and stylish. Choose a locket if you want to be a little more daring. Such jewellery looks very pretty. Just be careful when choosing a heart for a girl because it can be perceived ambiguously. And if you are not ready for a serious move, it is worth choosing another option. However, such a paired gift can be very appropriate for a sister-in-law. 
  • If you want to give a gift for an occasion, such as a granddaughter graduating from school, Valentine's Day for your wife, etc., choose according to this parameter. Is it custom in your family to present jewellery? Or maybe it's worth it. You could give your granddaughter a necklace with pendant s, an asymmetrical necklace, or just a chain made of precious metal. For your wife, a tennis-inspired necklace may be the right choice, or maybe she's been dreaming of pearls for a long time.
  • Pay attention to style. Does your sister prefer minimalism? There are plenty of options. Choose something monochrome, uncluttered, stylish, and simple. Want to give your wife something for a special occasion? Consider a princess necklace or a polo shirt that goes well with her evening gown. Looking for a keepsake for your mother or grandmother? Opt for a locket necklace. You can even ask the jeweller to personalise the gift, such as by putting your initials or an inspirational slogan on it.
  • If you can't think of anything, your best bet is to pick something from the trends. That way, you can guess for sure. Choose a trendy piece that you can wear on occasion or for everyday wear. Costume jewellery is a great option in this case, because the designs linger, which will allow you to use the necklace for more than one season. Or maybe she showed you a picture in a magazine or on Instagram.
  • Look at what you already have. You wouldn't want to buy a second one like that, would you? So, if you have the chance, have a look at your jewellery box. This information will help you choose something that suits your style, and you definitely won't buy something you've already seen there.
  • A good choice for something versatile. Something that will help shape any look. Simple chains of different weave types, lengths, and thicknesses will work here. She'll be sure to figure out how to use them.

Necklaces for HerNecklaces for Her

And a couple more tips on how to buy the best gift: do everything on time (preparing in advance is the best option), and choose quality jewellery from trusted retailers.

The FJewellery online shop offers you a wide assortment of these products. You can appreciate the products from the quality images and descriptions. If you need any help, let me know. Our concierge is always on hand to help you choose the right jewellery to suit your style, occasion, and price.