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Jewellery is always a good gift. They can be given as a gift for any occasion, to men and women of any age. Of course, one of the best items in this section is necklaces. You can find amazing pieces on sale at our FJewellery online shop. The assortment of accessories is simply huge. There are classic and contemporary designs in the collection, so we are sure that the shopping will be fun and rewarding. So that you can choose what suits you best, read our article below or start choosing right away.


Necklaces for women

If you want to look beautiful and attractive, you simply have to learn how to use a stylish necklace to create unique evening and everyday looks. Here are some top models to look out for if you want to find the perfect fit:

  1. The simplest option is a chain with a pendant. There's always a use for it. You can choose something cute and minimalist or elegant and feminine. The choice of pendants is so vast that you can find an original option for literally every new day of the year. 365 pendants... how about it? You can wear it single or as part of a chains necklaces. In the latter case, choose a chain with pendants of the medium, or even better, minimum length in your set. It will look very nice and pretty.
  2. A chain with several pendants. The pendants are evenly arranged and look quite harmonious. It's a great option for every day. The pendants can be single letters that make sense only to you, letters that make up a word or phrase, or fancy pendants (repeating or different themes). This variant looks good with multicoloured stones. The model looks very feminine.
  3. Luxury and elegance are conveyed in a tennis fancy necklace. It is essentially a chain of gemstones of the same size that follow each other. It's the ideal companion for a festive occasion and an eye-catching outing. The filigree craftsmanship is sure to attract attention. This shape looks great with a round neckline, shoes, and bare shoulders. Another variation of this model is the Riviere. As in the case of tennis, it is a jewel of gemstones assembled on a moving court. But in the second case, minerals are selected according to their shape and change their size from the largest (in the centre of the composition) to the smallest at the ends. The model is symmetrical and looks very beautiful.
  4. Pretty necklaces made of multi-coloured gemstones. They can be different cuts, shapes, and sizes. They are usually assembled in a beautiful composition with a key element. The latter can be gemstones as well as metal plates, mother-of-pearl plates, etc. The light bouncing off the facets of the minerals will create an irresistible glow.
  5. Trendy pearls in harmonious necklaces, which can be a single row, double row, or multi-row, long or short, in baroque pearls or classic saltwater pearls in regular shapes in large or small sizes. They have been an undisputed favourite of many ladies for decades and are well worth having in your jewellery box. Such a piece will find itself in a strict business style or a romantic one.
  6. Mysterious locket. Many people put this model in the vintage category, but that's not quite right. Yes, it's hard to call the product "new," as such designs were used back in the Middle Ages. But today, they are no less relevant. They look unusual and cute. They can have a simple, minimal design, or the lid can be decorated with jewels and engravings.
  7. A choker looks cute and strong if you get the look right. It can be something thick or the latest design that is sure to stand out in a photo. It all depends on the impression you want to make. Also, look out for a modern option - a twisted gold or silver hoop that sits quite snugly around the ladies neck. It looks fashionable, but it's different from a regular choker.
  8. Lariat. It looks modern and delicate. If you don't already own one, it's time to take a look. The thin chain has two ends. One of them has a beautiful composition on it. It can be something open-worked or more massive. The second end, as a rule, is already threaded through one of the elements of composition and has some restriction in the form of, for example, a pearl. That is, it is anchored. The result is a product that can be worn as a lasso. The asymmetrical composition is eye-catching and looks classy.
  9. Luxury in every element. We're talking princess style. It's an actual timeless model, if you know what we mean. Moda doesn't stand still, all shapes are constantly changing, but this luxe type is just perfect if you really want to impress. It often uses quite sturdy plaster, which is lined with gemstones and incorporates larger elements into the design. This is the most attractive option for a special occasion. Everything is beautiful here: the large precious minerals, the bright shapes, the sparkle, the brightness, and the size. You will definitely get noticed!
  10. Most are simple and sought-after accessory that will definitely add to your style. An affordable gold or silver chain in a variety of different samples and types of weave. It can be anchor, byzantine, or any other kind. The clasps, like the links, can be gem-studded or classic. Choose only the appropriate length. Purchase chains of varying widths and lengths to create a fashionable composition, and you'll always look great. Add a pair of hoop earrings or eternity rings, for example, to a chain, and you've already got a complete look. All that's left is to put on your favourite jeans, a white T-shirt, and comfortable shoes, and you're ready for adventure.

Necklaces for WomenNecklaces for Women

You can also choose something more massive from all styles, such as a bib or plastron. The former is a massive piece of jewellery that reaches the middle of the chest. Partially worked semi-precious stones set in a castle look beautiful in this design. On the sides of the caste are chains that hold the model to the body. The second is a massive piece of jewellery from India. It covers the entire chest and looks like part of an outfit. It can make a big difference in a simple dress or even a T-shirt.

If necessary, you can always ask the FJewellery concierge to help you with your selection.

Necklaces for men

There is a statement that men don't like or know how to wear jewellery. But this is a very big observation. In fact, they are the ones who have brought many ideas into fashion, which are successfully used by everyone today. And if you want to create an interesting image, as well as love and appreciate individuality, the next models will help you achieve the desired effect. Don't be afraid to experiment and accessorize your everyday or festive look.

To a lesser extent, men's necklaces, that is, a chain (or another base) with several pendants attached to it, can be found on sale. More often than not, we are talking about a chain and a pendant. The former can be anything (the (original Singapore, a simple Figaro, a stylish box, a snake, a trace, or any other unique kinds). It all depends on your preference. The pendants, on the other hand, come in all sorts of shapes.

  • One of the most popular options is religion. Such a piece of jewellery can be worn with either a costume or a T-shirt. If the pendant has a religious connotation, it can be cheap because, in this case, the meaning is important. Although, who says these two concepts can't be combined into one pretty model? Choose a heavy or thin cross at your discretion.
  • Obesity accompanied by a tag. This is a feature of the military. According to the regulations, there must be two on the body. Today, they are not only used in the military but can also be styled to look stylish. It's a great option for casual style. The tag can be a simple plate, engraved or gem-encrusted on one or both sides.
  • Pendants with a nautical theme are trending. Some of them add romance to a casual look. It can be something classic like an anchor or a medallion with nautical symbols like a compass. The pendant can be large or quite miniature. The combination of different materials, such as lace, jewels, and engraving, also looks great in this piece of jewellery. Clever and tasteful.
  • Men rarely choose something airy or delicate. It is normal to find models that look chunky. Therefore, one should not expect delicate colours and patterns from today's collections. Designers, when creating a collection of jewellery for men, choose, as before, brutality and strength. Cat's claws, an eagle's wing, an owl's, or a lion's head are fine options to showcase your character. Such pendants are usually massive and can be worn over clothes.

Necklaces for MenNecklaces for Men

  • Layered style. Today, compositions that use several chains of different lengths look cool. They can be worn either with or without pendants. If you pick up a few variations of different widths and lengths (important point! ), it will be very strong. To choose the right options, look at a few images online, try them on, and then choose.
  • Shall we play with demons? Another popular category is pendants with skulls, daggers, melee weapons, etc. Such pieces look very stylish if properly incorporated into the look. A great option for such an accessory is to use white gold or silver as the base material and, for example, a black diamond. It can even look formidable.

When choosing such a piece of jewellery for yourself or as a gift, remember that there are some rules:

  • Short shirts should be worn with clothes that won't stylishly conceal the neck. Never wear such an accessory under clothing, especially if it is massive. It will pick out, and all the magic will be ruined.
  • Choose a medium length if you are unsure of your strength and imagination. This variant can be worn under clothing and looks good if the shirt collar is slightly open. You can also wear the pendant over the clothing.
  • Long pieces can be worn under clothes, such as with a cross, or over them if you want to show off your pendant.

The real masters of using tiered necklaces, where you can spotlight a couple of styles, are Kanye West, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and others.

Necklaces for children

When purchasing children's jewellery, one of the first things that comes to mind is safety. The item should be made of high-quality materials, and the child should not be allergic on the neck or any contact with the pendant. Therefore, the most common recommendation is to buy models made of 18-karat gold or sterling silver. These materials are considered hypoallergenic.

Also, pay attention to the quality and strength of the chain. Not all types of weaving are suitable for children. Choose something that is confidently sturdy and unbreakable, and that does not necessitate extreme caution. It could be one of these stamped and braided types: curb, Cuban, belcher, ball, or wheat. They are all quite durable and have a beautiful repeating pattern.

Below, we bring you some of the cutest gift ideas. These can make a great custom gift for any family holiday.

  1. Something that looks like their mom's. Girls love to dress like their mothers and imitate them, even if they don't want to do it explicitly. You can choose a piece for your little princess in the same style and design. Cute lockets, minimalistic pendants, two hearts... You will look so cute.
  2. An amulet with a heart. One of the nicest gift options. In this form, it can be a simple pendant, a necklace, or a medallion. The decor depends only on you. On sale, you can find pendants with incrustation, engraving, and jewels, as well as those without anything in a minimalist style. Such a gift can be presented on any occasion. Relatives of any degree of kinship can do it.
  3. Personalised name pendants. Baby name pendants are the cutest gift from mom, the godmother, or the grandmother. They can have additional elements (e.g., a butterfly, a crown, a flower, etc.). Many people like this simple option. And children quite often grow up and continue to use such a model, coming up with their own look.
  4. Alphabet. There is something sentimental about these pendants. They have been used in jewellery for a very long time and always look very neat and stylish. Today, you can find models on sale with a letter and an extra element. It is a real necklace in which another pendant, such as a heart, is placed next to the letter. Such a model can also be tripled.
  5. Products with engraving. A very original gift for a child. It can be a pendant in the form of a locket or a plain metal plaque. Options for engraving include: slogan, name, wish, date of birth, etc. You can also order a piece of jewellery that will be engraved with your signature in full imitation. Fantasy, isn't it?
  6. The next popular option is a model with a zodiacal ornament. This is another personalised gift that your child will wear for a long time. Buy something in between cute and pretty. Don't buy something very childish because then it will only stay as a keepsake, as it's hard to fit into adult looks.
  7. A little talisman or amulet that will bring your child good luck in all their endeavours. It could be his birthstone, a symbol of his patron planet, or a dainty but inexpensive pendant that is passed down from generation to generation.
  8. A fantasy pendant that will have a secret meaning for you and then for your child. For example, minimalistic eternity pendants, small religious pendants (crosses or amulets), etc. look beautiful.

Necklaces for ChildrenNecklaces for Children

Do you need a children's necklace? You can buy it in our shop. When buying, pay attention to the following nuances. For small children, it's best to choose delicate necklaces on strong but tiny chains. In this case, if squeezed or overstretched, the chain will simply rip and not cause suffocation.

Choose a medium length. Short oversized will get in the way of your child, and oversizes can easily be lost.

When choosing a design, make sure that your baby will be able to wear the product when he or she grows up. So don't go for something extremely fancy or original. In this case, a cute piece that the girl or boy can use when he or she grows up is preferable.

Selection Options

Design, of course, is one of the most important parameters by which we choose jewellery. You have to like it visually. You can see filters on jewellery websites. They make it much easier to find the best option. There's a difference between finding the right piece of jewellery among 3,000+ pieces or among 100+ pieces with the parameters you want. Really? We decided to help you and give you a quick overview of the parameters by which you can choose a necklace buy for yourself or as a beautifull gift. It's as simple as that. When you come to the shop, you can choose through the website search, by keyword, or simply by the filter.

Colour and material

On some sites, you will see gradations by colour (and these may be alloys rather than precious metals) and others by material. The second case involves the following options:

Each of these sections has its own sub-sections. So, as you probably already know, pure gold is difficult to find on the market. The soft material has poor usable properties. To intensify them, alloying metals are added in varying proportions.

The purity of gold is defined by the term "carat." That's why you'll always find necklaces made of 9, 14, and 18-carat gold in the gold section. In addition to carats, you can also see the gradation in colour, as gold can be pink, lemon, yellow, or white. It all depends on which ligature was used to make the alloy. The most common choice for children is 18-karat gold. The choice of colour depends on your skin tone. It is believed that people with a warm undertone will look great in warm shades of gold (rose and yellow). Silver and white gold suit people with cold undertones. Those who are lucky and have neutral undertones can wear pieces in any material.

Pure silver is also 'pure' conventionally. The 925 hallmark indicates that the piece contains 92.5 percent silver, with the rest being a ligature, giving it strength and lustre. Jewellery in this category is one of the most popular in the world, and not just because it is the cheapest. White metal appeals to many people because of its shine.

A separate category is platinum. These are usually quite expensive, especially when precious minerals are used. These pieces of jewellery are often made to order.

The presence of decorations

As a rule, I always have several jewellery designs to choose from. The model can be the same but decorated differently. For example, jewelry can be engravable. The "diamond cut," known to many, is also representative of this type of decoration. Often, jewellers use notches to create specific patterns, that can be repeated. Calligraphy, where the designer carved initials or a motto into the metal, is also popular.

Gemstones are also used as decorations. They can be small, in which case they are used in large quantities. This way, they create stunning sparkle and shine. Jewellers also often use individual natural and artificial minerals. Cut, colour and transparency are very important for necklaces, especially in some models in which the master uses solid, large minerals as the central element of the composition.

Chains NecklacesChains Necklaces


A very important consideration when buying a necklace is its correct length. Not all models are suitable for all types of necklines and will look harmonious on the body. Below, we offer you a little chat to help you sort out this issue:

For the lady

  • The shortest length is 14 inches. This is usually a choker — a necklace that wraps around the neck.
  • 16" (that's about 40 cm) is ideal for wearing it at the base of your neck. If you have a chubby build, this size could probably be a choker for you, between the collarbones. It looks very sexy.
  • One of the most popular sizes is 18 unch (or 45 centimeter). This jewellery piece will sit just below the collarbone. It's ideal for wearing with just about any neckline or cleavage.
  • If you're looking for a versatile but longer look, the 20" is just right for you. This length is great for low-cut outfits as well as for wearing it over clothes.
  • 22" and 24" are great options for those who wear jewellery over turtlenecks or other garments.
  • The 36-inch-long necklace offers good opportunities to create tiered compositions.

For gentlemen

Sizes vary slightly here, so when choosing a gift for him, don't forget to check with our chat.
  • 18" - is a great length if you want to wear a thick neckline. It will be near the base of your neck (largely dependent on your physique).
  • The lower part of the necklace is 20" (50 cm) long and is approximately at collarbone level. This piece of jewellery looks very pretty and is an eye-catcher. It looks good with a round neckline as well as a V-neck.
  • The 22" length is a great choice for those who want to wear a cross or a talisman, such as orthodox crosses, as well as for those who like to show off their chic and are used to wearing a chain over their clothes.
  • 24" is another option if you want to wear something close to your heart. Also looks great in tiered designs.

Please note that all sizes are approximate. The length of your jewellery depends on your physique. It must be chosen individually. One of the easiest ways are to take a contrasting thread (ribbon), put it around your neck, and connect the ends at the front and experiment with the length of the patterns.


Another important parameter if you decide to go to the necklace store. This depends on the material used, the size and weight, the presence and complexity of the decoration, and the presence of rhodium plating. Sometimes you can add the cost of the jeweller's work to the cost. Especially if it's something extra special with an intricate design or a one-of-a-kind model. Of course, you can always buy them at a discount. There are pre-holiday sales, and there are also models that have good discounts. Or you can get lower prices if you buy more than one piece at a time.

Ordering a necklace online today is no problem. The colourful catalogue has everything you need to make your choice: high-quality photos and descriptions. The models presented on the FJewellery website are impeccable and have everything you need: we use quality materials and offer a bespoke design and stylish jewellery for every taste.

925 silver rope necklace AS0043
925 silver rope necklace AS0043
9 gram 925 silver rope necklace. 9 gram
£ 45
925 silver chain necklace AS0045
925 silver chain necklace AS0045
925 silver chain necklace. 4.3 gram
£ 20
925 silver chain necklace with single tassle AS0036
925 silver chain necklace with single tassle AS0036
925 silver chain necklace with single tassle. 1.00 gram
£ 20