Initial Pendants

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Personalized jewellery has always had an important place in our hearts and jewellery boxes. There are several reasons for this, as we discuss below. They haven't gone out of style for centuries, and today such jewellery remains one of the most popular. The FJewellery online shop offers a collection of initial pendants made in a variety of styles. This is a great option to please yourself or a loved one for any occasion.

Pendant with initials

Why doesn't this jewellery get boring?

It's probably in our blood. The first ornaments with initials appeared in the era of ancient Rome and Greece. Initials were customary everywhere. As a seal or personal coat of arms, they were carved on the stone slabs of castles in the Middle Ages, embroidered on bed linen, engraved on silverware, etc. This is an opportunity to make your own thing unique and distinguish it from others of a similar kind. To this day, jewellery with initials is invariably popular.

In modern jewellery collections found a place for a pendant with initials. They can have quite different meanings:

  • It can be the first letters of your first or last name.
  • It can be the initials of your loved one, child, or parents.
  • One such letter can be encrypted something that makes sense only to you.
  • It can even be a whole anagram phrase.

Design options

Even though it's a pretty simple decoration option, you can always find it on sale in our shop’s assortment:

  • Just a letter.
  • A letter inscribed in a shape (circle, rectangle, square, heart).
  • A letter with an additional decoration in the form of a crown, an arrow, etc.
  • Total brilliance.

Just letters and nothing more

This minimalist pendant is the perfect gift to give to anyone. It will go with most of your accessories, and this design is not without charm. The letter can be made in different fonts: romantic cursive looks attractive on women, and strict gothic looks good with any mens look.

Initial pendants

The script looks very interesting when one or more letters are hidden in intricate curls of precious metal. Such a decoration looks very mysterious and arouses interest.

Initials inscribed in the shape

This is a fairly large group of designs. They can be:

  • heart,
  • round,
  • square,
  • circle,
  • rectangle etc.

There can be several variants of such jewelry.

Pendants are made entirely of precious metal (gold or silver). On such a platform, such as an initial disc pendant, the letter can be engraved in a different font, gemstones or carved on the disk. Such a piece looks very elegant!

A metal frame. Most often you can find a circular medallion, in which a capital letter is inscribed. Such a variant looks very airy and stylish. It is also possible to use precious stones in such a design. It can be either alone or in a free form.

Use of decor

That's the way the world works, a person always wants more. And decor is a great opportunity to make something even more beautiful. For example, who says there has to be one initial? It is quite possible to put two initials in the product. Placed sideways on the chain, they will look very pretty. This double option will allow you to choose two letters of the alphabet. It can be your first and last name if you want to wear your initials or the initials of a loved one, or it can be the first letters of two names of loved ones, such as children. The tiny letters look very cute.

Of the decor, the most popular are initials with crown and a heart. Such jewelry can be inlaid with gemstones; can have their outline or nothing at all.

Total brilliance for those who want to shine

A pendant in the shape of a letter, encrusted with precious stones. There can be many variations of this decoration. The simplest is one small mineral in the corner of the figure. There is also a model in which the entire letter is lined with precious stones. It looks especially luxurious when gems are used in an organ baguette. They are kind of framed on both sides with round-cut gems. It looks very brilliant. If you want to shine, this is your choice!

Another brilliant option is iced out inlay. The initials in this case appear to be frozen in ice. To create such a figure on the letters, small and large minerals are used simultaneously, which the designer lays out beautifully. The icing effect looks very natural!

initial disc pendant

What to wear

Such pendants may be mini, medium and quite big. In the first case, they will look good on a chain on the neck as well as on chains you wear on your wrist. In the second and third cases, they will fit perfectly into many images if you wear them as a pendant.

This pendant can be matched to any look. You can wear it without jewellery and make it a centrepiece. If you prefer minimalism, then pay attention to Huggies earrings, as well as variants with light chains or maybe wishbone rings. It will be stylish and neat.

The multi-layered designs also look interesting. They attract attention and look magical. A thin chain with initials on the first level can coexist with diamond lockets of a rather complex design. It will look solemn and elegant.

Large letters can be worn on a long chain over the clothing. Embellished with gemstones, they will be the centre of attention. Think of famous brands and their advertising campaigns. They represent themselves. Do you want to look like the pictures? Today, initials pendants allow you to develop a promotional strategy. You can promote your name as a brand. Many people do it, so why not try it yourself?

How to choose and buy necklace initials pendants

A few rules will allow you to choose the best option for her or for him. Let us remind you of them:

  • Consider what kind of jewellery you wear most often. It's important to figure out what's more in your collection. If you like silver, look for pendants made of the same material. Do you prefer gold? Pay attention to it. It can be made of different alloys, so it's good to know right away what kind of jewellery you have more of.
  • What is your style? Small pendants, which can be worn both on the wrist and on the neck, will suit light and romantic young ladies. Fans of pop culture should take a closer look at large letters encrusted with precious stones.
  • Do you love jewellery with gemstones? And while designers most often use clear, colourless minerals to make sure pendants match the style of as many looks as possible, you may prefer a modest option without too much glitter.
  • Do you want to wear one letter, a pair, or make your word out of the letters?

The price of the product depends on:

  • the weight of the metal,
  • the purity, weight and cut of the mineral used in the product,
  • the complexity of the design.

If you don't have enough new collections, and you want to save money on your purchase, choose an option from that jewellery that has already been used. They will be cheap, and not much inferior to new ones in quality. This way you can expand your search and find something vintage and interesting. Also, a good option to buy a beautiful gift at an attractive cost is to buy at a discount. In the FJewellery online shop, you can subscribe to the news. That way you will be among the first to know what products from our catalogue are on sale at a discount.