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We love customized valuables. And, of course, the most popular of all accessories are pendants. The uniqueness of such bijouterie is that the same pendant looks differently on different people. The pendant is surprisingly able to turn a simple look into a mysterious and stylish one. In addition, it is the best gift for men and women of any age. The online store FJewellery offers a wide range of this jewellery at an attractive price. If you want to give something original or just to please yourself, we offer you a complete guide to choosing a pendant.


Historical background

Of course, it's worth starting with a little digression into history. It is believed to be one of the first pieces of jewelry that man began to wear. The pendant could be attached to an earrings, a bracelet or a cord worn on the neck. The first example of pendants have been found in archaeological excavations dating back to the Stone Age. The valuables consisted of coloured shells, stones, teeth, later pottery and foundry metal. It is believed that in those days such an accessory was not only used as an ornament. It must have had some meaning. The size and shape varied greatly depending on the region, as well as the availability of materials and how they were processed. The largest pendants were found in Egypt. They were really huge. Such an accessory is symbolic of power and strength, as well as the connection of generations. The Romans and Greeks had many unique designs. Many ideas have survived to this day. For example, the pendant in the form of a snake came to us from Egypt, in the form of a skull - from the Etruscans, and in the form of a coin from the Romans. One of the most popular forms of pendants today is the cross. The fashion for them appeared in the Middle Ages, and since then their popularity has not diminished. Each era has contributed something different to this form of jewellery:

  • During the Renaissance, designer s began to use high relief to depict a variety of fascinating subjects. These were true picture s. Baroque pearls, popular today, began to be used back in that era.
  • During the Baroque period, the most widely used were pendants in the form of geometrically shaped gemstones, cameos, and various figurines. Gemstones were very widely used, as well as enamel, which is becoming popular again.
  • The Empire gave us cameo medallions.
  • And pendants in the form of butterflies, insects and flowers came to us from the Art Nouveau era.

The advent of modern materials has opened up new possibilities for making pendants.

Pendant and necklace: is there a difference

Many people confuse the terms "pendant" and "necklace. Let's understand why these two concepts should not be identified. A pendant is a decorative ornament, a pendant for chain. This element is removable. You can have one chain and several pendants. The pendants can be changed depending on your mood. If the pendant cannot be removed from the chain, such jewellery is called a necklace. You cannot wear the pendant on your body. You need a chain for that.

Gold PendantsGold Pendants

What are pendants

Let's now understand what pendants are. Traditional ly there are six types:

  • Amulet. They can have any shape. It does not have to be something religious or mystical. The main thing is that the person who wears such a pendant should consider it his amulet. It is believed that it has magical power and protects from all sorts of trouble.
  • Talisman. It may seem that this is another version of an amulet. It is not. Talisman really has certain magical properties. But besides that, it also endows its owner with certain qualities.
  • Medallion. It could be a rather big pendant in the form of a coin or just a piece of metal with or without decorations. It was awarded to a person for some kind of merit.
  • Locket. It is a pendant that can be opened. There is a secret place in the middle, where traditionally a lock of a loved one was kept, and later a portrait of a dear one. It looks very sentimental.
  • Functional. As a rule, this includes pendants that can be used. Such pendants appeared in the Maori tribe. They were shepherd's whistles. At first, they were just functional objects, and then they began to be decorated. The same decoration began to be worn by boatswains (bosun's whistle). Today you can also find a pendant in the form of a navigational or astronomical device and even a flash drive. Think of Hermione Granger's watch from Harry Potter. This is a great example.
  • Trendy. This is a very large category. As a rule, it includes pendants made by manufacturers of precious metals and stones. They have a fashionable and unique design. This is one of the groups of luxury valuables. One of the most popular forms is considered a lavaliere. It can have different lengths, but it always looks impeccably stylish.

Modern jewellery is made of:

  • Silver. One of the biggest and most popular groups. Its adherents are people who have a cold skin tone, as well as those who just like silver metal. It is also one of the cheap options when it comes to precious metals.
  • Gold. Favourite material. Gold can be yellow, pink or white. The colour of the metal depends on the impurities or alloy of the metals. As you know, real gold is not the best material for making gold valuable. It is too soft. Ligature not only gives the precious metal its characteristic hue but also conveys its qualities: solid, fluidity, durability, etc.
  • Platinum. One of the most expensive precious materials from which a pendant can be made.
  • You can also find accessories for sale made of plastic, mother of pearl, wood and other cool materials.

Is it possible to save money on the purchase?

The cost of the pendant consists of several parameters:

  • weight and price of the precious metals used;
  • size and cut of the gemstones;
  • presence and complexity of the decor.

Can I buy the pendant at a discount? Sure. You have several options for saving money. It can be a pre-holiday sale or a piece of jewellery that has already been used. In the second case, you buy vintage valuables at a 30-60% discount. Good savings, right? Before the sale, our jewellers take the item, evaluate it, and bring it to trade condition if necessary. Everything is completely clear. So you are essentially buying new valuables. Such a purchase is completely safe.

Pendant CrossPendant Cross

How is a pendant attached to a chain?

The only functional element of the pendant is the loop by which it is attached to the chain. There are quite a few of them, but four kinds are sufficient for understanding, listed below:

  • Tube. This attachment really looks like a hollow tube. A chain or leather cord goes through it. It can be either a decorative element or just a shape.
  • Clip/Necklace clasp. Pretty simple design. There is an ear on the pendant. It is firmly connected to the pendant. The earpiece is inserted into the ear. Its ends are tightly connected. How do you get a movable design? In addition, such a pendant is always properly oriented on the body. This is the most common option. The shackle can be dainty decorated or simply act as a fixation.
  • Fixed shackle. The shackle is attached directly to the pendant. The design is fixed. Often this element of the pendant is richly decorated with precious stones or engraving. The pendant looks like a single piece.
  • Concealed fastener. Atypical fixation, but looks very cool. In this case, the loop is part of the suspension. It is almost invisible to a person.
  • Slide. This is a two-in-one option. As a rule, this is quite massive jewellery, and such a design as a loop to attach to the chain simply does not exist. The chain or lace is simply slipped into the free space.

Today you can buy pendant made in absolutely any design. The choice is really huge. And our store FJewellery is glad to present you with one of the largest collections.

How to choose a pendant for a woman

A pendant is a fine option to complete a casual, formal or festive look. It is very important to choose not only the design but also the size of the jewellery. To do it correctly, you need to take into account: the shape of the neckline, height, face shape, body types and other parameters. Below we offer a small guide to help you choose the perfect pendant for necklaces.

  • Your height. Proportion plays an important role in the choice of value. It is considered that at the height of 160 cm you should choose a chain length of 45 ... 55 cm and a pendant, which will have a V-shaped or Y-shaped form. A height of 160-180 cm suits a chain of any length. In this case, the choice of pendant should be based on the size of the neck. If you are the owner of 180 centimetres and above, choose longer chains and larger pendants.
  • The oval of the face. Understanding this parameter will help you to choose correctly not only earrings but also a pendant. So, for owners of oval-face suit chains with lengths from 40 to 90 cm and pendants of any shape. They can be both mini and extreme sizes. For a round face, choose longer chains - from 50 to 90 cm. Do not choose round and bulky pendants. Pay attention to something elongated. The owners of rectangular narrow faces fit chains of lengths from 25 to 45 cm. Choose pendants with smooth soft forms. They can be small or large. A lady with a diamond-shaped upper face will suit chains 40-45 cm long. Pendants can be very different: something abstract, round or regular geometric shapes.
  • Body shape. This parameter also affects the choice of pendants. Pear-shaped figures are best suited for short chains and huge pendants, as this approach will help balance the upper and lower parts of the body. For ladies with an hourglass figure, it is best to choose a chain length that will barely touch the neckline. Elegant cute chunky pendants - your choice. If your curves resemble an inverted triangle, your best bet is to draw attention to your waist. Long chains and large pendants of bold, extravagant design will work for you. For women with a round or rectangular body shape, you should choose long chains with long pendants. It can be geometric or something classic.
  • Also note that women with large busts should be careful with long chains and large pendants. The smaller the size of your breasts, the longer and more massive the pendant can be. The same rule should be applied when choosing a pendant, depending on the type of your neck. If it is plump and short, you should avoid chokers. If it is thin and long, then the right size and shape of the pendant will help to harmonise the look.

These are general recommendations that will help you choose the best option. However, we do not recommend that you follow them blindly. Often only you yourself can determine whether such a decoration suits you or not. Below we offer you the top 5 ideas.

Pendants for HerPendants for Her

Top 5 most popular pendants for women

Pendants are probably one of the most funny ways to change your look. You can have one chain and a lot of pendants. In this case, your look will always be new. No matter the seasons or your mood. Here are the top 5 creatyve ideas that will come in handy if you want to start building your collection:

  • Pendant with gemstones. If you want something unusual ly beautiful in your collection, consider this option. It can be a cute round pendant in silver or gold, with the entire surface adorned with gemstones. It looks very shiny! The gemstones can come in different shapes, colours, and translucencies. It can be circles of colourful minerals (sapphire, ruby, emerald) or a plate completely studded with diamonds. Choose according to your taste. This piece of jewellery will look great in almost any style. You will look especially winning at a party or formal event. Also, this pendant looks great paired with Huggies earrings adorned with gemstones of the same shade, but on the pendant.
  • Cross. This is one of the most common forms of pendants. So if you want something sure to go with many of your images, then look into this option. The shape of the valuables can be quite different if you don't choose a religious cross. Choose a piece of jewellery that fits your style: something graceful and delicate, a Roman cross embellished with a jewel, a cross with spikes and flowers.
  • A tear or a drop. If you are collecting your collection, you will definitely need such a pendant. This value will add femininity to any look. A minimalist ic option is a large gemstone of teardrop or oval shape. It can be decorated with other minerals or be a mono-embellishment. You'll agree that a set with a ruby drop pendant and ruby cluster rings can look very attractive.
  • Of course, there must be something mystical in your collection. We suggest you pay attention to the Hamsa pendant. If you have been to the East, you probably saw it in jewellery stores. This pendant is also called the "Hand of God." It is believed that it brings happiness and health to those who wear it. Such clones differ in the material of manufacture and the gemstone that is attached to the pendant. It is a perfect gift for her. It is not at all necessary to choose this particular option, but be sure to pick up a pendant-amulet or talisman for yourself.
  • Pearl pendants. It is an impeccable favourite of women for many decades. Elegant jewellery will help complete any woman's look. Today, you can choose perfectly round sea pearls, river pearls or baroque pearls. Either option will look perfect.

When choosing a pendant, don't forget to pay attention to fashion trends as well. Flip through a few magazines and watch fashion shows. They are sure to give you an idea.

How to choose a pendant for a man

There is a statement that men do not need to follow fashion and decoration. But this is a very wrong opinion. Below we offer you a list of reasons why you should check out all the pendant options in our collection:

  • In fact, men follow fashion, and jewellery is just another reason to show it. Today it is as much a necessity as quality cufflinks.
  • Shows that you are confident in yourself. Chains and pendants that have been popularised by pop culture have become an attribute of confidence and style. A beautiful, well-chosen option will add to your masculinity and help complete your look.
  • A challenge to society. Does anyone still think jewellery isn't for him? Prove otherwise by choosing a beautiful chain and pendant to match your clothing style.
  • Is always expensive. As an accessory they appeared as a demonstration of wealth and power. By wearing precious metal today, you emphasise your status.
  • It's sexy. The correct jewellery looks perfect not only on the modelesque male body. They unobtrusively draw attention to the cleavage. It is one more reason to draw attention to yourself.
  • It's a great option to complete the look. The pendant chain goes with almost any type of clothing. It can be a suit, jeans with a t-shirt, a shirt and even beach shorts.

What should be the chain for the pendant? It can be anything. Choose the option you like best. You can choose from a variety of styles: trace chains, Figaro, curb chain, nautical and many other types of weave. If you can't make up your mind, choose a few. This option can be worn in tiered designs with or without pendants.

Silver PendantsSilver Pendants

Top 5 models for men

It is quite difficult to choose a perfect pendant from such a variety. We recommend you pay attention to the following models:

  • Tag. The history of this decoration goes back to the time of the American Civil War. Today, many people know what it is from the movies. The main mission of such a pendant is to help identify a person who died in the war. In this case, there are usually two pendants. The first remains on the body; the second is taken away for identification. Gradually from a mandatory soldier's accessory, these tokens have moved into vogue. It is a normal phenomenon. Today you can buy one with any inscription. It can be something personal (such as your children's birthdates) or some famous phrase. They can be worn on the body or worn over clothing.
  • Religious jewellery. This is one of the most popular groups. This can include gold and silver crosses, a pendant with Hindu symbols, from Jewish or any other faith. In Buddhism, pendants with the Hamsa ("Hand of God") or the Star of David are usually chosen. In Islam, the most popular are pendants with the image of Allah or a line from the Koran. In Christianity, they can be crosses of various shapes. If you do not believe in God, you can also wear such an accessory as jewellery. Often choose the Ankh cross, the Gothic cross, the Celtic cross, the Byzantine cross, the Greek cross or the cross of the crusaders. They all look mysterious and stylish.
  • Pendant in the form of a feather. Feathers symbolise freedom. Such a pendant on a leather cord or precious metal chain looks very stylish. It will also look great in a multi-tiered composition.
  • Another popular option is the pendant in the form of an anchor. It is chosen by those who love the nautical theme. Also, they symbolise the hope for security and stability.
  • A separate group is Viking-style jewellery. This includes nice necklaces, Thor's hammers, coins and other stylized versions. It is believed that such valuables can help protect the wearer and give him extraordinary strength. As a rule, they look heavy and imposing.
  • Pendant with the sign of the zodiac. It is often worn in tiered arrangements, on a separate chain. They look beautiful, can be inlaid with gemstones and decorated with engraving.
  • Jewellery with gemstones. It can be a scattering of stones on a pendant with an inscription or a single crystal in a setting or without.

Claws, teeth, lions, scorpions, skulls, inscriptions, initials, etc. also look undeniably contemporary. They are still on trend.

How to care for pendants

If you wear your pendant all the time, it can quickly become dirty. This can lead to breakage or loss of lustre. Here's how you can clean the piece yourself at home:

  • Take a container of warm water. Add a few drops of mild dishwashing detergent.
  • Take a soft, lint-free cloth. Wipe the jewellery thoroughly until it shines.
  • Rinse off any remaining detergent under running water.
  • Wipe the pendant gently with a dry, soft, lint-free cloth.

Pendants are quite often intricately shaped, so exstra dirt accumulates on them. To properly clean them, it is best to take the piece to a jeweller.

Today you can buy all your jewellery online. You do not need to go to a salon to do this. The FJewellery online shop offers you a huge collection of branded valuables. Each piece has a photo, often even several detailed images, a description of the quality and the price. It will not be difficult for you to order what you like. If you want advice before you buy, our concierge is always happy to help you.