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Rings are a woman's favourite piece of jewellery, enhancing the elegance of delicate hands. Their history goes back thousands of years. While men's rings symbolized power, clan loyalty, etc., women's rings were used for beauty and protection against evil forces. Today jewellers offer a huge variety of rings for women. A large selection of dress rings can be found at Fjewellery.

What are dress rings?

This category includes jewellery for her which is suitable for both everyday wear and for the most festive occasion. This includes wedding bands that match perfectly with a lavish wedding dress or a simple outfit. These can be chunky or complex models, in a variety of styles and materials, with or without precious stones.

Features of wearing a dress ring

A beautiful ring will always draw attention to your hands. Certain rules should be followed to ensure that they make the most pleasant impression:

  • Thin rings are ideal for young women. A ring that looks particularly elegant on well-groomed hands.
  • Wide and big, massive rings are more suitable for adult women. These products are also recommended for people with large joints.
  • A wide ring without stones will look good on slender, long fingers.
  • Hands with short, full fingers will look smoother if worn with an irregularly shaped ring or with a stone extending along with the finger.
  • Do not wear two rings with stones on the same finger. An exception is the wedding set, which consists of an engagement and a wedding ring.
  • Do not mix precious metal rings with bijou, or jewellery with different stones.

How to choose dressing rings

A wedding is one of the brightest events of every couple's life. Everyone wants everything to be perfect on this day. Particular attention is given to the creation of the bride's image. This is where jewellers play an important role. The wedding ring and jewellery (necklaces hearts, etc.) that will adorn the girl on that day must be flawless. They must be completely compatible with each other, as well as with the wedding dress.

A silver ring or modern white gold jewellery will go perfectly with a white wedding dress. When it comes to stones, the best choice is a diamond. This stone is not only stunningly beautiful but also a symbol of sincerity and eternal love. Yellow gold is the best choice for a champagne or ivory dress.

How to buy dress rings online

Visiting jewellery shops is part of the wedding preparations for most couples. But there is another option - buy dressy rings online. This will save you a huge amount of time. In addition, the products in the online shop are cheaper than their counterparts in the jewellery shop. As for choosing, you can do so from the images in the catalogue. You can use the services of a concierge. He will professionally help you choose your wedding rings, as well as accompanying jewellery - crosses hollow, etc.

Wedding jewellery from Fjewellery

The company offers an extra large assortment of wedding rings and other jewellery for a special day. The designer pays special attention to creating rings for the bride. In the shop's catalogue, these products are presented in an especially wide range, which can satisfy the most refined taste. We offer:

  • Inexpensive but extra fancy silver rings. 925 sterling silver is ideal for intricate designs and gemstone inlays. The rhodium-plated finish will keep the product looking flawless for years to come. We offer models in different widths and unique designs. The most unusual shapes and spectacular weaves. Most are finished with cubic zirconia crystals around the perimeter, and some feature a large crystal as bright as a diamond.
  • Amazing rose gold plated silver rings with cubic zirconia crystals. Each model features an exquisite design. The combination of clear zirconia crystals and rose gold is particularly spectacular.
  • For those who prefer unusual jewellery - silver rings with black and white zirconia crystals. Their contrast makes the jewellery especially striking.
  • White gold rings. Very beautiful jewellery with diamonds, topaz or other stones. They go well with a snow-white wedding dress. You can choose a piece in 9-carat gold or 18-carat gold. The former has a lower cost. They have better resistance to damage. The latter are mesmerising in their amazing brilliance.
  • Classic yellow gold jewellery with diamonds or topaz.

You can also find pre-owned items for sale at a low price in our shop. These include diamonds, garnet, sapphire, amethyst and other stones, as well as amazing vintage rings and much more.

If you know exactly what jewellery you want but can't find it in the range, you can order it. Let the concierge know your wishes and indicate the size of the ring, the jewellers will be happy to fulfil your order. The concierge can also help with the selection of jewellery to match your chosen ring (necklaces, chains Singapore, bracelets, etc.).

Fjewellery is a contemporary online jewellery shop. We are always ready to cooperate and resolve all issues online. Just select the product you are interested in and place your order. You will receive it as soon as possible at the address you specify. We know a lot about jewellery and we are ready to offer you the best models for special occasions and everyday wear.

925 Sterling Silver CZ Fancy Ring
925 Sterling Silver CZ Fancy Ring
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