Five Stone Rings

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Today's jewellery industry offers a wide range of rings for every occasion. Jewellers offer original solutions for engagement and wedding celebrations and other significant dates for those who don’t accept standards. These include 5 stone rings. This luxurious ring will appeal to any fashionista. The FJewellery online shop offers a wide range of different styles of jewellery.

What a five stone ring symbolises

A ring with five stones has different meanings. According to the most common version, the jewellery symbolises five basic qualities. Without them, you would not have a good relationship:

  • love;
  • confidence;
  • devotion;
  • sympathy;
  • openness.

These words symbolise a relationship. This is said by the man when he makes a promise to remain faithful to his beloved for years to come.

Another interpretation of the jewellery is “half eternity” - a symbol of eternal love. This meaning is given to the ring when it is given at an anniversary wedding.

A 5 stone ring can also be interpreted as a symbol of family (parents and three children). Sometimes a husband gives this ring to his wife to celebrate the birth of their third child.

How to choose a ring

1. Engagement

The best option for an engagement ring is a model with a large stone in the centre and smaller ones on the sides. The colour and shape of all the gemstones can be the same. A good choice for an engagement ring is a 5-stone halo style ring. The halo around each of the 5 stones makes them visually larger and contributes to an incredible play of light.

5 stone rings

2. Wedding ceremony

It's best to choose wedding bands with stones of the same size. Diamonds are ideal. They harmonise with the wedding dress and other jewellery.

3. Wedding anniversary

The most common choice of jewellery with 5 stones is for the fifth wedding anniversary or for a diamond wedding anniversary (5 decades). But for any other anniversary, the ring would also be appropriate. In that case, you can choose either model from the first two options.

4. Cocktail ring

In this case, there are no restrictions on the designs of the ring. Jewellery for her can have stones of different sizes, colours and other decorative frills.

A little about stones

  • Five-stone and diamond rings are the most popular. They are a symbol of pure, lasting feelings.
  • Ruby also has a powerful energy, giving health, strength and courage. Its rich, bright colour symbolises love and passion.
  • A blue sapphire is a symbol of wisdom, understanding, sincere and deep feelings.
  • Emerald. A symbol of honesty, openness and loyalty.

The ring can be gold, silver or both. Silver rings have a lower cost, but look just as attractive. By the way, another important advantage of a ring with five stones is the lower price compared to a solitaire ring with one but larger stone.

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