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Knot Rings

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Without a doubt, rings have always been something more than common jewellery. Their shining and sparkling are only highlighted by unique structures and tones. If you are looking for a material symbol of the deepest and sincerest connections that can occur in life, knot rings are definitely the right shot. Beautifully crafted and provided by the leading suppliers in the UK, F Jewellery, these solutions are created to last and remind what feelings are worth embracing. Whether it be an unusual engagement or wedding band, a daily inspirational power for your daily achievements, or even a friendship ring, wearing this piece will bring numerous gorgeous moments.

Popular Styles

We all know how a standard knot looks like — it is just a figure where the main loop part has several crossing elements. But this undefined number of knotted lines and their placement are what can make a unique beautiful masterpiece out of simple interlining:

  • Forever knot layout —this essential cultural marker is especially symbolic for Buddhism and Hinduism. The interplay includes the combination of strict quarter zones that are interconnected with other areas. Wisdom and eternal coexistence of life and death. In jewellery, this sign can represent your true passion for something or feelings to someone.
  • Double knot piece — just imagine how interesting two rings with knots look like when united within the same style and design. In this case, the construction will seem doubled. There is no room left between different ring parts, but they are crafted in the form of two lines. The back part of the ring can be flat though.
  • Trinity knot design — triple elements in the sample create a surprisingly tender effect. Depending on their layout, the degree of gorgeousness and delicacy differs. If they are represented in a line, then it resembles an eternity sign by some means.
  • Love knot units — knots can look like a heart, so the name becomes self-explanatory. Designed with jewels and gemstones, this style is definitely the right thing to buy for anniversaries or other important events for the two.
  • Irish knot symbols — if you are searching for a special gift, then don’t hesitate to check what knots are popular in different cultures. Traditionally, simple interlining can possess unlike forms, angles of uniting, and more, making each format seem so unbelievable. Irish and Celtic knots are actively applied in the jewellery universe.

Regardless of which design is chosen, customers are welcome to add some other accessories for a complete ensemble. If you are looking for a perfect chance to amaze the target recipient, that’s it. Here are some examples of how flexible your options are:

  • Necklaces rhodium samples — seeking the best gift for him, why not choose another piece to make your choice more meaningful? You can play with the necklace’s length, width, type of chain, making the final appearance of the ensemble absolutely personalized. But be careful selecting large and solid necklaces — the knot ring should be of the same or similar design.
  • Pendants amethyst designs — this solution will work for those who are tired of diamonds and similar transparent gems. If you would like to add more brightness to your jewellery collection, it is the best way. Instead of amethyst, you can go for other colorful gemstones like ruby or sapphire.
  • Earrings mix stones — even available for sale and being non-expensive, these pieces won’t seem plain and cheap. The size doesn’t really matter (you should consider your comfort only), but small ones will be beloved by fans of minimalism. The mix of stones can be colorful or contrast, but it is necessary to ensure they suit your look of today.

There are people who believe that it is much harder to pick up the best design for gents than for her, and it is true to some extent. One of the obvious reasons is that the percentage of jewellery owners is different between genders, so producers are more focused on female accessories.

However, fashion trends promise more new vibes, and finding a proper variant for man isn’t that complicated anymore. With the help of photography benefits included in the page composition (namely, advanced images of our production), shopping remotely isn’t significantly altered from in-person experience.

Wearing Rules for Ring with Knot

A lot of customers are worried that they can break some rules or accepted social norms by wearing bands in their own way. On the one hand, there are some particular formats of wearing that will tell other people important facts about your personal life (if you are engaged or married, to be more exact). On the other hand, wearing forever knot models on the ring finger when you are not in any serious committed relationship isn’t a great deal either. However, you should be prepared for the surprise and side-eye reactions from some people.

All in all, both hands are acceptable for wearing your rings on. Limitations related to the number and quality of accessories have already become less strict than ever before. For instance, it is a pretty popular trend to purchase a lot of pieces for both hands. The ring position on the finger has been modified as well, so you aren’t obliged to prefer options to go all the way down your finger — collections of upper-knuckle rings are a great sample.

In the case of a tied knot ring, don’t forget to think about its final function. If you are going to use this as a non-standard engagement and wedding band, then the destination point is defined. In other cases, it is just up to your comfort and sense of beauty.


What if I am between the ring sizes?

This scenario isn’t a disaster, although it will bring more difficulties. Instead of choosing a size down, going up a size will be more beneficial. The reason for that is obvious — making a ring smaller for masters is easier and less damaging for the piece itself than the other way. Besides, don’t forget that the finger size isn’t stable and differs not just in long periods of time but during the day. So it won’t be wrong to have some extra room. Choosing the overly loose ring isn’t the wisest decision either. In this case, it would be better to original look for another model or consult with the service provider.

Is there any difference between a carat and a karat?

When it comes to choosing jewellery, knowing basic terms will help you know what you are paying for. In general, these notions are used to describe the measurements of particular objects, and the latter is different. The word starting with “C” is a unit of weight of gemstones, including diamonds and other precious stones. The opposite term is applied to define the clarity and quality of gold alloy. In the jewellery world, these words are sometimes interchanged. That’s not completely right, but using carats for measuring gold proportions is acceptable though.

Wrap It Up

Original designs of jewellery and a rich assortment, in general, are far from the only benefits offered by F Jewellery. Dainty accessories are available at the best price to order. What is more important, the palette of metals for simple and cheap or exclusive and gorgeous knotted rings aren’t limited to gold and silver only. For more information, check the online catalogue and contact our team representatives.

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