Second Hand Rings

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Precious accessories are something that no contemporary look can do without. Jewelry stores always follow popular trends and offer us a lot of luxurious and stylish items, the kind that can be found in pictures in fashion glossy magazines and catalogues. However, such things can't be called unique, because they have neither history nor that subtle flair of antiquity, which many people like so much. This is where the FJewellery online boutique comes to the rescue, with a variety of exquisite and authentic pre-owned products. Second hand rings are especially in demand - high-quality and most exclusive womens and mens jewels from the world’s best manufacturers. Each model is a real work of art, created by a skilled designer and containing a lot of mysteries and secrets - this luxury is definitely worth it to be in your personal collection!

Second Hand Rings

A bit from history

It's difficult to name the exact date of the origin of the ring, but the artifacts found by archaeologists indicate that the tradition of wearing decorations on the finger has its roots in ancient times. Initially, these were jewellery carved from stone or twisted from wire - simple improvised materials that nature could only offer were used to create them. But time passed, and now mankind has learned how to mine and process metal - this is where the true history of precious rings began.

For tens of thousands of years BC. rings were used as money - it was a universal measure for calculations. Such money was made of silver, gold, iron and copper, and their weight was determined by the presence of a stamp and size. We can safely say that our ancestors actively used 2nd hand rings even then!

For a long time, mystical properties were attributed to these accessories and this was associated, first of all, with the mineral that was fixed on the ring. Each type of gem had its own special meaning and much depended on the person who wore the ring and the relationship to him in society.
The signet ring also has a unique meaning. Previously, it wasn't just a beautiful decoration, but a necessary attribute for every noble person, king, priest and official. They were applied special engravings and stamps, such as:

  • seed coats of arms,
  • masonic symbols,
  • images with patron saints,
  • initials of the owner,
  • etc.

They were used mainly for sealing letters, leaving a ring mark on wax and sealing important documents. Signets were passed down from generation to generation, as they were of great importance and the price of their manufacture was very high.

Nowadays, signet rings have become very popular and very affordable - everyone can afford to purchase several exquisite models for any occasion. The pre owned rings category of the FJewellery catalogue contains many interesting and unusual options for such signets made of top-class metals with original manufacturer's imprints. Here you are sure to find the perfect preloved ring for yourself or as a gift to a loved one. Join and choose!

Which ring to select

Used rings are always the right decision and a very profitable purchase for many reasons. Among such products, you can find a special and unique thing that you will have in a single copy and will invariably attract the admiring and interested glances of others. In addition, such goods are quite cheap, which means that you will get an exclusive and most importantly high-quality item without spending your entire budget. Also, such accessories can be an ideal gift for a true connoisseur of fine jewelry chic. But among such a delightful assortment, how to find what really suits you? We will help and promise - you will be delighted!

If you pick up a ring as a gift for someone special, we advise you to pay attention to exquisite models in platinum and gold. As a present for her, products of popular brands with rare precious stones are perfect. Our website presents exceptional models with inlays of sparkling tanzanite, the rarest pink sapphire, unique peridot and delicate moissanite - these gems can conquer any lady at first sight, even with the most sophisticated taste.

Pre-owned Rings

If you are looking for a real gents ring with character - precious signets is exactly what you need! Their choice is simply huge and among them, you can find really amazing models, for example:

  • with the image of a sovereign coin,
  • with swivel element,
  • with a rare emblem of the college,
  • with prints in the form of a lion's head or a Roman soldier,
  • etc.

Such a signet will become a treasure of any male wardrobe, which he will want to wear all the time. In addition, the accessory will be combined with any style of clothing and can be worn with both a strict business suit and a luxurious evening tuxedo.

You can also buy used rings in a set with other unique accessories in order to immediately assemble a bright and unusual set. In our online store, there are a lot of both second-hand and new jewellery for sale for every taste - from timeless classics to extravagant novelties. Just take a look at the range:

FJewellery managers will be happy to help you collect your order, tell you in detail about each product, pack your purchase in a branded box and take care of accurate and fast delivery. Enjoy bargain shopping, and we'll take care of the rest!

Pre-owned 9ct Yellow Gold Seven Red Cubic Zirconia Ring
Pre-owned 9ct Yellow Gold Seven Red Cubic Zirconia Ring
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