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Puzzle Rings

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The world of jewellery can’t help but fascinate and impress. There are so many unique models, so the choice seems really complicated. Once you know your target recipient’s tastes and preferences, it is half the battle. One of the potential winners is a ring puzzle design. Its unusual lines and construction make the layout a worthy accessory for multiple occasions. If you are looking for a precious gift for your beloved one, FJewellery highly recommends paying more attention to the variety this single design offers.

How It Works

First things first — what is a puzzle ring in general? From a technical point of view, it is a bond that is made of separate interconnected separate loop elements. They are designed in such a way to look like a single union when put on the finger. The number of pieces varies. It is a range of 2 piece, 3 piece, 6 piece bands, and up to 12 piece solutions. Also known as a Turking wedding ring, this design will work for her greatly, but modern jewellers have adjusted it to suit men too.

The higher the number of separate details is, the thinner they would be. Middle-range jewelry seems more matching among the customers. As practice shows, the preference is given to 4 piece and 5 piece layouts.

If taking a deeper insight in its meaning, the design under consideration is a promise to come over all the challenges with ease, would it be relationships like friendships or marriage bonds. The key thing is that they symbolize maturity and a wonderful ability to listen and to be listened to. Such hidden senses make it a perfect solution for conversation pieces, engagement, and wedding bands, as well as gifts for holidays and important dates of the two to celebrate.

The origin of puzzle rings is still a matter for debate, but it is clear its traces can be found back in history and in different countries — from Turkey to Sweden.

How to Wear Puzzle Rings

Taking into account the complex nature of puzzle rings (the name is self-explanatory in this case), many users believe they aren’t really convenient for daily wearing. However, its design is so tricky that the inner surface is smooth and doesn’t seem unpleasant to the touch at all.

In the majority of cases, the ring’s “background” looks like plain separate bands put one by one on the hand. The “foreground” is what is usually interconnected. There are different approaches, but even if the connection creates a chain or rings when you take such a puzzle off, they are still comfortable — it is proven by several reviews from our customers.

As you can guess, the variety of bands is defined by its components and number of separate links. It is a daunting task to name the best possible design, so it is always for the better to stick to your lifestyle and budget to make the final choice. On the website, size charts and recommendations will help pick up the right accessory.

Puzzle Rings

Puzzle rings don’t look as extravagant as it may seem. They are easily compatible with other designs as well:

  • Bracelets ruthenium — one-metal designs are still fashionable and gorgeous. The presence of gemstones is great, but their absence doesn’t make the ensemble less luxurious and appealing. For those customers who are on the hunt of soulmate combinations, this variant is worth bearing in mind.
  • Pendants ingot — if you desire to support the uniqueness offered by puzzle rings, alternative accessories are also welcome to be unusual. To achieve a natural vibe from the chosen ensemble, it would be more beneficial to invest into pieces of the same metal and carat weight. If a puzzle ring consists of bands made of both silver and gold, other accessories aren’t necessarily to be two-component too. But it would be overwhelming to have yellow gold, rose gold, and silver within one style.
  • Earrings topaz — gemstones allow placing the right accents. Multi-colour designs are exclusively eye-catching. The contrast between the tones helps achieve a wonderful vibe.


Are puzzle rings heavy?

Though a puzzle ring contains several design elements, it is a mistake to presume it is heavy and cumbersome. There are many models with smooth lines even if the size is big. Modern puzzle rings are divergent solutions to wear, and their elegance is predetermined by how many separate bands are included in the layout.

Are puzzle rings expensive?

In our online shop’s catalogue, interested parties are welcome to take advantage of goods for sale and find really cheap models to enjoy and enlarge their home collection of accessories. The price is defined by the complexity of craftsmanship, which is definitely on another level, compared to simpler layouts. At the same time, the quality of materials is also a crucial price-forming factor. The presence of gemstones, the choice between gold and silver — these are just samples of features that influence the final tag.

Is it possible to resize puzzle rings?

Anyone who wants to buy puzzle ring models should be aware of the fact that its size can’t be manipulated. It is not a standard thin band that is easily enlarged or narrowed. Taking into account their complex structure, repairing operations are also complex and demanding in both the cost and degree of jewellers’ mastership. Another factor is that such models aren’t the most popular option in the market, so there are not so many specialists who deal with them on a regular basis. The level of task complexity largely depends on the ring’s construction itself. Naturally, an 8 piece band will require more resources than a 6 piece alternative.

Where to Order

When it comes to the assortment of gorgeous and interesting puzzle rings, FJewellery is a good place to start your shopping journey. With its intuitive website, detailed search filters, and professional pictures of each model, this online store offers a unique flexibility for potential buyers. The catalogue features numerous great pieces. The best thing is that our brand cooperates with other retailers and suppliers in the UK market, so your chances to find that exact model are extremely increased. Just check them in practice!