Valentine's Day Rings

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Valentine's Day is a beautiful holiday that has been stirring the souls of lovers for centuries. On this day thousands of lovers exchange valentines and gifts that symbolize love and passion. On this day it is customary to give the chosen one flowers, sweets in the shape of a heart, soft toys and, of course, jewellery. For those who intend to tie their future life with a girl, Valentines Day rings are a perfect choice. Every year for Valentine's Day, FJewellery jewellers offer specially designed ring models.

The tradition of giving gifts on Valentine's Day

The holiday dates back to ancient Rome. There, in mid-February, a sacrificial feast was held in honour of female fertility. With the advent of Christianity, pagan traditions took on new forms. The Pope declared February 14 as Valentine's Day in 496. There are different hypotheses about in honour of which martyr this holiday was named. It acquired a romantic halo only in the Middle Ages. At the same time, the tradition of sending Valentine's cards to loved ones appeared, although they gained mass popularity only 300 years later. In 18th century England, they were used as gifts by lovers. Over the centuries, the tradition of giving gifts has not only caught on but also acquired new colours. Every country has its own way of celebrating Valentine's Day. But jewellery given on this day is sure to please a girl in any country.

When to give a ring for Valentine's Day

Jewellery for Valentine's Day should be chosen very carefully. If you are not sure yet that you are going to tie your life with a girl, you should not give her a ring. Such a gesture can be misinterpreted. In this case, it is better to opt for cute earrings or heart pendants. Modern jewellers offer a huge assortment of cheap, but very beautiful silver or gold jewellery. The pendant can be matched with Figaro chains or chains of any other style. If your intentions are very serious, then the ring as a gift will be very appropriate.

Valentine's Day Rings

Valentine's day gift rings are useful for the following occasions:

  • Valentine's Day is the most popular proposal day in recent times. If you are going to promise your girlfriend on this day to love and be faithful for life, you just can't do without an exquisite ring.
  • If the engagement has already taken place, and you've decided to time the wedding for Valentine's Day, in which case you'll have to choose wedding rings. If you want to give the bride a special gift, you can choose diamond stud earrings or other jewellery.
  • If you're already married, that doesn't mean romance isn't for your couple. On the contrary, Valentine's Day is a great occasion to add a fresh touch to your relationship. A ring with a heart on your loved one's finger is the best way to express the depth of your feelings.

Why are heart-shaped gifts given on Valentine's Day?

According to Irish legend, in the 17th century, a young man named Richard Joyce lived in the village of Cladd. Poverty forced him to abandon his bride and go to sea to earn money. But pirates seized his ship and sold him into slavery. In captivity, he mastered the craft of jeweller. King William of Orange later ransomed the slaves. Richard returned to his homeland, married the girl loyal to him, and opened a jewellery workshop. The rings he made were in the shape of hands holding a heart. The heart symbolized love and the hands symbolized friendship and trust.

Whether or not there was a guy with such a destiny remains a mystery. But Claddagh rings with hearts did exist. Later hearts were used in English, American and Portuguese jewellery. In the 20th century jewellers of many countries made it an attribute of wedding rings. The most popular were rings inlaid with heart-cut diamonds. The shape of the stone is a testament to love, and diamonds symbolize the purity and power of feelings.

Valentine's Day Rings

Let's not forget that the heart has long been one of the most popular symbols of Valentine's Day. Therefore, both women's and mens jewellery with a design containing a heart is the most popular gift on this day.

Valentine's Day jewellery at bargain prices

On the eve of Valentine's Day, almost all jewellery companies are preparing new collections of jewellery. Many of them are preparing sales for Valentine's Day. Therefore, it is not difficult to buy jewellery. But if you value your time, pay attention to the companies that offer jewellery online. A high-quality picture catalogue makes the choice much easier. It is also easy to find the right ring size; there are special chat rooms on the shop's websites for this purpose. As for the assortment, it is not less diverse in such stores than in stationary jewellery stores:

FJewellery online shop offers jewellery for Valentine's Day. Here you can choose inexpensive jewellery that you can wear every day, warming your heart with warm memories, or exquisite jewellery for the most solemn occasions. The company has its own jewellery workshop, so it sells jewellery at reasonable prices. Specials, which will be valid on Valentine's Day, will help you to make a purchase in the most favourable conditions.