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Elegance isn’t the only feature to opt for whenever you are interested in gorgeous female accessories. Women rings vary in sizes, styles, and types of brilliance. So it is necessary to do research in advance to understand what properties and values of multiple designs are admirable in your particular case. If you pay less attention than needed, you will receive a poorly fitting band. FJewellery won’t let that happen — here is a guide on how not to be swayed away by the divergence of ring ideas for her. Let’s get it started!

Women's RingsWomen's Rings

How to Size Female Ring s Correctly

When it comes to selecting gold or silver jewellery online, a lot of customers worry about selecting the best fit. Although it is not possible to try a particular model prior to the purchase, making a successful decision is possible for sure. There are several ways to take measurements and understand what accessories will work for you. Before delving deeper into the topic, let’s get basic hints for both first-time and experienced buyers:

  • Finger shape — if you aren’t going to find personalized engagement or wedding bands with a predetermined-to-wear position, it is completely up to pick up simple pinky or thumb models for lady. This will surely influence the right fit. At the same time, if you fail to consider the shape of your fingers, you might face an unexpected negative result. For instance, owners of tapered ring fingers have to be especially careful about a snug fit so as not to lose their favourite piece of jewellery. If you have big knuckles on your middle or another finger, it is a must to ensure the accessory will slide over them to its perfect position.
  • Bandwidth — while thick accessories promote a tight fit, thin layouts might turn out to be more flexible toward tiny measurement-related mistakes. For those parties who consider large and heavy models, choosing slightly bigger sizes than necessary won’t be a problem. On the contrary, it might be a stunning precautionary measure. In the case of delicate promise bands, you will have to be more attentive to sizes in mm.
  • Sizing scales — no matter how obvious it is, you should always remember the differences between the size charts you would like to use. It is highly recommended to stick to the ones offered by the service provider. We do present detailed information about the available sizes and their fits for our popular dainty ring collections. Focusing on international charts will be misleading because of the unique signs they apply to determine this or that fit.

Now when the basic issues about choosing the best designs for ladies are discussed, it is the right moment to figure out how measurements should be done. Keep scrolling through this guide for more detail!

When to Measure for a Beautiful Ring for Her

People believe it is enough to answer how to take measurements, but checking when is also a must. The key problem with selecting the best fit is that different conditions influence the final outcome. Not only the sizes will differ during the day, but also weather conditions, warm or cold, will, in turn, make your hands swell or shrink. It takes place seasonally and at the very moment as well. Please note the sizes on the left and right hand will also be slightly different — the dominating side is usually a bit bigger.

Rings for HerRings for Her

The most efficient approach is to choose standard conditions to take as precise measurements as possible. It is the right thing to pay attention to the body temperature — it has to be normal. Experts suggest interested parties consider the evening for the procedure. In the morning, fingers can also be slightly swollen, decreasing the process’s efficiency.

Some professionals refer to the middle of the day as the best moment, but you have to be cautious. The most accurate outcome can’t be obtained if you are actively doing something. Take your time to relax after carrying bags or going in for sports.

Various Measuring Techniques for Beginners

What can be simpler, you might ask? But there are multiple at-home solutions to ensure your chosen contemporary band will certainly fit comfortably on the finger:

  • Printable size chart — it is an ideal tool for people who would like to determine the appropriate fit quickly and accurately. However, it means you should have an existing ring to compare. All that enthusiasts have to do is to align the inside of the layout with the chart’s circles and see which one is closest in terms of sizing. If you have an option that is between the two, it is usually better to choose the one that is larger.
  • Plastic belt sizing — this is another technique that will serve you well. It might seem like an extra hassle, but it will be an efficient method to choose rings for young girls and for gf as well. The suite of charts won’t change over time, so this investment won’t be a waste in the long run. Besides, it is quite an affordable purchase with the item available at many merchant locations online and offline.
  • Ring technique — it is quite similar to the first option since you also use an existing accessory for self-guidance. Interested parties can use a ruler to specify the diameter of the piece and then refer to on-site charts to make the best decision.
  • Paper method — as one of the easiest options in terms of the needed equipment, it requires attention to detail and extreme sizing accuracy. After you wrap a piece of paper or string around the finger’s base, mark where the ends meet. That’s how you will define its circumference.

Last but not least important, it is better to take a few measurements for maximum accuracy. If you still hesitate, our team will ensure you won’t mess up with ring ideas for your wife or another recipient. With multiple images of designs, where the model is also placed near the ruler, you will get a detailed vision of the item even remotely.

If you would like to prepare gifts for your beloved ones and don’t have a chance to get the exact measurement pattern, there are several ways to overcome the problem. What’s crucial, choosing an average size is a risky strategy. Instead, it is surely better either to proceed with a secret sizing operation or ask her friends for help.

Women's Rings CollectionWomen's Rings Collection

Luxury and Fashionable Models to Say “Yes” to

This assortment of jewellery is equipped with numerous detailed pics and tips on how to get what you dream done for you in a professional manner. In addition, the on-site filters will simplify shopping for everyday accessories. Here are some marvellous ideas in gold and silver that shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

Jewelry with Designer Gemstones

Solitaire bands have always been classic, but gone are the days when only traditional layouts were at reign. In this season, fashion trends reveal the power of individualism and personal choices of a woman. If you consider rings for girlfriend, that doesn’t mean you have to opt for something girlish — unique cuts like antique cushions, tapered baguettes, and Asscher will overwhelm round-shaped gemstones in terms of their visual appeal.

Trendy Jewels

Of course, pieces of gemstone jewelry aren’t expected to be outdated choices for any woman. In the photos of several models, it is easy to notice how distinctive sparkle modifies and enriches even the smallest accessory. It is clear that excellence and creativity will rule supreme in the next seasons even more, and the following layouts will become nice options for fashionistas:

  • Another great idea is to wear various motifs on the same finger. Such ring sets don’t always come gemstone-free. You will be able to find accessories with a large central stone and mini jewels that sparkle extensively. To boost the brilliance, interested parties are welcome to buy items that are additionally improved by a diamond cut. Not only does this layer (as well as a rhodium coating) double the shining of the metal surface, but also contributes to the general sustainability and longevity of the piece.
  • For those who dream about remarkable glitter and unique shape, it is high time to remember eternity bands. Despite their glory as engagement accessories, they will be a wow for any collection for casual wear. Layouts with a single eye-catching element also have their own benefits, but multi-stone alternatives shouldn’t be forgotten just because other layouts seem more popular considerations. Eternity rings typically feature numerous tine jewels such as diamonds, which certainly adds more glitz to the composition. Whether it stands for a love symbol or a token of friendship or gratitude, it is a legit treasure in the range of thoughtful presents.
  • Halo and double halo bands combine the benefits of multi-stone and solitaire rings. First popularized in the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century, they have now become modern tricks for people who are in love with the sparkle of gemstones. This way, there is no need to hunt for large gems — a halo effect will create a marvellous illusion of bigger crystals. Depending on the selected type of setting and metal decoration, the piece can obtain futuristic or vintage aesthetic passions.

Bring More Colours

Transparent stones are charming, and it is unnecessary to debate this fact. However, people often forget about how rich the palette of choices they have is. Such gems are expected to remain strong and desired by many for a long time, so you won’t make a mistake by selecting these trending solutions.

Ladies RingsLadies Rings

As there are several types of gemstones, there are definitely numerous elegant hints to take into consideration for astonishing costume bands:

  • Cubic zirconia stones are probably among the most popular gems at the best price. Small pieces will create a wonderful and harmonious picture for a halo effect or eternity designs. You won’t get as bright tones as in the case of rubies, for instance, but the view will be spectacular. Near-colourless models include interesting sparkles of green, yellow, purple, and multi toned accents.
  • Sapphires are commonly known for their pretty blue tones, but they are actually represented in a wider range of colours. The list includes marvellous yellow and pink.
  • What about three-stone rings? Depending on how they are styled, they can look cute and suitable for your 19 year old daughter or sister and exquisite to work as a wedding band idea.
  • Emerald gemstones are green, but their shades won’t leave you indifferent. From juicy notes to greenish vibes, this collection is better to check in more detail prior to adding any other piece of jewelry to your cart.
  • The same case relates to rubies. Their primary colour is red. Depending on the grade of the stone and a chosen gemstone cut, you can reveal hidden secrets of its brilliance. With purplish vibrant accents, pinking sparkles, and orange undertones, it is quite amazing how a single stone can be different from traditional visions of it in society.

Focus on the Metal

Expressing your personality is crucial, so bands that combine different patterns and elements are gaining momentum. Pieces with gold and silver aren’t new, but they have come back in a new role for interested parties. Even without sparkling gemstones, such models can impress with their style. For example, consider engravable layouts to transform any band into a personalised statement.

Moreover, striving to find the pieces with the best purity isn’t always a great decision. Cheap 9 karat accessories actually look cool. With silver, though, such experiments shouldn’t take place. Since this metal is less durable and more demanding than alternatives in the market, sterling silver will deliver inexpensive sparkles that seem absolutely stylish and gorgeous.

Many experts also highlight double-banded rings as a unique word in the industry that bridges precious metals, magnificent crystals, and unusual styling. It is a second-to-nine alternative to standard designs. Trends don’t exist solidly and stably — they might change over time and quite abruptly. But unique-looking layouts will still remain attention-grabbing thanks to their unprecedented appeal, and double banded layouts are a stunning example here. It is a premium way to state your style’s originality without going crazy for large stones or expensive decorations.

Rings With GemstonesRings With Gemstones

How to Wear Ladies Ring Collection

To succeed in decision-making, there is no need to consider only expensive solutions with large stones. Unusual combinations with the latest trends in the industry will pay off. Please don’t get it wrong — the chosen styles don’t have to be extremely bizarre or extravagant to catch someone’s eye. Balance is crucial, so listening to your gut and getting inspired by famous perfect matches will be the right approach to get it started:

  • Heart necklaces — if you restrict the efficiency of such models to little romantic gifts, you haven’t seen how unforgettable real heart pendant necklaces can be. While some resemble popular layouts from movies, there are unique masterpieces with crafted and customised elements. The game of metal lines and gemstone brilliance is amazing to track.
  • Singapore chains — constructed on the base of rope and curb chains, this layout is eye-catching as it is. This design benefits fashionistas thanks to its extreme durability. The layout under consideration will be strong to withstand different pressures, regardless of how wide and thick its links are. If you find large pendants appealing, this will be a wise choice for a matching necklace.
  • Hollow crosses — such accessories don’t weigh a lot and can become nice accents for any style. What’s more, they are frequently on sale, and it is extremely easy to prepare such a wonderful surprise for your beloved ones. There are minimalist and vintage designs. The palette of potential win-win solutions isn’t limited to religion-focused ornaments. Pieces that are decorated with shining gemstones shouldn’t be excluded from your wish list.

Where to Buy Rings for Her

It doesn’t matter whether you consider plain or fancy accessories as your perfect match. The key thing is not just to buy ladies ring at a price that isn’t ridiculously expensive — that’s not the most appropriate way to show off. It is essential to ensure you purchase a light weight piece of jewellery, which will be to the liking of a target recipient, comfortable to wear, and versatile to combine with other accessories.

If you lack inspiration and require professional assistance, the FJewellery team will gladly assist in determining elegant goodies that will satisfy your needs to the fullest extent possible.

925 silver two flower CZ ring AS0042
925 silver two flower CZ ring AS0042
925 silver two flower CZ ring. 1.50 gram
£ 20
925 silver single angel wing ring AS0027
925 silver single angel wing ring AS0027
925 silver single angel wing ring. 1.2 gram
RRP £ 30 | £ 20 -33%
925 silver Egyptian goddess ring AS0013
925 silver Egyptian goddess ring AS0013
925 silver Egyptian goddess ring. 6.6 gram
RRP £ 45 | £ 30 -33%
Pre-owned 9ct Yellow Gold Seven Red Cubic Zirconia Ring
Pre-owned 9ct Yellow Gold Seven Red Cubic Zirconia Ring
RRP £ 150 | £ 90 -40%
Platinum 2mm Court Shape Wedding Band
Platinum 2mm Court Shape Wedding Band
RRP £ 920 | £ 540 -41%
925 Sterling Silver Yellow CZ Ring
925 Sterling Silver Yellow CZ Ring
RRP £ 70 | £ 55 -21%
925 Sterling Silver CZ Fancy Ring
925 Sterling Silver CZ Fancy Ring
RRP £ 90 | £ 65 -28%
925 Sterling Silver MUM Cz ID Side Ring
925 Sterling Silver MUM Cz ID Side Ring
RRP £ 65 | £ 55 -15%