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The jewellery shop F jewellery offers a huge range of silver crosses. You can buy the cross in our online shop by ordering the product on the website. Our catalogue includes large crosses for men that are over 1.6 inches long, as well as elegant crosses for women and mini crosses for children that can even be worn by an infant. Silver crosses are a special kind of jewellery. Like a wedding ring, such a cross can be a loyal companion throughout a person's life. This is why care should be taken when choosing this type of jewellery.


Our catalogue has brand crosses for every taste:

  • Baptismal crosses;
  • Crosses in classic patterns;
  • Inexpensive little silver crosses;
  • Men's crosses;
  • Crosses with or without stones (topaz, amethyst, emerald, etc.).

Silver CrossesSilver Crosses

It should be noted that the church recognizes the variety of shapes and patterns of pectoral crosses. The main thing is that this piece of jewellery should bring joy to its owner and, through the power of faith, have the qualities of a kind of amulet and talisman. If you are presenting gold or silver crosses as gifts, it will not be superfluous to choose the right chain for it. It should be of the same purity of metal as the pectoral cross.

A cross silver as a gift is an opportunity to tell someone without words how much you care for them and that you want to take care of them. This kind of care will certainly be appreciated by a male, woman, and will make a good gift for children.

Crosses without stones

Crosses without stones are the best jewelry option for those who prefer laconic, refined restraint. They look so pretty. Such products are pleasing with their aesthetics, as well as budget cost. This section is rightfully considered one of the most visited and popular, because the products presented in it are characterized by a compact beautiful design, a rich selection of options and impeccable quality of workmanship.

In the 21st century, the importance of religion has not disappeared; on the contrary, it continues to grow. And silver crosses without inserts and gemstones are an invariable attribute of a true Christian believer. Moreover, despite the existing differences in some theological points, wearing crosses without stones is obligatory for both Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

It is also worth noting that uninserted crosses made of silver can be given as a gift to a relative or friend as well as a loved one - each one will love this souvenir, which best conveys your feelings and desire to make the future wearer happy. A locket or bracelet curb can also be given as a gift. This, too, is a good gift.

The modern silver crosses pendants from our online shop, available in an amazing variety, will delight you not only with their attractive design, but also with their excellent quality and affordable prices for everyone.

Orthodox and Catholic cross: the difference

The Christian cross is a distinctive mark of a person. The big and chunky cross symbolises the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The pectoral cross symbolises salvation and a person's faith in Christ, crucified for the sins of others. It is worn during a special sacrament and is traditionally worn every day. It is believed to protect against the negative influence of otherworldly forces.

Today, the line between amulet and jewellery is very thin: traditional items are inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones; designs are complicated with new, unconventional designs and coated with enamel. The line between fashion accessories and a symbol of faith is blurring, but if you are sensitive to the issue of religion, it is worth knowing the difference between products for Orthodox and Catholics.

Form and design. The traditional Orthodox cross has a six- or eight-pointed shape. Above the head of Christ, there is an upper crossbar with the inscription I.N.Ts.I or I.N.T.I., attached at the direction of Pontius Pilate. In Latin - I.N.R.I. - the phrase "Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdæorvm" is encoded here. On the cross above the upper crossbar, you can find the inscription “God is the King of Glory” also in an abbreviated version.

The hands of the crucified man are nailed to the central crossbar. There is a slanting foot under the feet of Christ, as a symbol of the path from sin to purification. The lower bar was nailed after the crucifixion, focusing on the height of the person. On the reverse side of the Orthodox cross, there is a part of the inscription or engraving “Save and Protect.”

Catholic pieces are simpler in design, with only two crossbars and an image of Christ, but also have the inscription I.N.R.I.

The skull under the crossbar is the head of Adam. According to legend, he was buried on Calvary, the place where Christ was crucified. The blood seeped through the ground and washed the skull, purifying humankind from sin and bringing salvation. The Head of Adam is a symbol of atonement for sins.

The image of Christ. In the Orthodox sense, the face of Christ represents victory over death, the joy of the resurrection, but Catholics depict suffering on the face of Jesus. At the same time, in Orthodoxy, the palms are open, in Catholicism the hands are sagging on the crossbar. It is believed that he has only been depicted dead since the 10th century. Before that, Christ was "painted" alive, resurrected.

The number of nails is three in the Catholic version and four in the Orthodox version. Therefore, in the first case, Christ's legs are crossed, while in the second, they lie parallel. The Catholic version with a single nail appeared in the west in the second half of the 13th century. The vine is an eight-pointed piece with a branched vine.

The Latin cross is a product without crucifixion or nails. Christ carried him to the crucifixion. It is called Latin because the Latins crucified Jesus.

Silver cross as a Gift

For men

Our directory contains a wide selection of real crosses in various and sizes to trade. The modern manufacturers, with whom F jewellery cooperates, offer to buy silver cross for men in original performance and unusual design. Such a chunky piece of jewellery will not only be a religious symbol of faith, but also a stylish accessory for any man.

The site contains a cheap silver cross with a crucifix, a prayer, gilded and blackened.

You can also choose unusual openwork crosses through patterns, patterns and enamel that go well with other jewellery. In addition, there are models with cubic zirconia, which look and shine like diamonds; this gives the jewellery a special chic and flair. You can present a silver cross as a gift for a christening, Easter or a loved one's birthday, complete with a stylish coloured or black lace.

For a child, woman or girl

If you have been invited to a christening and are choosing a petite cross for your future godchild, it is important to choose a piece of jewellery with elegance depending on whom you are giving it to. Simple and not extra large models of silver crosses will suit a child, for her - your woman or girl. She will also thank you for necklaces or signet rings. The perfect gift for her.

How to choose a pectoral cross as a gift

Decorative models are more liberal with the rules: they are presented to relatives and for birthdays to friends. However, an Orthodox or Catholic cross is appropriate to present to a loved one for a christening, Christmas, name day (angel's day) or one of the church holidays. Where to order a dainty cross? The online shop F jewellery offers different models at discount prices:

  • Gold in white, yellow and red metal;
  • Copies in combined colour;
  • Precious models with blackening;
  • With enamel and ceramic;
  • With diamond inserts;
  • In precious wood;
  • With bright accents;
  • Gold- and rhodium-plated.

How do I choose a gold or silver cross? The most popular and versatile are 585-karat solar metal and 925 sterling silver. They are great for everyday wear and easy to clean.

Pectoral cross: which one to choose for christening

If you have been chosen as godfather, you should consider this carefully before the sacrament. Buy a good baptismal cross in silver or pure gold? What colour? Should I give a chain as well? Both silver and gold are hypoallergenic, unlike jewellery made from non-precious alloys. Remember to buy a silver necklace, if not a precious small chain, then a silk or leather cord to wear during the ceremony. Tips on how to choose a pectoral cross for a child:

  • The perfect children's cross is tiny, lightweight and without sharp corners, up to 0.8 inches long.
  • The chain or string should fit freely through the opening.
  • Choose the colour of the metal and cross in the same colour.

The price of the cross for sale does not determine the strength of the faith, but you should not skimp on a quality product either. The Church does not insist that the custom must be made of precious metal. However, silver ones are worn many times longer than cheaper metals. Also, consider the style and colour palette of the precious wardrobe of the person to whom you have decided to give a special gift.

Crosses made of SilverCrosses made of Silver

Decorative cross

The exclusive cross-shaped pendants have no crucifix or symbolic inscriptions. Such jewellery is worn over clothes and blends with any style. Moreover, religion has long been one of the fashion industry's strongest themes. The 2017 Met Gala was even organised under the title 'Divine Bodies: Fashion and Catholicism', where designers embedded religion into fashion. How to choose a thick cross with a chain? The suspension and weaving of the chain must be in harmony with each other. Versatility options include an anchor base or a carapace weaving without inserts. Crosses with chain should not be combined with any pendants, even in a mini style.

How to wear a cross correctly

The pectoral solid cross is worn close to the body - under the clothes - but only a priest may wear it. After buying it from a jewellery shop, it is important to consecrate it. Often, however, products from church shopping are already consecrated, although this point should be clarified. The consecration process is repeated in very rare cases. For example, if the jewellery has been badly damaged.

The modern cross as a symbol of faith is worn without other pendants on the same chain, because it is not only a decoration, but also a sacred sign. Items with a strong church theme look silly in images with evening gowns. For such delicate outings, it is better to buy a decorative replica with diamonds, enamel or a bright coloured inlay. Such an adornment is best paired with elegant clothes and jewellery. Can I wear a cross sterling silver and charms on the same chain? The priests give different answers to this question, so consult your mentor if you want to know more.

Give your loved ones the gift of bright emotions, love and attention by expressing them in pleasant jewellery surprises For this occasion, the assortment of F jewellery shop offers exclusively original and classic crosses and stud earrings. Find your one!