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In the modern world, silver earrings are an integral part of any stylish ladies' look. Girls most often get their ears pierced in infancy, wearing these accessories becomes a common thing for everyone. Even guys today don't neglect this accessory to show their identity and attention to fashion trends. It has long been a habit to have even more than one piercing, and it always looks very original. And the colossal assortment makes it possible for everyone to find a model that fully meets their preferences and tastes. Every year, fashion designers create more unusual and unique jewels to meet the growing demand and create new memorable trends. Thus, the collection of the FJewellery store presents a huge selection of earrings made of traditional silver in various designs: from the most familiar classics to ultra-fashionable and truly non-standard models. And if you want to replenish your wardrobe with a special novelty - welcome! Here you will find only the highest quality and authentic products and the best price for them, as well as many bonuses and the most pleasant discounts for both new and regular customers. Join now, check our range and get the best for yourself! Welcome!

Silver EarringsSilver Earrings

Let's delve a little into history

It's hardly possible to name the exact date of creation or appearance of ear decorations. It seems like they have always been there. Since ancient times, they have been present in everyday life. So, in primitive tribes they played the role of totemic or even ritual attributes. Then they were made from simple materials at hand, such as:

  • wood,
  • stones,
  • animal bones
  • plants,
  • etc.

Later, when humanity had already learned how to mine and process metals the craftsmen began to create real works of jewellery art. It was a delicate filigree work, and every year the progress was more and more noticeable; new earrings were transformed from the simplest primitive hoops and drops into exquisite products with ornaments, engravings and other things.

In ancient centuries, earrings were considered predominantly male jewelry, and women wore them much less frequently. So, in Mesopotamia and nearby regions, only men had the right to wear such jewellery. They emphasised their social status and personified militancy and courage. In Egypt, as in most other countries, such decorations could belong only to people who had a very high position in society - they indicated their class affiliation. So, for example, several pairs of large hoop silver earrings were found in the tomb of the great Tutankhamun.

In antiquity, ear accessories were very popular - people sought to demonstrate their high prosperity and wealth with their help. At the same time, there was also a greater variety in designs. For example, Greek women preferred massive and richly decorated earrings with pendants - with every movement they made a melodic ringing and invariably attracted the attention of others. In the course were predominantly floral and animalistic motifs. The inhabitants of Ancient Rome highly valued earrings with mother-of-pearl and natural gemstones, but at the same time, the accessories themselves were quite simple and even minimalist in form. With the help of such jewels, different classes in society have always been very clearly divided. So, for example, slaves wore a simple earring in one ear so that everyone knew their place and could distinguish them from a free citizen.

Earrings have always been very popular in India, and they were worn not only in the ears. We are talking about the famous nose rings that Indian women love to wear. According to the local custome, such a puncture in the nose was done by married girls in order to designate themselves in the new status of a wife.

Further, in the Middle Ages, dark times came when such personal adornments were not at all favoured in society. Bright accessories were not afraid to wear only certain groups of people, such as:

  • gipsies,
  • robbers,
  • pirates,
  • thieves.

For them, they also had a special meaning, for example, each decor in the ear of a corsair meant the number of ships captured by him. This didn't last long, and with the onset of the Renaissance, the situation changed - massive and bright jewellery, voluminously decorated with gems, came back into fashion. Even kings wore them, but mens products were still a little more modest than womens. Silver was then very much appreciated and its cost was prohibitive, only the richest people could afford such things. The nautical theme and luxurious pearls were in special demand then.

Earrings made of SilverEarrings made of Silver

Since then, a lot of time has passed, fashion has changed, priorities and views of people, however, earrings in silver are still insanely popular and in demand, and are in no hurry to slow down. In addition, they have become much more affordable - the cost of this metal has decreased significantly, which allows everyone to buy a pair of these decorations, regardless of the budget. And latest, many new styles and varieties of these products have appeared - well-known brands every season offer us more and more amazing models. All these novelties are waiting for you in the FJewellery boutique catalogue - we are constantly updating and supplementing our range with bright trends for you! We will also be happy to share with you tips on the correct selection of such decorations and tell you about all the nuances. 

Why exactly silver?

As we said earlier, this metal was highly valued by our ancestors from time immemorial, and it was then very expensive. Today, the situation with prices has changed, but the fact that it's now cheap doesn't underestimate its value. The noble argentum has a lot of advantages, including:

  • ease of processing,
  • ease of care,
  • beautiful noble shade,
  • durability,
  • availability.

Most jewellers prefer to work with this metal due to its malleability and ductility. Yes, silver is quite soft in itself, therefore impurities are added to it to make it more durable and strong - this is called a ligature (dilution with other metals). The jewellery industry always uses 925 alloy, which means the presence of 92.5% pure silver in the product. The remaining 7.5% is copper, less often zinc or nickel is used. This alloy is also called sterling.

In addition to the obvious advantages in manufacturing, every designer will tell you how many truly non-standard things you can create with it. For example, many designers regularly use the technique of blackening silver, which helps to give it a more outdated look and a real vintage charm. It looks especially luxurious with beautiful and rare gems. There is another popular technique - applying a thin layer of rhodium. This unique metal is used to give accessories even more reliability and stunning brilliance. It doesn't change the main colour, but makes it nobler and richer.

Using these simple tricks, you can diversify any design, making it more modern or vice versa. And the abundance of types of earrings more than allows it.

Varieties of earrings

Oh, there are just an incredible number of them and listing them all would take more than one hour. Therefore, today we will talk only about the most popular and best-selling among them, namely:

  • stud,
  • drop,
  • cluster,
  • hoop,
  • fancy.

The first ones are known to many, and it's not surprising, because they are really immensely popular, with their obvious simplicity. The main feature of studs is that they are attached directly on ear, and the clasp is almost imperceptible behind the lobe. In addition, it can be adjusted to different thickness of the lobes, which is very convenient.

Earrings in silverEarrings in silver

Such earrings have both the plain design without inserts, or consist of one big gem. They also have a wide variety of shapes. So, mens models are always simpler and more restrained, womens ones are pretentious and sophisticated, and childrens are funny and cute. The most common forms are:

As a rule, such earrings are quite tuny and light - they are often bought for the youngest ladies as their first piece of jewellery.

The next variety is luxurious and sophisticated drops. They are usually used as evening accessories in combination with chic necklaces with gemstones. Their designs can be very different, but the main distinguishing feature is the presence of a hanging element. It can be made of plain metal or be inlaid with one or more crystals. They are typically very heavy, due to the large precious pendant. Bright and especially noticeable stones are used as inlays to emphasise their luxury. Such earrings always look very expensive and chic, and therefore are the favourites of most celebrities to appear at the most important events.

A very special and pretty type is the clusters. They fit snugly to the earlobe and are made up of several precious stones of different sizes, thus forming a cluster. They can be small and neat like studs or also have a hanging part like drops. The most popular option is one large gemstone in the centre, which is surrounded by many small ones. However, there are more original models consisting of crystals of the same size - they look very catchy and spectacular.

Another type that hasn't lost its popularity for many years is hoops. They can be large and small, thick and thin, flat or very voluminous - there are a lot of varieties. Although the name suggests that their shape should be round - this is far from a fact! There are many distinctive models in the form of a square, triangle or even a wave. Huggies earrings can be distinguished as one of the isolated subspecies. These are such unique mini hoops that fit close to the ear and appear chunky and smaller than usual ones. As a rule, they are decorated with paths of small sparkling crystals and have an average width of 7-8mm.

Fancy earrings are usually called models that don't fit into any category and have very non-standard and intricate shapes. They can be extra-large, have a very unusual clasp, and combine stones and metals. In general, the more unique - the cooler! They, as a rule, are chosen by ladies who aren't afraid of bold images and love to intrigue and shock the public. Wearing these earrings for any occasion, you definitely will not go unnoticed!

Each of these types is special and has its own significant pros and cons - it certainly won't work to compare them with each other. But how great it is that everyone can find their own flawless ear ring silver in such a variety! And you can do it on the FJewellery website! We have presented options for jewels for every taste, and you are sure to find on sale something that will be to your liking personally! And if you're interested in learning a little more about the features and options, then let's continue, because there is still much to be discussed!

Types of fasteners

There are also quite a few of them, and each has certain advantages and disadvantages. The main thing that is important to remember is that the clasp should be as comfortable and reliable as possible, because its main tasks are:

  • support the weight of the earring,
  • don't cause discomfort to the wearer,
  • ensure the safety of the accessory.

Studs are the most common type. There can be either the most standard adjustable butterfly lock or a screw-down back. It's very simply to use and is considered very reliable.

The English fastener is one of the most common and safe. Typically used for long and heavy earrings. The hook snaps securely at the back and holds firmly under the weight of the accessory. This clasp is difficult to hide, but it looks very dainty.

Silver Long EarringsSilver Long Earrings

Hinge and pin. A very common option in round models. The earring looks like a single whole, and it's almost impossible to notice where the product ends and the clasp begins. It's usually used in hollow earrings.

In solid hoops, another option is used - hinged back. The hook passes through the earlobe and is fixed in a round loop, which holds it securely even with a great weight of the jewellery. This clasp is often used for bigger and more massive large diameter earrings.

The curved hook is not the most secure clasp option, but it has the advantage that it can hold on the ear even without the back of the earring. A lot also depends on the weight of the product, so if you want to buy silver earring with such a lock, it's better that it be heavier.

There are other unusual kinds of locks, but they are much less in demand and are much less common. In any case, when choosing a precious pair for yourself, it's important to start from your ear features, to select a clasp personalized for you - then you will be comfortable when wearing it, and you can be sure that you will not lose your jewellery.

What to combine and wear?

It's difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question, because everything here depends on your individual style and the images you are used to. However, we have a couple of tips to make it easier for you to understand the basics.

And so, if you prefer casual style, try to pick simpler and more versatile jewels so that they look cool with both jeans and summer dresses. The choice is really large, because here fit:

  • fancy studs,
  • sleeper hoops,
  • traditional huggies,
  • etc.

Try not to focus on bright details and give preference to contemporary minimalism. This will give you classic basic earrings that are perfect for everyday wear and more formal occasions.

Is your wardrobe dominated by strict business suits? Then your option is fine argentum earrings without colourful ornaments and inlays. They will not focus on themselves, but they will be able to fully complement your image and make it as discreet and complete as possible.

If you prefer bold and stylish outfits - take a look at the section of our online catalogue with the trendiest earrings, and you won't regret it! In this case, you can safely let go of your imagination and select what your soul is more for. Any shapes, shades, size - everything is acceptable, as long as it goes nice with other accessories. Pick up a model with your birthstone or an insert that matches the colour of your eyes, complete it all with an interesting shape or thematic engraving - these decorations will exactly become your favourite! In addition, it will be a lot of fun and give you a lot of pleasure!

Silver round EarringsSilver round Earrings

If we talk about creating exclusive precious sets, various combinations are possible, depending on the style of earrings you choose. One thing is for sure, almost any accessory is combined with pretty silver. Therefore, you can accessorize as you like, for example:

FJewellery online shop is full of luxurious and trendy accessories that will be the ideal addition to your precious wardrobe. And it's quite easy to select, thanks to a convenient search system by category and numerous filters. Do you want to know how much cost of the product you like? Just go to the product card, and there you'll see not only the current price of the jewel, but also its main characteristics and photos. Join and enjoy the best shopping experience with us!