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Everything you need to know about jewellery weaving

Bracelets & chains

Gold and silver accessorise for the neck or arm are very popular and have long become an integral part of any stylish look. Women, men and children all over the world often wear these pieces of jewellery without removing them, and this can also be called a universal gift. In the catalogue of the "FJewellery" store you will find a huge assortment of such accessorise, and you will definitely pick up something unique. But let's figure out how such products are created, what types are there and how they differ.

Types of weaving of bracelets and chains

There're several options, and they are conventionally divided by the location of the chain links relative to each other and the manufacturing method:


There are three main types of knitting, each of which, in turn, has different variations

1. Armor weaving:

2. Anchor weaving is:

3. Bismarck:


In addition, there are various fancy knitting techniques. Their appearance is fully consistent with their names:

Each model can consist of one, two, three or more rows intertwined with each other. Diamond cut is also often used to give the metal a brighter shine.
Among all this incredible variety, everyone can choose a unique accessory for themselves. You can even assemble an original set of several chains or bracelets. On the website of the "FJewellery" store, you can assemble an original set of several such accessorise for yourself, and if you add stylish pendants to them, the look will turn out to be simply fantastic!