How to make Christmas unforgettable

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Winter is the time for amazing and magical holidays, among which Christmas Eve is the most wonderful and special. For many couples, this is the most comfortable time when lovers can be together, make plans for the next year and make joint wishes. So why not bring even more romance to this moment by making a marriage proposal to your lady of the heart? If you like this idea, that's great! The FJewellery store team has compiled a selection of the most interesting and original ways to make this day especial for both of you. Take note!

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9 best Christmas proposal ideas

Many people think that Valentine's Day is much better for this, but it's not so original anymore. In addition, by Christmas you can come up with a lot of different ways to surprise a girl and present your main gift! And here are the options we considered the most successful:

  1. Advent calendar. This nice and funny tradition can become even more amazing if you make such a calendar more personalized. Use all your imagination and create it with your own hands or buy a custom one, where you will choose each of the gifts yourself. Put inside her favorite sweets, cute little things, notes with beautiful poems, and on the final day leave the main surprise - the engagement ring! The main thing is that you are there at the moment when she opens the gift.
  2. Add a new decoration to the Christmas tree. Nobody expects to find a precious ring this way. Attach it to another Christmas decoration or add a note to it with the words "Will you marry me?". Hang it in the most visible place or, on the contrary, hide it and ask the future bride to find something unusual on the tree. This option will bring a quest element to your proposal and will definitely amuse you both.
  3. The best place for Christmas gifts is stocking! Although this is a very simple way, it is so cute and sincere. Put the box with the ring at the very bottom of the stocking, and put various nice presents on top. Be there when the girl gets to the most important thing to say the main words.
  4. Box in a box in a box. Yes, also not the most original, but a very exciting option. Use many boxes of different shapes and sizes, and stack them one inside the other. At the heart of this composition should lie the coveted ring. You can attach a postcard to it, or you can hide it in some ridiculous figurine or toy. It will be especially funny if you pack each of the boxes. The unpacking process will take a lot of time and will definitely make you laugh.
  5. Creative Christmas cracker! Naturally, you need to hide the ring in it. You can make it yourself or order in advance. Be sure to mark this cracker to know exactly which one contains the jewel and make sure that your lover will get it.
  6. Sweet confession. Gingerbread cookies, muffins, tarts, pies - bake yourself or order in a good pastry shop. Decorate the gingerbread man with a sparkling diamond ring and dress him up as a bride or groom - your girlfriend will be delighted with tenderness.
  7. Love Christmas carols? Then you will definitely like this option. Find singers who will knock on your door in the evening and sing some holiday songs, and at the end of one of them, ask the performers to replace the words with “Will you marry me?”. At this point, you need to get down on one knee and bring the ring. Isn't that very romantic?
  8. Simple and tasteful. Organize a romantic evening at home just for the two of you. A chic dinner, sparkling champagne, candles, warm blankets, favorite music, festive garlands, and in all this sweet and cozy atmosphere, you kneel before your beloved and say the cherished words. This evening will be the warmest and happiest memory for your young family!
  9. Use your own traditions. If you and your sweetheart have been together for a long time, then you may have your own Christmas customs, so why not use them for your surprise? A romantic walk around the city, a picnic in a snowy forest, a trip to the theater or a cozy restaurant, evening ice skating - any of your traditional activities on this day can be made more special if you prepare for it in advance and carefully plan your proposal. And if you don't have a joint tradition yet, this will be a great reason to start. Choose what you both like more and enjoy this wonderful holiday!

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We believe that these ideas will help you plan everything in the best possible way, and your girlfriend will be in seventh heaven! On our website you will also find many other useful tips and interesting articles about planning your future wedding, and in the FJewellery online catalogue you'll find all the precious accessories you need for this. And of course, we have the largest range of engagement and wedding rings - after all, this is the most necessary little thing on such a day!

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