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FJewellery rings are delightfully original, beautifully decorated with precious gemstones, including diamonds – women's friends for centuries.

Hands are a person's visiting card, and rings are the incredible setting for them. Our website offers many types of silver, decorated with enamel, in minimalist and "open" models.

Are you a fan of precious minerals? The kind of mineral used depends on the specific samples. Some are adorned with delicious amethysts, others with sapphires all over the frame.

You do not like too many gems and value purity of form? Search minimalism. A stylish sculptural shape originally characterizes this collection of exquisite workmanship. Their rhodium-plated surfaces, combined with an unusual shape, are the perfect fusion of modernity and timeless classics.

Jewellery rings


Rings are available in a huge assortment and are subdivided into separate species, namely:

  • Smooth wedding models in vivid yellow or red gold, wearing on the left hand. Newlyweds who value practicality and versatility prefer the classics. Since the products are purchased once in a lifetime, it is important not to be mistaken with the size. The prices are affordable, so it is not difficult to buy them.
  • Engagement. Men present them as a marriage proposal. They are more complex than the previous type. The classic type is the one with a diamond.
  • Tapeworms with one gem and a smooth shank without additional decor.
  • Cocktails that capture the eyes of men. They are massive, with large gleaming gems in the form of animals, flowers, and other figures.
  • Signs have long belonged to wealthy people.

How to choose

Store customers know the current size when shopping and ladies can try on their purchase before buying. The problem arises when a purchase is made without the presence of a woman. How to find the right size?

Remember that fingers in the evening have a larger girth (they may appear swollen after a whole day), this is affected by body condition, hormonal changes, pregnancy, weight changes, even air temperature (summer heat).

It should not slip off. If it gets small, order a jeweler to enlarge it.

Ask a girlfriend's friend or her mother for help. Asking to borrow jewellery is normal, not suspicious, and you will be able to measure the diameter without revealing a love proposal.


If your girlfriend is a supporter of chic and rich brands and style, she will be enchanted by the halo pattern - the usual square or round eye surrounded by tiny stones. These can be classic diamonds or cheaper but effective rhinestones.

The most popular of these is the princess-cut, square-shaped diamond. Fans of classic style appreciate this type.

The original idea is a three-stone ring. It often has one fineshrine round stone surrounded by matching stones that are round or oblong. Ruby or sapphire eyelets diversifies various styles.


For centuries, jewels have been made of gold — noble, timeless, nice and easy-to-process material. The most recognizable is the classic yellow gold. White gold has appeared in stores for a long time. The future fiancé may decide to combine the classic with the contemporary by purchasing a two-colored ring — made of matte yellow and bright white gold.

The color affects the aesthetic value — more importantly is the fineness of the gold from which it is made. It determines durability; how difficult it is to scratch and distort. The fineness is information about purity, the alloy from which the jewellery is made. The 585 stamps are the most popular and contain a balanced ratio of pure gold and additional metals that provide adequate strength.

Enamel is a popular jewellery technique. In practice, it consists in decorating the selected elements with a colorful glass coating-enamel — a mixture of powdered quartz, various metal oxides, and water.


Many factors affect the price. Knowing the maximum amount spent on the purchase of the jewel, we determine the constituent elements.
An important element is the embedded gem. It is worth considering decorating stones. Its final price and appearance depend on whether the girl likes it.

A brilliant is a cut diamond — in the case of a brilliant-cut, the gem has a round shape and has 57 facets that uniquely reflect the incident light, creating a "spark".

The appearance, quality of a diamond is affected by the number of impurities in it (so-called inclusions found in nature). The less they are visible, the higher the class of the gem's purity and its value.

The final price also depends on the color. Colorless and slightly colored stones are the most valuable, and are measured in carats. The greater the mass, the more precious the stone.

Rings With gemstones


The right model is the beginning. Our beloved one appreciates a ring that is tailored to her taste and perfectly matches the width. An engagement is an event that is a secret planned event, so it is difficult to know the size of the bride's finger. There are ways to find out the correct size.

Ask a friend of your beloved, her family, or try to measure the diameter of a finger yourself (which seems like a very difficult task, but it is possible).

The ring may be oversized, this sometimes happens, and there is no reason to worry, as there is always the possibility to adjust the size afterwards.

Hand size

When buying a luxury ring we pay attention to the finger's diameter, trying to choose the right size. Another important aspect is to match the model to the appearance and average shape of the hand; they should please their owner with functionality and aesthetics for years.

Ladies with small hands should refuse large accessories, making the hand smaller. Thin so-called knuckle rings, worn on the top of a finger with delicate ornaments would be the best fit. Silver and gilded ones in combination with bracelets will do.

The owners of slender hands are limited only by imagination and a sense of aesthetics. You can choose fine original patterns, interesting color combinations, and a variety of textures. The owners of slender hands can even reach for massive rings or wear several pieces of jewellery at the same time.

Ladies with big hands can afford very bold stylizations. Fashionable, wide and excellent decorated wedding rings, as well as massive, decorative gems balance the proportions of the fingers very favorably. Colored rubies, emeralds and sapphires in geometric shapes are perfect. It is better to refuse small and narrow rings with small decorations.

The right ornamentation can positively change the appearance of the fingers. To begin with, you should exclude thin and wide rings. Jewellery enriched with gemstones of considerable size will also not be a good choice. For short and chubby fingers, it is best to choose a medium-thick ring with a flat eyelet or details. Avoid wide cross jewellery and extra rings on the top of the finger. They will shorten and widen the hands even more.

Gold and black rings will highlight your pretty summer tan and harmonize with the natural olive color of the face. With very pale hands, yellow gold can be too contrasting. Silver and white or rose gold are better suited. Of course, jewellery that combines different metals is also worth touching. As for the color of the stone, sapphires and tanzanites go well with fair skin. Rubies and emeralds are best combined with light peach skin, and topazes and aquamarines with dark peach. Pearls are universal and suitable for women of all ages and beauty.

Thumb ring

Everyone has a favorite finger to wear a ring. Usually, it is the middle one; the jewels look stylish on it, and do not interfere with movement. Nothing prevents you from decorating other fingers. A thumb ring is a great standard idea to add a character to the whole style with a small element.

The choices are not so obvious. It must be properly fitted so that the finger has full mobility. The most important thing is comfort — a big thumb ring feels different than on any other finger.

When looking for a suitable jewellery, you should pay attention to thin jewellery that looks subtle and due to the unusual place — original. The simpler, the better.

The best and most convenient choice is a traditional fancy wedding one. It can be engraved or decorated with stones or other elements; the main thing is a simple, subtle shape. It looks exceptionally attractive.

Not a good idea for a thumb is classic jewellery. It does not look good with a stone in the middle. They are too elegant, giving the impression of a casual choice.

A gift for…


There are plenty of opportunities to make your mom a special gift. Birthdays or holidays are obvious, but do you need a special day to please your mother? Her little gestures make the world a better place. Moreover, she expects nothing in return.

A gift for mom, made for no occasion, is the best proof that you see and appreciate every gentle gesture.

It is worth remembering that mom is the truest woman in the world who loves what everyone else does. Finding the right gift for her should not be a problem. It is certain that every woman loves jewels, they make her heart beat faster, and the huge selection makes it possible to express emotions. A ring, necklace, earrings, or bracelet is a unique gift for mom.

First — you need to know the size that mom wears and what she likes. If a gift for mom is to be a total surprise, then you should bet on a classic - a precious gem ring.

The gift should not be trivial — choose a suitable color gem, symbolism that reflects the essence of your desires and what you want to express. Such a gift for mom is quite unusual, but very emotional.

A gift for mom in the form of jewelry is not only suitable for Mother's Day or birthday, but it is also a long-lasting souvenir for many years, she proudly wears as a gift from a child who appreciates her. In itself, this fact is much more valuable than the jewellery itself.

…loved women

When choosing one for a girl, pay attention to the fact that it meets the personal needs of the owner, work, and form of spending free time. The broad category includes elegant, simple, unique, timeless, large gilded and silver jewels. Everyone who follows the fashion world news finds something special, because FJewellery photo catalogue with description offers its customers an unusual, often unique elite design, so a woman diversifies her everyday look, adding an expensive and cost ring.

… boyfriend or dad

It is nice that men get jewellery gifts. To meet fashionable trends, we offer modern models, original designs, and a large selection of men’s accessories.

The products are made of high-quality materials that have made a splash in the jewellery market. They are durable, non-allergenic, and shiny; they do not require special care. In this diverse offer, every woman finds something creative, fitted for her man, as well as every man who follows the world trends. Affordable prices encourage you to buy.

We offer classic gilded products:

You will find a large selection of silver jewellery. Contemporary radiant shapes and forms are so varied that it is easy to find something interesting. When choosing men's jewellery, consider a man's figure, skin color and preferences.

Signet Rings


Contemporary fashion dispels the stereotype that jewels are only for women. Wedding rings as well as signets can be seen on the fingers of men. A piece of bijouterie with a laconic design is a good addition to a smart and casual costume. Signets look more restrained, larger and not always bejeweled. Among the variety of models it is easy to get confused, so it is worth understanding the nuances of choosing signets.

In the bijouterie list, you can choose a cool model for all tastes. Silver jewellery with lovely gemstones is the choice of people who love sparkle and shine. There can be a single large insert or a scattering of crystals on a rod. Each signet looks stylish and original. If you are interested in decorative elements, it is important to decide what they will be. The items of the collection are made of cubic zirconia, created in artificial conditions and resemble a diamond, but are cheaper. Cubic zirconia seals are practical, resistant to chemical and heat treatment. It resembles diamond in hardness and durability. No mechanical damage remains on the surface, so the jewellery can be worn every day. Cubic zirconia is a common crystal.

Each product combines high quality and unique design. The latest trends in fashion were taken into account when creating a jewelery ring. This is a good gift for your spouse or father for Defender's Day. For an older and middle-aged man, products with a massive shank are suitable. Such models look presentable and emphasise the status of the owner. If you want to congratulate your son, brother or friend on graduating from school, buy him a silver signet. Jewels made of noble metal with zirconium well complement the images of youth at the prom. White or dark stone blends harmoniously with a classic suit. Signets presented in the online ring store are a good gift for anniversary, New Year or Valentine's Day.


Children, especially girls, love all kinds of trinkets. Every young lady looks at her mom’s chains belcher, gold earrings, pendants made of silver with envy, so she will appreciate having her own jewellery box. A toddler will even like a plain plastic bracelet, but gold children's jewellery is a great gift idea given for a special occasion. Such a gift brings great joy to a child.

Nowadays, designers create patterns for the youngest. They use animal motifs — butterflies, dolphins, teddy bears, etc., as well as simple symbols such as cute flowers or hearts. They can be decorated with personalized engravings to make them even more meaningful. While gilded jewellery for children may seem like an unnecessary extravagance, you should remember that for many years they are not only a decoration but also a major souvenir or an investment.


We know how important a diamond engagement ring is. We pay exceptional attention to offering our customers delightful models.

Years of experience of our designers, the latest technologies and 3D printing ensure that the product has a beautiful pattern, symmetrical shapes, proportional components and characteristics.

Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement gift is a real challenge for every man. Key factors must be considered. The first is, of course, the appearance; the future dearest wife should like the present. It is worth paying attention to the style of the future bride, review and compare what she is wearing, what she likes putting on. The most important thing is to choose the right, preferably the ideal size.

In the case of this piece, the price range is large. Our offer includes the unique dazzling diamond ring sale. Every woman loves this kind of gift, but remember that cheaper products also delight you with their appearance. If you decide to opt for a cheap one, buy a delicate classic that will melt a woman's heart. When designing, we focus on creating jewellery with the client's budget in mind.

One of the main problems when preparing for a wedding is to buy a ring. An engagement treasure is not just a beautiful accessory made of precious metal with diamonds, worn on the left or right hand. It is a kind of sign of loyalty, deep feeling, and eternal love.

On our online website, the price satisfies buyers of various financial statuses. Using FJewellery catalogue, choose from a wide range of jewellery pictures, pick classics, novelty and relevance at all times gold with different sizes and in several colors — red, white, pink, etc. Such jewellery will make your image even more exciting, adding to it that extraordinary thrill. The fine lines of precious metals and the sparkle of exquisite stones combined with the sparkle of your eyes are a secret weapon that will surely hit the target!

Our products are made in the largest and most famous factories and are characterized by unsurpassed quality and luxurious appearance.

They serve for years to remind you of the magical moments. We want these rings to become a symbol of your love, eternal devotion and family happiness!

Online store

Our ring shop is an amazing place to find bijoux jewellery with discounts made of expensive metals adorned with nice stones. We have created a place with original jewellery for women and men, and the main theme of our offer is rings order. FJewellery assortment includes earrings, necklaces and brooches, wedding rings, signets, men's cufflinks. We are sure that with our help you will discover the highest quality jewellery that suits your taste perfectly.

We invite you to the world of colorful gems, which no ring can do without.

What inexpensive rings are in the section?

We recommend checking out these rings: 925 Sterling Silver and 9 carat gold.

How can I independently determine the size of my finger to buy a ring?

If you can't visit a jewelry store or atelier to measure your finger size with a special tool, you can determine this parameter at home. Simply measure the inside diameter of the ring you are already wearing with a ruler: the value in millimeters is your size. Also read our article on ring sizes.  
925 silver two flower CZ ring AS0042
925 silver two flower CZ ring AS0042
925 silver two flower CZ ring. 1.50 gram
£ 20
925 silver single angel wing ring AS0027
925 silver single angel wing ring AS0027
925 silver single angel wing ring. 1.2 gram
RRP £ 30 | £ 20 -33%
925 silver Lord Ganesha ring AS0016
925 silver Lord Ganesha ring AS0016
925 silver Indian elephant ring. 11.9 gram
RRP £ 90 | £ 60 -33%
925 silver Celtic cross ring AS0015
925 silver Celtic cross ring AS0015
925 silver Celtic cross ring. 10.50 gram
RRP £ 75 | £ 50 -33%
Pre-owned 9ct Yellow Gold Seven Red Cubic Zirconia Ring
Pre-owned 9ct Yellow Gold Seven Red Cubic Zirconia Ring
RRP £ 150 | £ 90 -40%
Platinum 2mm Court Shape Wedding Band
Platinum 2mm Court Shape Wedding Band
RRP £ 920 | £ 540 -41%