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Earrings are unique pieces of jewellery. Today, all the shapes that have been invented throughout the history of these pieces are relevant. Any option you like can be successfully beaten and made beautiful for a particular look. They are suitable for men and women of all ages. The online store FJewellery offers an extensive collection of gold accessories in this section. What are they, and why are gold earrings always a good gift for a loved one or for yourself? Read on.

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Why gold earrings are always the best choice

Jewellery is made from a variety of materials. It can be bone, plastic, wood, and, of course, various alloys. Of all of them, metal can probably be considered the most versatile. Gold is the most popular of all alloys.

Why alloys? Because accessories are almost never made out of real gold. To ensure that your jewelry lasts as long as possible, it is advisable to use alloys. Depending on the proportion of gold to the alloying metals, a piece of jewellery is given what is known as a carat. This indicates how much pure gold is in the piece. The highest value is 18-karat gold. Either version will be the highest priced piece. The lowest percentage of gold is in 9-carat jewellery.

It cannot be said that any one of these options is better or worse. The ligature gives your gold accessories something that pure gold doesn't have: solidity and resistance to external influences. It is indeed a good choice. In addition, there are several other advantages:

  • It is an indicator of your status. Gold always has a robust look.
  • Gold jewellery can be matched to any style and skin tone thanks to its various shades. The metal may be white, yellow, or rose in colour.
  • Gold is believed to help regulate body temperature, which is good for your health.
  • It looks luxury and can accentuate the skin.
  • A huge selection of pieces in different styles and designs allows you to choose the best option for her and for him.

Thus, golden earrings are a truly wonderful gift. You can give them to your mom, grandmother, or sister; pick one for children, grandpa, dad, boyfriend, or best friend. To make your choice as easy as possible, we've put together the most comprehensive guide to hopefully help you choose an original gift.

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How do I choose ideas for a gift? Just browse through the options and choose the best one for your loved one or yourself. So, here is a description of the most popular and beautiful earrings that you can find at the FJewellery shop.

Top 17 trendy earrings

  • By far the most popular category is, of course, stud earrings. This form has everything it needs to be so popular: a minimalist design, a comfortable clasp, and the ability to go well with any accessories and any style. You can feel free to wear them with a costume for the office or with an elegant evening dress for any occasion. The most popular form of this jewellery is the pure ball. It can be plain metal, adorned with a single gemstone or a whole row, or decorated with notches. The size can vary from a millimetre to 8 mm or more. It all depends on your preference. The classic combination of pearl earrings with a pearl necklace is becoming very relevant today. It can make a great personalized gift if you choose a piece with a birthstone as the pearl.
  • This place is, of course, occupied by hoop earrings. As a rule, these are metal training pieces of varying diameter and round in shape. Although the latest condition is no longer quite relevant. The ring has a thin clasp that goes through a hole in the ear and then clings to a loop on the opposite end. They can be extra big (up to several centimetres in diameter) or very small, fitting precisely on the lobe. They can also be hollow or thick. These are one of the oldest forms and are very popular today. You can see for yourself. Many celebrities in pictures shine in this accessory.
  • Next on the list are, of course, the hook earrings. This category has many names. You may have heard of "fishhooks", "shepherd's hooks" or "French hooks" but their essence remains the same. These stuff do not have a back side. That is, the clasp looks just like a hook. They are very easy to wear and put on. The only concern is the danger of losing them. A hook can have a huge number of decorations: fringe, a pendant, a single stone, and many more.
  • Teardrop earrings are one of the most beauty forms. This jewellery has two parts: the first is a clasp. Generally, its platform is often used for accessories. The second part is a drop-shaped pendant. Buying gold earrings is the most common way to achieve a festive look. They come into fashion and look very elegant and feminine. In modern collections, you can see not just drops with a gemstone, but also stylized pieces of jewellery that can be worn everyday.
  • Earrings with pendants. Many people confuse them with the previous version. These models can have different shapes of clasps. They will securely hold the overlay design in place. The bottom part is a dangling element. It can be something oversized, hanging all the way to the shoulder, made up of multiple elements. It looks very dynamic and stylish.
  • The drop earring gets its name from its resemblance to a drop that drips off the surface. These models have a converging silhouette: a long, thin top part and a single round dangling element at the end. More often than not, designers use this shape to create delicate pearl earrings. It looks very cute.
  • Half hoops or C-shaped. They differ from rings in the shape of the clasp. Most often, they are push-back with a push-back clasp. Generally, they are earrings in gold with very different diameters. They can be tiny, medium, or large. Most often, they are decorated with jewel-like incisions; more rarely.
  • Tassels. The name speaks for itself. Regardless of the shape of the clasp, the dangling part of these models resembles a tassel. It can be something made of gold chains, the fabric, or the thread. This is usually not the final design; actively use beads of different sizes, chains, gemstones, etc. for decoration. These trending boho-style pieces are a must-have in your jewellery box in the new season.
  • If you want to be on trend, look out for jacket earrings. They have a unique shape. Usually, it is a gemstone on the earlobe, and the rest of the composition (most often fixed) is placed behind the ear or under the lobe. This looks very unusual and stylish.
  • Cluster. They look simply stunning thanks to several gemstones grouped together. A prime example of this is the flower-shaped pendant earrings. They can be three or more flowers with multiple gemstones. It looks classy. Pearls that are attached to the ends of several chains, which in turn are gathered together, also look beautiful.
  • Huggie. One of the most popular chunky shapes. Like stud, they are very small in size and minimal in design. Such an earring wraps around the earlobe without squeezing it. They are like simply hoops, only very small in size. They can be embellished with jewels and also have notches. These models are not heavy and perfectly accessorize any look. They are also cost expensive due to their light weight.
  • Chandelier earrings. The traditional look is very beautiful and festive. They are usually flat, i.e., the main part of the decoration is arranged on one plane. They have a very elaborate, elegant shape and are ornate and pompous in design. This is a great gift option if you are looking for something personalized. Just choose a model with gemstones that match your loved one's month of birth.
  • Earrings with strings look cool. Their design is quite simple: the pin continues with a chain, then comes a string that slips into the ear, then another chain, and at the end of such a model, there is always a piece of decor. It can be a jewel or any other piece of precious metal. It is quite a long piece of jewellery. Due to its subtlety and grace, this design will move with every movement you make. It looks very beautiful and literally magical.
  • Bajoran earrings that appeared thanks to the movie Star Trek. They look incredibly beautiful and nice. They have two points of attachment to the ear. One point is traditional and attaches to the earlobe. The other end is attached to the top, or outside of the ear. As a rule, a second piercing is not required. The entire construction consists of several chains. The earrings swing in time with the slightest movement.
  • Cuffs. Today, this form of earring is not as popular as it was in the 1950s. That's why you can only find vintage pieces on sale. They look quite unusual. Sometimes it's just a C-ring that doesn't have a solid fastening but simply slips over the edge. Other models even have to be secured at several points.
  • Climbers. A very contemporary option for an evening or casual look. The earring is inserted into a hole in the earlobe. However, it does not hang down like in popular models. They fit from the hole at the top, neatly encircling the ear along the middle of the outer edge. This is an ideal daily option for those who wear short haircuts.
  • Rods. The minimum design and very plain construction. This is exactly what these casual earrings look like. They get their name from the walking bar. The double spheres are located on the same pin on both sides. One screw is unscrewed, the pin with the second sphere is inserted into a hole in the earlobe, and then the sphere is screwed onto the pin. It is very simple and charming. In addition to the traditional straight design, there is also a round pin. The ends can be traditionally decorated with metal balls, as well as metal figurines of various designs and precious stones.

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Many people choose earrings just for their appearance. But we recommend that you pay attention to the kind of lock used in the design. This is a very important indicator, especially when it comes to gold earrings. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us tell you about them:

  • Fishing hook. A clip is the most convenient and simplest way to attach jewellery to the ear. The disadvantage is the possibility of rubbing the product with a sharp movement. On the plus side, the price is cheap. It is probably the cheapest option on the market. The earrings come in two versions: a bow and a pendant.
  • Butterflies or pussettes. The ease of fastening ensures the popularity of this lock. It can be found on both stud and pendant earrings. On the downside, this lock is still not as secure. Active people should avoid this option, as they can come off and get lost. One of the benefits is that it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to put an earring on.
  • Wire loop with a lever. This kind of lock can be found in haggis as well as in half rings. The disadvantages: It is a very fragile construction, which can fail quite quickly, especially if you actively use it. On the plus side: the clasp is easy to put on and has a streamlined, almost invisible shape.
  • Screw lock. This is one of the most secure types of locks. It is most often found on a stud. The disadvantage is that the earring will need a lot of work, especially if it is a miniature. It takes a little longer to get used to putting on and taking off the jewellery. On the plus side, it's a really secure option that can guarantee you won't lose the piece.
  • English lock. There are several variants of the fine lock. Most often, jewellers use it for heavy models that can fall and get lost at the most inopportune moment. Of disadvantages: it is recommended to clasp carefully so as not to pinch the earlobe. On the positive side, it is the surest and safest way to secure him to the ear. Gold jewellery with precious stones is the safest way to securely fasten it.
  • Clasp with hinged backrest. An elegant clasp that is successfully used for additional decoration. Most often, such helpers can be found on haggis earrings as well as hoops. Of disadvantages: Rather fragile construction, requiring the jeweller's attention from time to time. Pros: Easy to put on.
  • Lever clasp. A simple design that helps you put on quickly. Most often found with pendant elements. One disadvantage is a visible clasp, even on photos, that requires service from a jeweller. Pros: Easy to put on.

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What factors influence a product's price

The main parameter to look at is, of course, the weight or amount of material used in grams (gm). As a rule, this is the weight of gold or silver. Of these two parameters, the lowest price will be for pieces made of the second material.

The price also includes the value of the gemstones. It consists of size, cut, clarity (for a diamond), and total quantity (if used in a placer). The cheapest jewellery will be zirconia and semi-precious stones. The cost may also take into account the complexity of the design.

How to buy jewellery online profitably?

Shopping on the internet has grown so popular that you can now buy anything. When buying it, look out for the following tips:

  • Buy sets. This can often be cheaper than assembling the set yourself from individual parts.
  • If you're not in the mood to buy everything at once, take a look at the shop's assortment and special offers. You may be able to buy items at a discount if you order a certain amount.
  • Don't neglect the photos. The high-quality images allow you to examine the product in detail, practically trying it on yourself.
  • Check out the vintage section. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the prices of the wonderful pieces you'll see there.

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On the FJewellery website, you can find all the options listed. The catalogue contains a huge number of items, each of which we have lovingly selected. In addition to earrings, you'll also find chains in various weaving styles (e.g., fashionable mariner bracelets or anchor chains), as well as pendants (including stylish plain crosses). Happy shopping!