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This type of jewellery has been known since time immemorial and has proven its relevance every year since. The choice of earrings for womens is enormous, from minimalist studs to huge chandeliers. All of them are popular. The FJewellery online shop offers a large collection of new pieces as well as a selection of vintage jewellery at very attractive prices. They all have their own character and appeal to millions. 

Every piece of jewellery should have certain parameters. These include the materials used to make the piece, the design, and the price of the piece. Let's talk about each parameter in more detail.

Earrings for WomenWomen's Earrings

Jewellery is traditionally made of modern alloys, plastics, stone, wood, precious metals, and their combinations. The latter group includes (in descending order of cost per gram): platinum, gold, and silver. 

Gold is one of the most popular precious metals. People have always been attracted to this magical lustre. In nature, it has a pleasant, honey-coloured hue that captivates at first sight. Today, white and rose gold pieces are for sale, which are also still in vogue and continue to make their triumphant march.

In addition, this choice has its advantages:

  • The high cost of the material turns every piece of jewellery into a luxury item. Gold has always been coveted. It's a classic. It has been sought after and killed for.The desire for such a jewel today is like an instinct that draws us to the beautiful. Plus, it's always a great investment. Gold will always be gold; it is timeless.
  • It won't deteriorate over time. Gold is timeless: it does not rust and has minimal wear and tear. It can be stored indefinitely or used mercilessly - nothing bad can happen to it. It will always remain gold.
  • It looks great on anyone. Traditional yellow gold looks trendy on any skin colour, but if you prefer silver, you can always choose white or pink. Compared to silver, the alloy has a subtle yellowish tint. 
  • It has the necessary physical and chemical parameters to make various jewellery items. Pure gold is rarely used by designers as it is extremely malleable and soft. To make the material usable, alloying metals are added to it. In fact, this is indicated by an indicator such as a carat. The alloy becomes hard enough with the help of alloying agents, but it is still gold with all of its benefits.

You can find a huge collection of these accessories in our store. They are beautiful and look stunning for any occasion. It can be a celebration in costume or a daily look. This kind of jewelry is a must for those who follow fashion and want to feel confident.

Another great material for choosing earrings for her is, of course, silver. This metal has the following list of advantages:

  • A beautifully fashionable material, it is ideal for those with a cold skin tone. It beautifully tones the skin and looks classy.
  • It is safe for the skin. 925 sterling silver is hypoallergenic and causes no irritation. 92.5% of this alloy is pure silver, and 7.5% is alloyed, which makes the alloy malleable and resistant to external damage.
  • Cost is one of the most pleasing parameters. Having a beautiful appearance and at the same time being inexpensive.

This section is for you if you are currently looking for a gift for yourself or a loved one. We offer a fairly comprehensive list of earrings for ladies that you can find on sale, including in our catalogue.

Earrings for LadiesEarrings for Ladies

Types of earrings for the best gifts

  • The most popular trending pieces that haven't gone out of style since their inception are, of course, stilettos. They are beautiful! If you're looking for an option for a gift, these are a win-win. They are minimalist and can be any shape. The gemstone models are traditionally elegant. It can be a single mineral or a pearl. This is a great option for a personalised gift, as the gemstone can be chosen according to the month of birth. Then it is no longer just earrings, but a talisman that will bring good luck. The optimal size of the mineral is 8 mm.
  • Rings are the second most popular item. They can be hollow or full-bodied, big or small, long or very short (on the earlobe only), flat or chunky. This type is chosen by many people. Such products can be festive or for every day. It all depends on how you want to play with them and the presence of decor. If you follow fashion, you have probably seen pictures from the shows. You can see the new trend in them. Hoop earrings can have different shapes. They can be square, diamond-shaped, or have a fancy, oversized design.
  • Hook earrings. Perhaps it really is one of the most comfortable categories to wear. It was probably the first to appear in the jewellery world and has enjoyed a certain popularity ever since. This group includes pieces with a fishhook clasp. Size can be medium or large. They are usually minerals or other fancy shapes. The designs are very diverse. Everything is very simple and attractive.
  • Eardrops. This is one of the most beautiful shapes. Typically, it involves a jewel adorning the lock (English or hairpin) and a second part that hangs movably in the shape of a drop. But there can also be other variations of the decoration. Generally, this is a good option to complete a festive look.
  • With pendants. A large category of designs includes products with movable hanging parts. There can be quite a few of them, and they look unusual at times. The special feature is that each successive part of the product is movably attached to the previous one. That is, at the slightest movement, the pendant will sway with you to the beat. A modern variant of the design, the chain earrings also belong to this category.
  • Drops. As the name suggests, these models look like drops. There is a small lock to which a chain or a rather long rod is attached. At the end of this movable part, a jewel or any other fancy element is attached. Looks classy.
  • Semirings. The unique thing about these patterns is that they really do look like a half-circle. It might not be very comfortable if you wear your hair down, but this option looks most appealing with short haircuts. They can definitely help you create a beautiful and stylish casual look.
  • Tassels. This could be your best bet for next season, as boho is in vogue. All variations are suitable: loosely hanging long tassels, and small tassels dangling from different sides of the piece. Your imagination is not limited by anything.
  • Clusters with double or triple pendants. A special feature of the model is that a single chain emerges from a single point (lock), which then branches out repeatedly. The chains can have additional decorations in the form of jewels or gold elements.
  • Chandeliers. A version where everything is superfluous. These pieces are oversized, with a huge amount of decoration that often looks quite bright and festive. This option could be your perfect partner if you want to wear something really dressy.
  • Cafes and climbers. Two rather unusual shapes in terms of design. First, the earring can have one or more clasps on the ear, usually covering the edge of the ear. The main idea is to decorate the edge of the ear. In the second case, the product is fastened in a traditional way, and the entire design points upwards. It sort of climbs up over the ear. The main idea is to decorate the top of the ear from the front side, duplicating the natural curves. It's not exactly traditional jewellery, but it has its supporters too.
  • Rods. This shape has come to us from the world of piercing. It is quite a handy option if you want to buy womens earrings, put them on, and forget about them. There is a round head on one side of the rod, while on the other side, a similarly shaped head is simply screwed onto the rod. The jewellery on the other side looks identical. Another variation on this form is the round earring rod. It looks neater and more stylish, but the principle is the same.
  • Magnets. A very stylish and original way to try a new look. This is the solution if you've seen such an accessory but haven't yet imagined it yourself. You don't need to get a piercing. The magnet in the earrings is strong enough to catch the two pieces of metal. The designs vary a lot, but mostly they're minimalist.
  • Tunnels. This is a fashion trend that has recently emerged in women's fashion. It's said that you'll either really love it or hate it. There's simply no such thing as a third. Depending on your physiology and your desire for a certain diameter, you might have to change it quite often.
  • Clips. It's an easy way to try out whether an earring is right for you. Like magnets, they don't require piercing and look modern. Of the designs, rings are the most common. They are quite wide and often decorated.
  • Cones. Another cool modern way to adorn yourself. While "tunnels" refer to an earring for womens that is inserted completely into the body and has a hole in the middle, here we're talking about a "cone." They are suitable for larger holes, but not as spectacular as tunnels.

Earrings for HerEarrings for Women

Of all the clasps that can be found on earrings, the ones listed below are probably the most relevant:

  • Screw back. Always a reliable solution. There are different shapes on the back wall. It can completely resemble a plug. This clasp is most often found on children's products. The butterfly clasp is most commonly found in adult models.
  • English clasp. Reliable and stylish. It never fails. It is used on a variety of earrings. It is convenient in that it can be found in products for teenagers. The Push-Back Clasp is the ideal solution if you are a fan of reliability.
  • Push back clasp. The simple and easy way of fastening has won a lot of fans for this variant. In essence, they are very similar to the Screwback, with one important difference that many people like. The earrings do not need to be wound. Just push down, press the clasp against your ear, and you're good to go.
  • Fish hook. This is one of the earliest fastenings in the history of clasps and is still relevant today. There's nothing easier than putting on an earring like this. But at the same time, you should always be on guard, as there is a risk of losing your favourite piece. Another type of clasp is the long hook. Imagine a fishhook, and then stretch it hard.
  • Lever back. It's basically a hook with a restrictor on the back. The simplicity of the fishhook is retained, but safety is increased.
  • Latch and hinge the back. Simplified versions of the English clasp. They require the attention of a jeweller from time to time.

Each woman chooses the option that suits her best, doesn't get in the way, and doesn't deform the skin.

Buy Womens EarringsEarrings for Her

If you want to find the perfect fit for a young lady, remember that adult accessories are not suitable for children. Pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Materials. It's in our nature to beautify everything around us. But in order to make an informed choice and do no harm, earrings must be made from quality materials. First and foremost, these are gold and silver. We recommend that you pay attention to the gold of 14 karats and above and the sterling silver of 925. We can guarantee that the jewellery in our shop meets all parameters and is suitable for delicate skin. If cared for properly, they will not cause allergies or be dangerous.
  • Size. We're talking about tiny, simple jewellery with minimal decorations. You must realise that children's skin is very delicate, and heavy accessories can stretch the earlobe. This would be unsightly. Also, only a special size for a child will look neat and cute on the ear. Light weight is also an important parameter. Earrings can weigh very little, literally a few grams. 
  • Shape. You can see a huge number of nice everyday designs in the photos. They are always stylish and attractive. They are really fashionable. They can be butterflies, hearts, jewels, stylized stars, or anything else you like. The main thing is that it must be safe for the child, without any sharp elements.
  • Clasp. How do I choose a slim version? Three types of clasps are generally used in products for children: push-back posts, screw-backs, and, for older children, an English clasp. Their main purpose is to prevent the child from removing the studs earring and to keep the jewellery securely in place. The screwback does an excellent job of this. It is secure and does not cause any discomfort.

When choosing a cool product for a young lady, consider all the above parameters. This ensures safety and an attractive appearance.

What does the price depend on?

When you are planning to buy women's earrings, you are probably thinking about the price and what influences it. In the case of earrings, there are three parameters on which it depends:

  • The weight of the products. This makes sense. The more gold is used, the higher the price will be. In the catalogue, you can see not only photos but also descriptions. There must be information about the weight of the text. This way, you can calculate the cost per gramme and then compare several options.
  • Availability, complexity, and cost of decorative elements. Are there decorations or engravings? A plus to the price. It's also a plus if there are precious stones. In the latter case, pieces with zirconium or other semi-precious stones (such as jasper or amber) will have the lowest price, while diamonds will be the most expensive.
  • Availability of a discount. Many people miss this important point. But you can buy jewellery at a significant discount if you catch it on a pre-holiday sale, for example. It's also a workable option to buy accessory sets. For example, diamond signet rings and earrings, and oval pendants with curb chains. With this approach, you can count on a bonus to the amount. Keep an eye out for the pieces you like, and you're bound to get lucky.
  • State. If you really want to save some money and buy something interesting, check out our second-hand jewellery section. It's a great chance to buy vintage earrings for 30–60% cheaper than a piece of the same weight from a new collection.

Stylish Womens Earrings

The FJewelery online store provides a pleasurable shopping experience from the comfort of your own home. Each product has a description and images. In addition, the concierge is always ready to help you. So you will be very comfortable. All orders from our assortment are processed as quickly as possible so that you can receive them quickly.