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A choice of the right jewellery that would match our style, personality and appearance are not as easy as it may seem to be. Whether to decide on cute stud earrings, large and massive hoops, or maybe a curved dangling model is not at all prominent, so FJewellery is here to help you. We are the best place to buy inexpensive and good quality jewellery. Here you can always find both cheap earrings and extremely expensive jewellery.

It all depends on an occasion – whether we want to wear it every day, for a big event or a party. Do we have an active lifestyle, play sports or our work requires us to sit at the desk, or to spend most of our time outdoors. These are just some criteria that we follow while choosing. In this article, you will find several practical tips that will dispel your doubts once and for all.



We are making a fantastic variety of forms, shapes, fasteners and designs, which fit everyone! Let’s go through a variety of earrings and look at their photos in the store.


They are made of a thin metal element which is supposed to be put through the holes in ears. It is characterised by the tiny size, minimalist and an invisible design that allows you to hide the clasp behind the ear. This comfortable, nice earring is a great everyday solution: it isn’t chunky and does not cling to your hair or clothes.

They accessorise every look and are created using a variety of materials, from pearls, precious stones, and diamonds. Stud earrings are also a favourite choice for people who do not remove them for sleeping or playing sports. Studs are more and more often worn in the number of several pieces in one ear. In our store, you can buy not only a usual pair of two earrings but also a single stud. For example, 9ct yellow gold skull & crossbones single stud for men.


It is a classic and timeless choice, worn 4500 years ago, loved in many countries and cultures on all continents. Hoops often called creoles, come in infinite sizes, shapes, nice forms, and more sophisticated ones with exciting decorations. They are available in different styles (also for men!) and price ranges. The use of natural diamonds and gemstones in the designs adds charm, an elegant style and sparkle to the earrings.

Hoop earrings

Long hanging

It is a great festive choice for significant formal events and momentous occasions. They are good for people who want to lengthen their face visually and emphasise the neck. Long earrings are not only an accessory for suits and cocktail dresses; they are also a perfect complement to everyday stylisations.

The types of fasteners that most often occur – a little metal wire passed through the hole in the ear and then fastened with a hook or a tilting clasp. It is a safe type of locker.


It is an unusual and stylish earring for top of the ear or even for whole ear! Usually worn on the outer part of one ear’s auricle, they stand out and catch attention. You can wear those rare, trendy earrings with cool jeans and on the red carpet. The matching asymmetric hairstyles, add a quirky and unique temper to any hair styling.

Kinds of jewelry findings

Ear post

Ear posts are one of the most sought-after modern fasteners, because of their modesty and delicacy. These little fasteners are tiny and completely hidden so that only part of the decorative earring is visible. These solutions work well for small-scale, delicate jewellery. They rarely break, although they are easy to lose.

Kidney wire

It is the most classic and fancy solution when it comes to fasteners. It is a long wire with hooks at the end – thanks to this, kidney wires are perfect for hanging and big earrings.

Fish Hook

For these earrings, you can purchase a silicone plug separately. They are used most often for earrings with pendants. Advantages – ease process of putting on and taking off exquisite appearance. Disadvantages – a high probability of loss of the product and deformation of a thin loop.

These earrings should be worn only on special occasions because they are easy to lose. Check out 9ct tri-colour gold dolphin fish hook drop.

English lock

A fashion clasp with a slightly more complicated structure consists of three elements: a stick, short hockey (a connector) and the part that is directly connected to the earring. Thanks to this, English ear wires are considered the safest fasteners that will effectively prevent jewellery loss.

Gold earrings

Lever back

This type of fastening is well-known to almost every woman. Lever back is a dainty type of fastening where, after inserting it into the hole in the ear with a flat hook, the mechanical latch is closed, thus preventing the earring from falling out. Its characteristic feature is real, simple, and safe. It is used for larger earrings.


Clips are an excellent proposition for those who, for various reasons, have not decided to pierce the ear. Putting them on and taking them off is straightforward and hassle-free, and it is not easy to lose them. Check out argent arc-shaped ear hook CZ ear clip earrings.

The main feature is that they do not require piercing. But massive clips can create additional stress on the earlobe with biologically active points. If you choose this variant, you must remember about it.

Ear string

The fact that it is a clasp without a fastener is a kind of unique. The entire structure is held on a chain. These earrings work well in contact with both more splendid ornaments and those with miniature and irregular shapes.

Drop earrings

How to choose earrings for different occasions?

For everyday use

For everyday use should:

  • be made of silver or gold. This way you do not endanger your health, as there is often an allergy to metals;
  • have a petite size and are much more comfortable to wear every day;
  • have a secure clasp.

For an evening out

For a meeting with friends, you can put on the earrings that you like the most, which are not appropriate for work or official events. Choose something between medium and great size. The loose styling looks good both in combination with big silver earrings and subtle, small ones. It goes well with a casual dark dress, jeans and a loose blouse. Remember always to pin your hair when wearing great earrings.

A universal and timeless gift

While looking for unique earrings, there are a few things to consider. Of course, the most important thing is the person’s individual preferences for whom we are buying this gift.

They should match her style and character. It is also worth learning what jewellery she already has in her collection and choosing something new. It is also worth remembering on what occasion we buy earrings. We can buy different jewellery for a beloved wife for your wedding anniversary, and another for a friend's birthday.

At the very beginning, we should also consider whether we want to buy jewellery made of white, yellow, or maybe rose gold.


Varieties of metal

The most popular silver earrings on the market have 925 probes. Good to know that they do not always have to be of this colour – bright and oxidised varieties are also often found.

As in silver, there are also several varieties of gold (for example, yellow, pink, or the standard color – white).

Custom jewellery made of gold will appeal to people who appreciate elegance and shine in the crowd – such accessorise are simply impossible to leave unnoticed. However, they don't suit everyone, and that’s a true statement.

A gift for a mom

Earrings are a good idea for a holiday gift for a mother. Such gifts should be not only pleasant but also practical. Small studs will always work well, although it must be admitted that not everyone will like their fastening.

Why is this the best gift for a mother?

  • Almost all women don them all the time.
  • It is truly valuable and memorable.
  • Even if she rarely does it, she will be able to do that on holidays.

Fortunately, there are also earrings for sale with an English clasp, a bit more comfortable. You can also choose them with a stone or an uncomplicated model, representing a symbol. They can be selected for example, with a classy pendant or entirely individually. They can be sparkling hearts, flowers, or symbols with which mom is associated – the choice is wide and varied; therefore earrings as a gift for mom are quite a safe and sought-after idea.

A gift for a sister

There are many occasions to give your pretty sister a special gift, and the best way to show your love and friendship. It can be branded, romantic or a bit crazy, elegant, or completely ordinary – it is essential that the sister’s jewellery reflects her character well, matches the style and, above all, expresses sincere feelings. And if you know your sister, it certainly shouldn't be a problem finding the right exquisite gift.

For a friend

The jewellery for a friend has to reflect her character. Think about something contemporary, that she will surely like and give her an amazing gift from the heart. You can choose something colourful or combine a few of her favourite colours. Our store offers a fantastic colour gauge. Choose something that would be perfect for work and for the weekend!

Gemstones earrings

For a grandmother

It can be hard to choose earrings for a grandmother. Picking up the classic forms and precious stones is always a good idea, though. Grandmams also like clips. This type is very comfortable for use on occasions of different kinds. Our experience shows that earrings with sparkly pearls, exotic malachite, luxury corals, or turquoise will work better for her than those with the coolest Swarovski crystals. Products in our catalogue are comfy and do not contain nickel or other allergenic materials.

First gift for a kid

It is much easier to buy earrings for kids because children do not care what to wear, so parents can choose what they like. It is worth giving preference to light, compact, and beautiful (or even funny) earrings with a safety clasp. It would be a great measure to prevent a loss of jewellery. The ideal option would be the biggest thick studs or mini hoops with a hinged snap. For example, 9ct rose gold 5mm ball stud in FJewellery.

While shopping at the boutique and choosing earrings for a gift, it is impossible to try them on. Therefore, a trip to the salon will not be beneficial. It will be faster and more convenient to order jewelry in FJewellery online shop, where you can find the pictures of all models and its description. Almost 95% of our clients’ reviews are positive. The choice is just as wide, and the prices are reasonable. We have a huge amount of novelty silverish that stays clean for a long time, and the newest golden earrings in various configurations.