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Pearl earrings are a classic and exquisite piece of jewellery for women. Pearls are considered one of the most beautiful and precious stones, and jewellery can add charm and elegance to an image. FJewellery offers a wide assortment of designs and styles at attractive prices.

What kind of pearls are in earrings?

Pearls come in many shapes, sizes, colours, and qualities, and choosing the right earrings depends on personal preference and style. The colour of the original pearl depends on where it was mined and the growing conditions of the mollusk. Natural pearls can be white, cream pearl, rose, ivory pearl, silver, gold, black, and other shades. The most common are the following colours:

  • White pearls are the most traditional. They can come in various shades, from pale pink to silver.
  • Pink pearls are white pearls with a pink hue. It is obtained by special processing.
  • Black pearls are a rare type of pearl with a dark grey or black colour. It looks very elegant and beautiful, but its price can be quite high.
  • Golden pearls are pearls with a golden floating or champagne colored. This colour is usually due to an admixture of copper or other metals in its structure.
  • Purple pearls are pearls with a purple hue, which can be obtained by special processing of white pearls.
  • Grey pearls are pearls with a grey hue that can be very pretty and unusual.

Pearls for earrings can come in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the wearer's preference and the design of the piece. Pearl sizes are usually measured in millimetres and can range from mini (less than 2 mm) to very large and heavy (over 20 mm). The most common sizes of pearls for earrings are in the medium range of 6 to 10mm. The cost of jewellery depends on the set of these latest parameters.

Pearls can have different shapes: round, oval, drop-shaped, button-shaped, dashed, and others. Pearls in the shape of a ball are considered a classic option and are the most popular, but oval, drop-shaped, and button-shaped pearls are also popular.

When choosing a pearl earrings set, it is necessary to consider the compatibility of pearl sizes and shapes with the proportions of the face and body (width and height), as well as with the clothing style of the person who will be wearing the jewellery. It is also important to consider how they appear on ear.

The material used creates

The precious metals that are most often used to create pearl stone earrings are gold and silver. Both metals combine well with pearls and give the piece a dainty look. Both can be with or without coating. Gold is usually chosen for more formal and expensive jewellery, while cheap silver is more suitable for contemporary use or lighter and more delicate designs. In addition, other metals such as platinum or white gold can also be used to create single pearl earrings, but they are less common, value and usually much more expensive.

The most popular designs

Earrings pearl designs can range from simple and minimalist to luxury and decorated with stones. There are various shapes and types of clasps, including ear wires, plugs, English clasps, etc.

Pearl earrings can come in a variety of designs and styles, depending on preference and need. Some common pearl earring designs and styles include:

  • Classic pearl earrings have a simple and sophisticated designer that is suitable for all occasions and styles of dress. They usually consist of one or more tiny or large pearls attached to gold or silver hooks or pins.
  • Earring pockets, in which the pearl is concealed within the earring. They are thought to be very feminine and elegant jewelry. They can be used both for everyday wear and special occasions, such as a wedding or evening dress. They are also perfect for those who don't like jewellery that is too flashy and openworked but want to look elegant and graceful.
  • Earrings with pearls and real diamonds are a very cool and luxurious choice for special occasions such as weddings, gala dinners, and other special events. The diamonds add extra sparkle and shine to the pearls, creating a gorgeous pairing of the two gemstones. The design of these earrings can be varied. They can be in the shape of drops, circles, hearts, and other geometric shapes, and the pure diamonds can be arranged around the pearls or on pendants. Often, such earrings are made of gold or platinum to emphasise the luxury of the gem.
  • Combined models of earrings for her with pearls can include a combination of different materials and stones to create a unique and interesting design. For example, in addition to pearls, gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and others can be used in earrings. In combined models, different metals such as gold and silver can be used to create a contrasting effect. Another option for combination earrings is to use several pearls of different sizes or colours to create a more intricate and fine design. For example, pearls of different shades can be arranged in a floral bouquet or geometric pattern.
  • Pearl stud earrings are a classic and elegant piece of jewellery that is perfect for both everyday wear and for more formal occasions. They can be made of different materials, such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. In terms of design, pearl earrings can be made in a variety of styles. They can have a simple and minimalist design consisting only of pearls and metal, or they can be chunky and adorned with stones or diamonds. There are also variations using pearls in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the right option for every look and style.
  • Drop-shaped pearl earrings are a very refined and beautiful piece of jewellery. The teardrop-shaped pearl creates an elegant and good look and goes well with different styles of clothing. Drop-shaped pearls can be used as a single piece of jewellery or combined with other gemstones, metals, and pearls of other shapes. These earrings can have a variety of designs and pearl sizes and colours. Some drop-shaped pearl earrings may be adorned with diamonds or other gemstones for extra sophistication.
  • Fancy flower shaped pearl earrings are very delicate and feminine jewellery that is suitable for different occasions and clothing styles. Such earrings can have different flower shapes, from the classic round to more complex compositions, for example, with several tiers of petals. Often in such earrings, small diamonds or gold or silver elements are used, which emphasise the beauty of pearls and give the earrings shine and brightness. Also, pearl flowers can be decorated with crystals or stones of different shapes and colours. Pearl flower-shaped earrings can be big and bright or more restrained and elegant. They are perfect for creating romantic looks as well as for everyday use.
  • Earrings with pearls that mimic the shape of a tail are usually created by combining several pearls of different sizes and shapes from different longs into a single piece of jewellery. The pearls are arranged along a line resembling a tail and set on a special base, usually of precious metal such as gold or silver. This design creates an effect of lightness and grace, reminiscent of the movement of a fish or dolphin's tail. Such earrings can be either minimalist and simple or more elaborate, adorned with additional elements, such as diamonds or other precious stones.
  • Pearl hoop earrings are shaped like rings with a pearl inside. They usually have rounded edges to ensure a comfortable fit. This design is suitable for creating a new look, from casual looks to fashionable evening outings. Hoop earrings can be made of different materials, such as gold, silver, platinum, or a combination of different metals. The pearls most often used to create pearl hoop earrings are white, which goes well with any metal and complements any look. This and other geometric shapes are very popular lately.

Flat, heart-shaped pearl earrings can be a very cute and romantic piece of jewellery. Little heart-shaped pearls can be used alone or in combination with other stones and materials, such as gold, silver, diamonds, or other gemstones. Different designs are also possible: hearts can be made of metal and adorned with pearls, or vice versa, pearls can be heart-shaped. In addition, the earrings can be adorned with various elements such as crystals, stones, or beads to give them extra sparkle and elegance. These models can be the best gift for Valentine's Day, a birthday, or other holidays. They are also often buying jewellery for weddings or other special occasions.

The choice of design and style of earrings with pearls depends on the preferences and tastes of the person, his or her sense of comfort, as well as the characteristics of the event for which the earrings will be accessorized.

What holiday should I give?

You can buy pearl earrings for any woman or childrens, regardless of her age or style of dress. Pearls symbolise purity, tenderness, and femininity, so they can be given on a variety of occasions, including:

  • Birthday.
  • Anniversary.
  • New Year's or Christmas.
  • March 8.
  • For wedding or year anniversaries.
  • Thanksgiving.
  • As a gesture of support or simply as a sign of attention.

In addition, pearl earrings can make a nice gift for bride or her closest bridesmaids in quality bridal jewellery. They look great in pictures. In general, pearls are a versatile and trendy piece of jewellery, so such earrings can be given as a gift any time you want to show care and attention to your loved one.

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