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We absolutely love diamond jewellery, and it seems our customers do too! There's just something about it that's so charming and timeless. Diamond earrings are especially popular, and it's not hard to see why. They look stunning and can complement any style. At FJewellery, we have an extensive collection of diamonds earrings in different designs. We've worked hard to ensure that you can find the perfect model at an affordable price. So, take your time browsing our online store and don't hesitate to reach out if you need any help. We're always here to assist you.

Features of diamante earrings

Diamond earrings are a fabulous choice for anyone who wants to add some sparkle and sophistication to their style. We offer a vast collection of these timeless traditional accessories, all of which share these common features:

  • Diamonds are precious gems that attract attention. Always. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colours, which allows you to choose the perfect option for any style. Choosing the right design will make you confident that they will look fabulous on ear. They are simply unmistakable and incomparable to any other precious stones.
  • You can find models manufactured from various metals such as gold (yellow, white, or rose), platinum, and silver. Gold items can be 9, 14, and 18 carats. They can also be uncoated or coating, with the latter option enhancing the shine of your stones. All of this makes it easy for you to choose jewellery that suits your style, wardrobe, and budget.
  • Earrings encrusted with diamonds can have different types of clasps, making it convenient to select the model that meets your specific requirements. This allows you to choose comfortable items suitable for any occasion, be it a business meeting, a romantic evening, or daily wear.
  • Diamonds are one of the most durable minerals, making items with them long-lasting if taken care of properly. They have the potential to become a family heirloom.
  • Jewellery adorned with diamonds is always the best investment. You not only get to buy a beautiful piece that will bring you joy for years to come, but it can also prove to be a profitable investment. Classic styles often appreciate value over time.
  • Versatility is key. You can find designs that are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, proms, or other celebrations. However, you can also wear them on a daily basis to add a touch of luxury to your outfit.
  • At our store, you can browse through pre-owned items from our latest collection, or you can order personalized jewellery, which will be designed by our in-house designer.

Let's take a closer look at all of these options so that we can make an informed decision. They are easy to understand, so let's get started quickly.

Gemstones in earrings

Gemstones can have different quality characteristics, such as weight, colour, clarity, and cut. As a rule, small-sized diamonds weighing from 0.01 to 0.5 carats are used to create earrings for everyday wear. There are classic and unique cuts, with the latter often having a specific name. The most popular diamond cuts for earrings are:

  • The round cut is by far the most widely used diamond shape for earrings. Its 58 facets create an incredible display of light, making it the ideal cut for maximizing the stone's brilliance. A round diamond's unique ability to reflect light so effectively gives it unparalleled sparkle and fire, making it a highly sought-after choice for jewellery enthusiasts. The classic and elegant appearance of the round cut makes it a fine match for a variety of styles, including diamond cut chains, and it is a timeless classic choice that never goes out of fashion.
  • Emerald-cut diamonds, also known as square cut diamonds, are a popular choice, including earrings. With their rectangular shape and squared-off corners, they create a unique and elegant look. The square-cut diamonds have a range of facets, such as 49, 53 or 57, that provide brilliance and stunning sheen, visible in the photos. Although not as popular as the round cut, the square cut is a more modern and distinctive style that can enhance a variety of outfits. You can see their lustre in the images.
  • The "princess cut" is a widely sought-after diamond cut for earrings and other jewellery items. The rectangle shaped diamond has a unique 90-degree angle between the top and bottom faces, which creates an eye-catching and symmetrical look. The corners of the rectangle are rounded in a quarter-oval shape, giving the diamond a softer and more feminine appearance. This cut can be used for both large and smallest diamonds and is often chosen for diamonds with high-cut quality, as it maximizes their brilliance and shine. A princess cut is a versatile option that can be used to create both modern and timeless styles, making it a popular modern choice for diamond earrings.

These are far from all the diamond-cutting options that are available on sale, but they are definitely among the most popular. You can also find products where the diamond is cut in a marquise, oval, cushion, or other styles. Another popular option today is the rough diamond, which looks stunning in modern jewellery.

Pave is often mistaken for a cut, but it is actually more of a decoration. Pave setting is a beautiful technique in which many small diamonds are set close together and attached to the surface of the earring. This creates the illusion that the plain surface is adorned with a single brilliant layer of diamonds. In this case, tiny true diamonds of various shapes are used and can be arranged in rows or groups to form patterns such as circles, squares, stars, or even letters. This technique is often used by designers to create visually stunning and very shiny pieces.

Each of these cuts has its own unique properties that can affect a diamond's characteristics, such as brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Only a jeweller who holds a precious stone in their hands can fully appreciate all its advantages and choose the best way to present it.

Diamond settings

This is an important factor when it comes to the quality of jewellery. Brilliant earrings can use various settings to hold the stone in place. Some of them are:

  • The prong setting is the most common type of setting, where the stone is held by metal clips (prongs) attached to the base of the earring. This setting is used to showcase the beauty of large gemstones with intricate cuts.
  • The channel setting is a type of setting where genuine diamonds are placed along a groove on the surface of the earring. This type of setting is usually used in flat products, such as a gold plate encrusted with precious stones.
  • Micro pave setting is a type of setting used for small diamonds, in which many tiny diamonds are set into grooves in the metal base.
  • A Bezel setting is a type of setting where the diamond is surrounded by a metal band that holds it in place. It is often used to secure large square or rectangular diamonds.

In addition, combination mounts can be used, such as a clip-on mount with the addition of a bezel, groove, or micro-pavé to create a unique design.

Diamond Size

Earrings can feature diamonds in a variety of sizes, ranging from microscopic stones to average, big, and precious. The size of a diamond is usually measured in carats, where one carat equals 0.2 grams. Carats indicate the weight of the diamond, and its diameter is indicated in millimetres. For example, a ⅛ carat diamond is about 3mm in diameter, a 1 carat diamond is about 6mm, and a 2-carat diamond is about 12mm.

Earrings typically use diamonds ranging from 0.01 carats (1 mm) to 2 crt or more. However, the most common sizes of diamonds in earrings are 0.10 to 0.5ct (3-5mm) and 0.50 to 1ct (5-6.5mm). Large diamonds are often used in earrings for special occasions such as weddings or other important events.

The final choice of diamond size in earrings depends on many factors, including style preference, ear size and shape, and budget. However, here are some examples of matching diamond sizes and earring styles:

  • Miniature round diamond earrings with a diameter of 2-3 mm can be a great choice for everyday wear, as well as complement second piercings in the ears.
  • Earrings with a 4-5 mm diameter diamond (approximately 1/2 carat or a half carat) will be more visible and sparkly, yet still considered compact and comfortable for daily wear.
  • For more luxurious evening looks, you can buy diamond earrings with a diameter of 6-7 mm (approximately 1.5 carats). They can become the centrepiece of your outfit and complement a stylish dress.
  • Chunky diamonds with a diameter of 8 mm or more can be used in grandiose and luxurious models, such as cascading or dangling earrings. They can be the perfect choice for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries, but they might feel heavy and look a bit too grandiose.

Diamond earrings can be considered more exclusive and expensive, although this also depends on other factors such as the clarity and cut of the natural stone.


There are several types of clasps for diamond earrings:

  • The butterfly clutch is the most common and simple type of clasp on stud earrings. It consists of a platform with two tabs that control the clamp. When you press the tabs, the pad can be removed. Otherwise, it is securely fixed on the pin.
  • The screw fastener consists of a stud with a sufficient height post and a hat that is also threaded and screwed onto the pin. This is a very reliable mount that is invisible when worn.
  • The French hook is a type of clasp that is curved and slips through the hole in the ear. This type of clasp does not have a metal rivet and can be unreliable if you have an active lifestyle.
  • The English hook is still unbeatable when it comes to fastening reliability.

When putting on jewellery, it's best to be guided by your feelings. Your feelings at such a moment are real the best indicator. For childrens, it is recommended to use stud earrings with screw clasps as they are very reliable and practical.

What determines the cost?

If you're interested in buying diamond earrings, you're probably curious about the cost. It depends on several factors:

  • The type of material used (silver, gold, or platinum) and its weight. Silver is an inexpensive option, but it still looks great in jewellery.
  • The purity, mass, and colour of the precious stone. Smaller, less pure diamonds will be cheap, while larger, higher quality diamonds with perfect clarity will be more expensive.
  • The complexity of the design. Sometimes using other gemstones like rubies or emeralds can increase the cost.
  • Availability of discounts. This is one of the most enjoyable aspects of buying it. You can often find great deals and the lowest price on the FJewelery website, especially before the holidays. Another option is to buy pre-owned jewellery, which has been certified by a jeweller and is often just as beautiful as new items with the modern actual design. A vintage item is also always in style.

When purchasing diamond earrings, it's important to consider your budget and style preferences. Don't be afraid to shop around and compare prices to find the inexpensive perfect pair for you.

Which design to choose and how to wear

Let's take a look at which earring designs are suitable for different looks. These ideas will help you create your own unique and fashionable and fancy style.

Casual style

To the store, to a party, to sports... you can wear them everyday and anywhere. You probably have a couple of these universal items that you don't even notice. And if you are a fan of versatile contemporary pieces, then you can certainly find a great solution here.

Opting for smaller pieces that feature single diamond up to 1ct or several diamonds set in a simple design is a safe choice. These earrings will sit comfortably on your ears and complement most of your outfits, while also adding an incredibly stylish touch. It can be something geometric (for example, in the form of an infinity sign or a heart) or made in floral motifs.

To create a delicate image, pay attention to models with exquisite pendants. They add sophistication and charm to your everyday look. This is the perfect option for adding a touch of romance and dainty to any outfit.

For those who want to add some sparkle to their casual outfit, round halo model with many small diamonds arranged in the form of a flower or snowflake can do the trick. This design is pretty and airy, making it a great choice for summer outfits and casual styles.

If you want to make a statement with your jewellery, consider dangling earrings with long pendants and large diamonds. This design is luxurious and unusual, but it can still be worn in a casual setting when paired with simple clothing.

Formal occasions

Formal occasions like weddings and cocktail parties provide an opportunity to showcase your best jewellery, particularly your earrings. When selecting items for a formal event, it's important to choose something that's trendy, elegant, and sparkly. Here are some great options to consider:

  • Original ear cuffs. Ear cuffs that cover the entire upper part of the ear can add a unique touch of glamour to your outfit. Solid round diamonds or other precious stones such as sapphires or emeralds can add an extra sparkle to your ears. These cuffs are available in a range of sizes and designs, so you can find one that suits your style.
  • Chandelier earrings are a timeless classic that can add sophistication to any outfit. They usually feature several long pendants, which can have large gemstones attached. The number of stones can vary from five to 9 stones or more. These model can be as complex or as simple as you want them to be, depending on the occasion.
  • Filigree earrings are a great way to add a delicate touch of elegance to your outfit. They are made by arranging diamonds and other precious stones in the form of flowers or other intricate patterns. These earrings can add extra sparkle and beauty to your outfit.

When selecting the perfect jewellery, it's important to keep in mind the style and theme of the event. Whether you're attending a formal gala or a casual dinner with friends, the right earrings can elevate your outfit and help you make a lasting impression in pics and life.

To create a coordinated look, consider pairing your items with other jewellery pieces such as a matching gemstone ring or necklace. For example, a pair of earrings can be beautifully complemented by a gamethyst rings or heart pendants.

Business style

When it comes to professional settings, choosing the right diamond earrings is crucial for projecting a polished and put-together appearance. Opt for minimalist designs that are subtle yet elegant, such as small or medium, delicate model featuring a solitaire diamond. These classic items can be worn with any outfit and are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to a business costume.

Alternatively, you may consider selecting earrings with several mini diamonds (double, three minerals) arranged in a row or circle. These designs offer a hint of sparkle without overwhelming your outfit, making them perfect for formal events or work settings.

Remember, the key to selecting the right jewellery is to choose designs that complement your personal style while also fitting the occasion. Whether you prefer classic diamond studs or bold statement earrings, there's a perfect pair out there for every event and style preference.

Romantic style

Whether it's a romantic date, a cocktail party, a trip to the theatre or cinema, or simply feeling romantic, the design that suits this style depends on individual preferences and taste. Typically, for a new look, earrings with gentle shapes and a delicate cool design are chosen.

For instance, luxury drop-shaped or heart-shaped model that give a feminine and delicate appearance could be a nice choice. You can also consider earrings with curved lines, graceful swirls, embellished with lace, or adorned with classy flowers or snowflakes.

It's important to remember that when selecting earrings for a romantic look, it's worth considering their compatibility with other elements of the outfit, such as the dress, accessories, and shoes.

The online shop FJewellery offers an impressive diamond earrings collection that will certainly impress you. We have made every effort to ensure that our site is the best place for your shopping. Our catalogue includes a wide assortment of contemporary jewelry. To make your selection and purchase easier, we provide high-quality pictures and good detailed descriptions. Additionally, our concierge is always available to assist you in selecting and purchasing the perfect diamond earrings for yourself, or as a gift for her.