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In the market, there are literally countless accessories. You will be surely amazed by how different the products that are labeled alike can be. This relates to curb chains in particular. Each serving is distinguished with its own purpose and offers unique features to its potential owners. For excellent online jewellery marketing services, it is worth staying with the FJewellery deals.

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Curb Link Chains

Shop for Divergence: The Case of Curbed Necklaces

How would you describe outstanding curb link chains? A lot of ideas will actually define a separate category of jewellery with its unique peculiarities. Stay tuned to reveal a new understanding of simple curb necklaces. Here are their main varietals:

  • Micro vs. small vs. medium vs. large — one of the first parameters that will distinguish any design from the other is its size. It would be a mistake to think that curb links are the same. Not only do they have different lengths, but also they come in unique link dimensions. Professionals usually mention the model’s width in millimeters. In the market, you will find plenty of varied pieces — with one millimeter in diameter, four-five-six-millimeter middles, up to twelve millimeters, and more solid large sizes for sale.
  • Round vs. oval — irregular shapes and geometric patterns are actively popularized, but classic formats still remain up-to-date. Crafted to fit flat on the neck, such layouts are a combination of elegance and beauty. The more elongated and flat beveled the link is, the more airy pictures will be received.
  • Square — the preference is given to straight lines and the flat architecture of the piece. Don’t hesitate to check pics at our online catalogue to get a guiding like for your decision-making.
  • Concave link — unlike a typical style, this one has a more spacious layout. Its components are twisted in such a way to get extra upper layers and get a 3D effect by touch.
  • Single vs. double curb — the name is self-explanatory. When it comes to double curb chains, the connection can be between two single links and the next link or one link with space for two “attachments” on both sides.
  • Hollow vs. solid — such links are available in different sizes. The crucial difference between them is their faceted structure. Hollow pieces apply so-called metal tubes to perform necklace parts, while solid units are heavy and opposite, made of rigid and firm wire. Although hollow chains are more prone to damage, they are distributed at more affordable prices, unlike their competitors. If you need to save some funds on the purchase, it is obvious what option is more beneficial.

What You Should Know About Link Finishing

At this shop, customers achieve a brilliant chance to reveal a genuine potential of curb links. No matter how simple they seem, a lot of effort is put into their production and decoration. The choice of the link size, structure, and shape is important — that isn’t under debate. What is, though, the outer layer of chains. It is commonly omitted out of sight.

Curb Chains

In reality, the finish preferred influences the way necklaces look and function:

  • Diamond cut — simply put, jewellers include small crystal particles in the metal links. Such notches significantly increase the sparkling power of dedicated models. The reflections are stronger and brighter, especially compared to regular cuts. At the same time, a nice feel of weight is achieved. You can wear this high polish literally 24/7 since its durability is also enlarged. It is not defined as thin or thick because it isn’t a solid cover made of diamonds only. If that were the case, the cost would be skyrocketing. This finish is unnatural for necklace clasps though.
  • Pave curb — the insertion of other gemstones takes place too. Unlike the previous case, the preference can be given to any valuable natural or synthetic stones. Depending on the model style, extra protective layers can be spacious and cover the surface or be embedded on the link edges only. Since non-genuine crystals are also allowed, a lot of positions with such a finish come at a rather reasonable cost.
  • Milled curb — a sparkling appearance this method grants is wonderful. Unlike a pave chain curb, it offers more stability to the stone fit. Don’t interpret this method wrong — no gemstones “suffer” the production. In turn, the radiant effect is achieved by milling metal blocks over the entire necklace length.

How to Pick Up the Best Metal Type and Colour

A lot has been already discovered and said about jewellery materials. Here is a quick version of what choice parameters are essential to include in your own online shopping strategy:

  • Gold — our assortment can boast of yellow, white, and rose patterns. They are pretty similar in the way they function. What you should pay attention to is the caratage itself. It influences the general durability and sustainability of the chosen style. Chunky models will last forever and ever after.
  • Silver — it is a fine and rigid alternative to gold. Its light structure will sparkle on its own. This material is suitable for pendants too. You just need to ensure the weight balance and check whether a target recipient isn’t allergic. Wearing silver also presents health benefits.

How to Put Your Jewellery in the Center of Attention

There are several approaches to achieve the highlighted goal. Whether you select big designs or buy personalized solutions, it is important to ensure the made decision won’t decrease the visual quality of the other accessories you already own. As practice shows, curb chains are quite versatile and cause no crucial difficulty in choosing complementary styles. Let’s take a closer look at what trends are recommended to wear along with such stunning necklaces:

  • Adding more meaning to your jewellery collection is as simple as ABC. The crucial goal of any accessory is to deliver a particular message and mood, showing off your “hidden” knowledge. For instance, St Christopher pendants are outstanding partners for any traveler — they have been symbols of good and safe passages for ages. These plates have enough space for extra customization. Apart from wishing safety to anyone who is on the trip, it is possible to engrave alternative notes/desires/etc.
  • In terms of personalization, fancy necklaces are adorable and multifunctional. On the one hand, you will be able to satisfy your ambition to find an unusual and unique piece. On the other hand, fancy designs remain compatible and suitable to put on the neck for numerous occasions and along with several wardrobe ideas.
  • Five stone rings are commonly associated with engagement and wedding bands, but that is the first mistake of any fashionista — to stick to social norms and stereotypes. If you feel wearing it will improve your mood or you just adore the brilliance of gemstones, don’t get rid of the desire to own such a beauty.

Chain curb

How to Finalize the Deal

The FJewellery website is intuitive for customers with different backgrounds and experiences. If you wish to buy curb chains but have no idea what piece to consider, our customer support team will provide more information upon request. Anyway, these necklaces differentiate with their compatibility and the remarkable comfort they provide their owners. They are gorgeous parts of jewellery ensembles for both mens and womens.

9ct Yellow Gold Curb Chain 8mm CNM10653
9ct Yellow Gold Curb Chain 8mm CNM10653
RRP £ 2 985 | £ 1 990 -33%
9ct Yellow Gold Curb  6mm
9ct Yellow Gold Curb 6mm
RRP £ 2 775 | £ 1 850 -33%
9ct Yellow Gold Curb  4mm
9ct Yellow Gold Curb 4mm
RRP £ 970 | £ 645 -34%