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Earrings play an important role in creating every women's everyday and holiday look. It's a real world that ladies use to draw attention to themselves. Drop earrings are one of the most beautiful categories. They look stylish and attractive in any design. The FJewellery online store offers a large range of such items at an attractive price. The latest model depends on the type and weight of the precious metal used to create it, the presence of precious stones, and the quality of the model. On sale, you can find the perfect option for a party, stylish for every day, mysterious and alluring for a date, and solemn and dainty for an important event.

Drop Green EarringsDrop Green Earrings

What are drop earrings?

It is unique in its beauty and solemnity. It is the first one that comes to mind when you think about what to choose, for example, for a bridal gown. The earring consists of double parts:

  • The first one is stationary. It is attached to the earlobe. There can be many different attachments. The main thing is that they provide a comfortable fit for you. The clasp on the outside may be encrusted with precious stones or just look like polished metal. It all depends on the designs the jeweller comes up with.
  • Second. Conventionally, it can be called "movable." It can be single or more elements that are attached to the clasp with one tiny link. The design can include inlay or diamond-cutting. It all depends on the model. It can be spiral, baguette, or three-element.

The width of these earrings is usually greater than the height, but it is not so important.

Types of drop earrings

If we talk about design, the following models can also be referred to as this type:

  • Mismatched. One of the most unusual and trendy models. They got their name because of the peculiarities of their design. Traditionally, earrings are worn with other jewellery. They are intended to be paired (they are assumed to be the same). But rules are made to be broken. And it's not uncommon for a designer to do that too, creating something completely different. That's what happened with these pieces. One earring in such a pair differs from the other in the lower (second) part.
  • Wire hook. The model gets its name from the way it is attached to the earlobe. Here is the hook. The simple mechanism allows you to put on and take off the accessory quickly, almost to the touch. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages. Such an earring needs to be carefully monitored so that it does not pop out of the hole in the earlobe. As an alternative, you can buy a model with a lever clasp. The bottom part can be any shape. It is often the centrepiece. It can be decorated further or left plain. In pictures, they look very airy and playful.
  • Teardrop. Such a model has a clasp, which is likely to be equipped with a little stiletto, and the lower part will have a dewy shape. Actually, that's why it got its name. The models look very pretty. The upper part can be in the form of a bead or a solitaire, that is, it can be simply metal or decorated with a big gemstone. They are typically flat and thin, with a central sparkling mineral that is surrounded by additional elements. But in fact, the design can be very different: an oval, a square, an infinity sign, anything.
  • Cluster. They can be of different shapes and designs, but what such models have in common is that two or more stones are attached to the clasp (the first element). They can be on long chains, in which case we are talking about dangle earrings or some inconspicuous elements.

Long Drop EarringsLong Drop Earrings

What kind of clasps are there?

The fixed part that holds the earring to the earlobe can have several attachment options:

  • Hook. Just a fishing hook and nothing more. Easy to put on, but be careful not to lose your jewellery. Items with this lock will cost cheaper than those with other locks. You can also find jewellery on the market with variations of such a lock: really long loops as well as a hook with a clasp.
  • Stud class. One of the most popular ball- or knot-style fasteners. A simple fastener and an additional element that helps hold the earring on the lobe are a fine companion for any shape of jewellery. There are two variants of such a clasp: a simple blob that is put on the stud earring stem, or a screw element. Of course, in the second case, the fastening will be more reliable.
  • English lock or back lock clasp. One of the most popular (this is also how a huggie earring is held). As a rule, it is used to keep a heavy earring in one place. It is about safety and security. But at the same time, this version of the clasp is sometimes uncomfortable to put on and take off. Although, of course, this is a matter of habit.
  • Clip-on. Earrings that do not require piercing. A popular model among those who can't (or don't want to) get their ears pierced. This is also a great gift for girls who do not yet have piercings. If you wear them delicately, then you will not distinguish these products from real earrings, they are comfortable and do not put pressure on the lobe. Among the models with such a lock, there are also many designs with a pendant element.

The difference between dangle earrings and drop dangle

These are two types of jewellery that are very similar in structure. Understanding the difference is quite simple. In the first case (chain drop), we are talking about the earrings, which have a drop-down element (thread) of great length. It can be complex or quite simple. The pendants can be any shape, such as a pear drop. But the essence will be simple: on the clasp, which is attached on ear, hang one or several long elements (they can be double, triple, etc.). Their beauty lies in the fact that they are in constant motion. They are essentially charm earrings.

Drop Earrings made of GoldDrop Earrings made of Gold

Drop style earrings are also a model with a dangling element but located as close to the earlobe as possible. The length of such a product is small. The suspended element of such a product is also movable. Its movement is determined by the movement of the person wearing the jewellery. The suspended part will move if you move your head around in space. If you sit still, the short drop will look like a single unit.

Reasons to choose and buy

  • A fantastic option for any occasion. This model looks beautiful and presentable. It can be worn with casual outfits. Also, such jewellery looks great in a festive image. You can wear them to the opera, to the red carpet, to the movies. And in any case, you'll look flawless.
  • Best combined with any style, but you will especially like the elegant drop earrings if you are looking for a more understated look. Such a choice will be justified if you go not only to a concert but also to the office. There are models with minimalist decorations that will look stylish and attractive, even if you have a strict dress code in the office.
  • It is believed that the dangle shape will suit almost any type of face, as it creates a clear vertical line, but not everyone is lucky with drop earrings. The second option's design should be avoided if you have a round face with chubby features. But do not despair for those who are the owners of such a shape. The rules are there to be broken. You can find the perfect fit for any face type among FJewellery's extra range. Pay attention to more elongated models, with small details arranged vertically. It will visually elongate your face and neck.
  • If you have long curls, they can just get lost in your hair. Drop earrings look great on open ears. Keep your long hair in your hair, and you can show the purity and beauty of your jewellery. Also, it's just convenient because you can control their presence on your lobes.

Silver Drop EarringsSilver Drop Earrings

To look attractive on a first date, at a party, or at an important meeting, you may need to wear drop earrings. Online shopping limits the choice. We have prepared a big guide to help you choose the best option.

  • To create a harmonious casual look, complement it with a pair of girly earrings. It can be modelled with an angel wing, a flower, cute animals, a feather, a leaf, lightning, or a heart. All this will create a playful mood and help you relax. Dresses or tops with bare shoulders and gathered hair will be suitable for this image. And the most important thing in this image is your smile.
  • To create a bright and fresh look, use bright elements. Choose a pair of richly coloured earrings for this purpose. They can support the colour scheme of the clothes or act as a bright accent. Earrings with contrasting colours look classy. In this case, the hair must not be gathered, as the contrasting shades will already be visible in the hair.
  • Rich chunky models are your choice if you're wearing an elegant evening gown. They look great against fancy dresses, emphasising the advantages of the figure, and are also great for weddings. If the dress has a neckline, then these earrings need a pair. For example, you can stylishly beat snake chains and lockets without a gemstone or plain cross.
  • Do you love street style? It's time to look for a pair of pendant earrings that can add a feminine touch to your look. Then pick something from our collection: earrings with one tassel or something with a more minimalist style. They complete the whole look and make it more stylish and attractive.
  • Romantic earrings are great with long skirts. They can be natural mother-of-pearl, pearls (freshwater or sea-navy), baroque or classic, or any other mineral. Metal designs alone will look stunning.
  • Drop earrings look luxurious with casual outfits as well. Try combining your favourite tank top or knit top with a pair of chic, casual-style earrings. Admiring looks are guaranteed. Earrings don't have to be encrusted with precious stones, but a good tone calls for quality materials, such as stylish openwork earrings in gold or silver.
  • If you need stylish earrings to create a business look, this modern model will again help you create the perfect look. Choose an option that will look great with your costume without attracting too much attention. In this case, harmony is the key to success. It may be a halo, a rectangle, or any other variant.
  • Graceful, feminine models are a must-have in your jewellery box. They will help create the right accent for any image and are suitable for going to the movies, for a walk, or for a family dinner. It doesn't have to be jewels. Stylish, minimalist, filigree little things are just fine.
  • To create an accent, choose massive models that immediately attract attention with their design. Such earrings are suitable for creating any image if you want to surprise and attract attention. The main rule is to wear more colourful stones.
  • Geometrics never goes out of style, and this time it will bail you out again if you want to look fashionable. It can be a triangle, a disk, a funny circle, a rhombus, hoop drop earrings, etc. Choose the best option for your new look by focusing on the shape of your face.

New Collection Drop EarringsNew Collection Drop Earrings

What materials can earrings be made of?

Actually, from any material. For your health, sterling silver may be the best choice when choosing a base, as well as gold of any standard and hue (yellow, lemon, white, or pink). Rhodium coating can improve the shine and resistance of items to mechanical damage. This makes them look even more sparkly and rich.

You can use gemstones of any origin as decoration. If you have doubts about the choice, then picking a stone according to the month of birth can be a nice option to accessorize. This way, you will not only purchase a lovely piece of jewellery, but the earrings will also serve as a cool amulet for you. To add drama, choose jewellery in rich colours (black, red, purple, green, etc.). To add lightweight, look for pieces with translucent minerals (e.g., aquamarine, rose quartz, tourmaline, etc.). You can choose any cut or cushion-cut mineral. To accentuate the earrings, choose those that use minerals of several shades at once. The cost of such jewellery will depend on the size of the gemstones, their rarity, cut, and quantity.

The FJewellery online shop offers a large collection of contemporary and vintage jewelry in a variety of styles. They are striking in images and have fancy looks on their body. To find the best option for yourself or as a gift for her, browse through the catalogue and images, and use the filters for a more specific choice. If you need help, our concierge is always ready to help and find the best option for you.