14ct Gold Earrings

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Earrings are a piece of jewellery that has their roots deep in the ages. Since time immemorial, they have captivated the imagination of women. This accessory completes the look. The most in-demand material for earrings is gold. Jewellers offer a huge variety of gold pieces for every occasion. But for everyday wear, 14 k gold earrings are the most suitable option. The FJewellery online shop offers a wide range of gold jewellery.

Why 14 ct gold earrings are so popular

Earrings that are to wear every day have special requirements. They must not only be beautiful, they must also be as comfortable and practical as possible and be able to withstand all kinds of external influences. The 14 karat gold alloy is able to meet these requirements to the maximum. Unlike pure gold, which is characterized by softness and brittleness, alloying the precious metal with other metals in varying proportions makes it more solid and durable. The proportion of additional metals in 14c gold is quite high - 41.5%. It is therefore highly durable, yet still retains its presentable appearance and the spectacular shine of the precious metal.

Pure 14ct gold is not only used by jewellers to make earrings. It is also used to create other jewellery for everyday wear - crosses, chains (for example, trace chains), pendants, bracelets, etc. They go well with 14k gold earrings and can be used as a set.

How much worth 14kt gold earrings depends on many factors: the weight of the gold used in the jewellery, the complexity of the design, the presence or absence of gemstones, their type, size, etc.

14 ct gold earrings

Main types of earrings

For her earrings in today's jewellery industry come in a huge variety. They can be made in classic, ethnic, floral, avant-garde, abstract designs, etc. Yet they can be divided into several main categories. The most popular are:

1. Studs

Versatile jewellery in a small size. They fit securely in the ears, yet are lightweight and comfortable. Your ears don't tire under their weight and your hair doesn't get tangled like in dangling earrings. They are very diverse. They can vary in size, design, be invalid with cubic zirconia, precious or semi-precious stones. This type of jewellery can be chosen: to create a business style - classic without inserts, for a walk, a meeting with friends in a café - with a scattering of cubic zirconia or coloured gemstones, for an evening outfit - with diamonds, sapphires, etc. The stud earrings are both simple and sophisticated. Most models are cheap, yet are capable of enhancing the wearer's appearance regardless of the shape of the face.

2. Hoop earrings

The oldest type of earrings. This jewellery was made long before gold was learned to be processed. They were made from bone, wood and other materials at hand. Modern hoop earrings are made from different types of gold. They can be smooth or grooved. There are mini models that gently envelop the earlobe, as well as medium or large size models (Congo).

3. Plate earrings

These are simple, beautiful jewellery pieces. A huge number of variations can be found. The plates can be made in the shape of a geometric figure (rhombus, oval, rectangle, triangle, etc.), a leaf, etc.

4. Pendant earrings

A very popular product. They are a small pendant attached to the base of an earring. It can be a chain, a drop, a heart. The pendants can also represent a geometric figure, a flower or an abstraction. Pendant earrings are highly mobile. They add dynamism and a special charm to an image from the play of stones and precious metal caused by slight wiggling.

How to choose earrings for their intended purpose

Depending on the purpose, earrings are distinguished as follows:

  • For every day. These earrings should be practical and not uncomfortable. For everyday wear, choose earrings that are small in size. They should not be too flashy to go well with a business style. For everyday wear, stud earrings are fine. Depending on the activity, these may be pieces without gemstones or with small stones.
  • For a friendly meeting or a party. Any spectacular and eye-catching model that goes with your outfit and other jewellery is suitable. These can be earrings with pendants or models with a unique design. They can be without gemstones, inlaid with brightly coloured stones or clear cubic zirconia crystals.
  • For going out or a celebration. Generally earrings with diamonds or other gemstones, which will accentuate your sophisticated taste and match your outfit perfectly, are chosen. A luxurious combination is offered by earrings in yellow gold with pure diamonds. It could be a diamond pendant or a delicate carnation flower with small diamonds enlivening each petal.

Other features of choosing earrings

An important criterion for choosing earrings is the shape of the face. The earlobe shape, eye colour and hair colour also influence the choice. The basic rules for choosing earrings are:

  • Different types of earrings are suitable for oval shapes. Round shapes soften sharp or rectangular facial features. Conversely, if the face is round, longer earrings are better.
  • If your earlobes are thin, don't choose massive earrings. They will look bad and are uncomfortable to wear. If your earlobes are wide, gold stud earrings are inappropriate.
  • For blonde hair, choose earrings in cool shades and for brunettes, models with rubies or emeralds are more suitable. Gold earrings without stones are also suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women.

Buy earrings in our online shop

In our online shop’s assortment, you can buy cute earrings for any outfit and event. Here you can find:

  • Yellow or rose gold hoop earrings.
  • Ball-shaped stud earrings and various other solutions.
  • Amulet earrings (hamsa, against the evil eye, etc.).
  • Jewellery without precious stones or cubic zirconia, diamonds, etc.

In addition to earrings, the shop offers a huge selection of:

You can choose your jewellery using the catalogue. The images make them look real, and the catalogue has a detailed description of each model.

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