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Earrings ruby is used in jewellery made of gold or another metal that uses ruby as the main stone. Ruby is a red gemstone that symbolises passion, love, energy, and success. Jewellery can be designed in a variety of styles, including classic, contemporary, vintage, or cocktail. They can be adorned with additional stones, such as real diamonds, sapphires, or emeralds, which give them even more sparkle and beauty. The FJewellery online store offers a large collection of such pieces at an attractive price.

What colours qualify as red ruby earrings?

As a rule, in ruby earrings, the colour of the stones may vary from light pink to blood red. The hue depends on many factors, including the clarity and transparency of the stone, its deposit, treatment conditions, etc.

The most valuable rubies are the brightest, most saturated-red ones with a high degree of purity. However, such stones may be quite rare and expensive, so the ruby earrings may contain stones of different hues and degrees of purity, depending on the price of the piece and the desired effect. The latest setting can always be discussed with the jeweller if you are looking for something special.

Material for ruby stone earrings

The choice of metal for ruby-stone earrings depends on the consumer's preference, the style of the piece, and the budget. Gold is generally considered more prestigious and expensive than silver, so gold earrings with rubies may cost more than silver.

However, silver can also be a good choice for ruby earrings, especially if you want a cheap piece at a more affordable price. In addition, silver has a noble lustre and can be used in a variety of styles and designs.

Regardless of the metal you choose, it is important to pay attention to the quality and durability of the product so that it is comfortable and reliable to use. Any of these metals may or may not have a coating.

Ruby organs in earrings

Genuine rubies in earrings can come in all kinds of cuts. Some of them even look great in images. Some of the most popular cuts of rubies in earrings include:

  • The round cut is one of the most popular cuts for rubies. It gives the stone a balanced and brilliant shine.
  • The oval cut is also quite popular and may give the ruby a special charm and elegance. In this version, the height of the mineral is visually greater than the width.
  • The emerald cut is rectangular and distinguished by its large facets, which allow the internal structure of the stone to be seen.
  • The cabochon cut is a faceless cut that gives the stone a smooth outline and smooth surface. The cabochon cut can be used to create more classic and traditional designs.
  • The triangle cut can give a ruby a unique and unusual look that is particularly suited to modern and bold designs.
  • The baguette ruby cut in earrings is one of the most popular and elegant cuts. A baguette ruby is a long rectangular or square stone that has many facets and sharp angles that can play with the light in the stone. This cut allows the stone to showcase its rich colour and lustre, making it very attractive for earrings and other jewelry. The baguette cut is also often used in combination with other cuts to create unique and beautiful earring designs.
  • The Princess cut ruby is one of the most popular cuts in jewellery. It is a square or rectangular stone with incisors at the corners that make the stone more lustrous and attractive. This maximises its bright and rich colour, giving the jewellery an elegant and luxurious look. It also combines well with other types of cuts, such as round or diamond cuts, to create unique and original designs for ruby earrings.
  • The pear shaped cut of rubies in earrings is a pear-shaped or teardrop-shaped stone in which the upper part of the stone is pointed and the lower part is convex. It is one of the most popular and recognisable cuts for rubies and other gemstones. The pear cut emphasises the vivid colour of the stone, making it look elegant and refined. The pear cut can also be used to create variations on ruby earrings, for example, paired with purity diamonds to enhance the beauty and sparkle of the stone.

Ultimately, the choice of the cut depends on the taste and preferences of the buyer, as well as the style and design of the earrings. Depending on the design, you can find the right fit for a dress, costume, or any other outfit.

The 11 best designs of natural ruby earrings for her that we love

  1. Classic round earrings are elegant and simple; such earrings can have simple or decorative locks that are decorated with diamonds or other precious stones.
  2. Drop-shaped rubies look beautiful, creating a graceful and feminine look.
  3. Ruby earrings in the shape of a flower. Floral earrings with rubies come in a variety of petal shapes and sizes, allowing you to create a unique and striking design. This also includes earrings in the shape of a butterfly.
  4. Ruby earrings with geometric shapes like squares, triangles, rhombuses, or halo can create a fashionable and modern look.
  5. Earrings with large rubies are eye-catching and can be the perfect choice for special occasions.
  6. Antique-style ruby earrings can have symmetrical patterns or images that delight with their beauty and mystical look.
  7. The combination of rubies and diamonds can create a gorgeous look with brilliant, sparkling stones. Minerals can be small or big.
  8. Pavé, or "pebbles," are numerous tiny stones placed on the surface of an earring that can adorn ruby earrings, making them bright and sparkling.
  9. Ruby and mother of pearl are the perfect combinations for creating classic and elegant earrings.
  10. Sunburst: Sunburst is a bright and sunny colour, and sunbeam ruby earrings can be a great addition to your summer wardrobe.
  11. Design with 7 stones. A huge selection of such pieces is offered by the designer. These can be seven rubies arranged in a circle, in the form of a chain, in an arc, etc.

It is important to choose a design that matches the personality and style of the person for whom you plan to purchase earrings. Beautiful and stylish jewellery in our collection can have any type of clasps. It all depends on your preferences.

Cost of earrings

The cost of ruby earrings can depend on many factors, including:

  • The most important factor influencing the cost of ruby earrings is the quality of the stone itself. The richer and purer the colored, the higher the price will be.
  • The size and weight of a ruby. The larger the stone, the higher its value. The size and weight of ruby earrings can significantly affect their price.
  • The quantity and quality of precious metals. Gold and silver are the most common metals used to make jewellery. The higher the quality of the metal, the more expensive the earrings.
  • The design of ruby earrings can range from simple to complex. The more elaborate the design, the higher the price.
  • Rare rubies, such as the "blood-red" ruby from Burma, can be much more expensive than ordinary stones.
  • A certified stone's quality can affect its value. Rubies certified by major jewellery labs may cost more.

In general, the cost of ruby earrings depends on the uniqueness and quality of the stone, the design, and the materials used, and may vary greatly depending on these factors. For example, a 2 carat mineral is a rather large stone that can only be the centrepiece in earrings; a 1 carat gemstone may be a worthy choice for holiday pieces.

Buy ruby earrings for everyone. They can be given to womens and men as gifts for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, graduations, and other special events. They look very cute on childrens and little girls. Ruby earrings can also be a great gift for yourself to complete your look or add a little luxury to your everyday life. They fit perfectly on ear in any design.

Ruby is also the birthstone for people born in July. It is also a symbol of the 40th anniversary of marriage.

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