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The main task of any jewelry is that it should decorate the girl, emphasise the existing advantages and draw attention to her beauty. Delicate and airy butterfly earrings perfectly cope with this, which help to create a truly feminine and sophisticated look. They are especially good for kids - young fashionistas are madly attracted by their unusual fabulous shape and bright sparkling crystal inserts. In the FJewellery catalogue, we have prepared for you a whole collection of such graceful products in a very affordable price range - here you are sure to find a unique accessory for yourself or as a gift for your little girl! Welcome!

Design features

Animal and fancy motifs have been common in jewellery since very ancient times. So, for example, in Ancient Greece they preferred just such graceful and filigree earrings, made in the form of beautiful animals and covered with thin golden patterns and natural precious stones. They were very voluminous and shine dazzlingly in the sun, and their real theme went well with the existing Greek legends and the airy attires of the ladies of those amazing centuries.

A long time has passed since then, but even today such topics don't lose their relevance, and fashion brands and even every famous designer strive to recreate luxurious examples of the precious art of antiquity in their work and often turn to those beautiful Greek motifs in their search. It's noteworthy that in our time it finds a great response in the hearts of contemporary stylish ladies, as well as small children and teenagers. In general, this isn't at all surprising, because such accessories bring a special sophisticated charm to female outfits and help create light and carefree images that impress girls so much.

Earring butterflies come in the most diverse variations today, and they are all cute and unique in their own way. There are both the simplest metal models without additional inserts, and with the use of tiny shiny crystals that cover the surface of the accessory. Dainty butterflies stand out in an especially original way, where only one part of their wings is covered with a scattering of gems, and the second sparkles with a smooth polished metal surface. For such products, small and most often transparent stones are used, which are laid in a single, double or even triple row. You can also find models that use larger gems in baguette and marquise cuts - they give the earrings a very unusual geometric form and look very impressive on ear.

As a precious insert for such earrings, cubic zirconia is most often used - a unique crystal that has many advantages and is distinguished by its low cost. This gem isn't natural, but is created in laboratories, and therefore can be of absolutely any colour, shape and even size. Due to its artificial origin, it is devoid of all sorts of defects that can be found in a genuine gemstone, but at the same time it's of high quality and isn't inferior to them in its purity and transparency. For these mini studs, this is really the best and most organic solution. On the FJewellery website, we always add their real pictures to the products, so you can take a look at these models yourself and see how elegant and harmonious it looks.

Selection of metals

If you want to buy butterfly earrings, we recommend that you immediately start by choosing the right type of metal for the base. Most often for sale in the store, you will find the two very popular options - sterling silver and noble luxurious gold. The first option stands out in particular because it's cheap and accessible to a larger audience, however, this metal is softer and doesn't have such an extensive colour palette as gold. If you want variety and bright colours, then aurum is for you. It's more durable and can be made in a variety of shades - from classic yellow to strictly white and delicate rose. Also, at the peak of popularity now is a mix of different golden shades in one piece of jewelry, which looks very stylish and non-standard.

Beside the base metal, an additional protective coating is always used, which protects the accessory from mechanical damage and adds a special rich shine to it. For this, a thin layer of rhodium is used, and a matte finish or blackening for silver is used as decorative coatings. In our online store, we always indicate all the features of the metal in the product description and there you can also study its other characteristics, such as:

  • dimensions (height, diameter, etc.),
  • weight,
  • information about inserts,
  • type of clasps,
  • and so on.

How to wear and what is better to combine?

Given the very unusual style and small size of these butterflies, they can be safely combined with other studs or more elongated and even big earrings. This is especially true if you have a few more piercings in your ear - they don't have to be worn only on the earlobe, but can be lifted higher. Precious butterflies are light in weight and have a very simple, but practical and reliable clasp, and therefore are great as a first accessory for a baby. Each young lady will be delighted with such a present and will definitely fall in love with them!

If we talk about the combination with womens clothing, then any options are also acceptable with them. Such earrings are not the central element of the image, but they can complement the ensemble and make it as complete as possible. Their design allows you to wear them literally with any outfit: the familiar casual, free sports style, feminine summer dresses and light sundresses, elegant costumes for an evening out - sparkling butterflies will look appropriate and harmonious in any trendy image.

They can also make a great base for any jewellery set, as they can be paired with most childrens and ladies' accessories without putting too much emphasis on style or shape. Our assortment includes many interesting and bright decorations that are perfect for this kit, for example:

The range of the FJewellery boutique is constantly growing and expanding, so stay tuned for updates, so you don't miss out on bright and exclusive new items for your precious wardrobe! Waiting for you!