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Emerald earrings are an incredible luxury that captivates at first sight. They have to make an impeccable first impression: beauty, radiance, purity - no lady can resist such an accessory, because this is truly royal chic! In our online catalogue, we have collected only the brightest and trendiest models with this amazing stone, and their affordable price will pleasantly surprise you. FJewellery specialists have taken care of everything and offer you only the best and high-quality products for your precious collection. Join now and enjoy this delightful sparkling gem with us! 

Amazing facts about genuine emerald

This striking gemstone is shrouded in mysteries and legends no less than an original diamond. It's called the symbol of true love, the greatest wisdom and fidelity. The Ancient Romans believed that the ring with such a stone was worn by the magnificent goddess Venus herself and that it became a talisman that she bestowed on people. It was also the favourite gem of the majestic ruler of the banks of the Nile - Cleopatra; she believed that this is what best suits her beautiful eyes and emphasises the tenderness of the skin. The Ancient Egyptians attributed many meanings to it and believed that it would bring fertility to their lands and promote rebirth. Other ancient cultures also believed in its unique natural magic and even considered it a symbol of the warm month of May, when nature awakens from a cold sleep and everything around blooms in the same striking green colour. It is also considered a birthstone for all those born in the sunny last month of spring.

Throughout human history, emeralds have been of great importance and highly valued - they were decorated with crowns and tiaras of both the great European rulers and the wisest eastern padishahs. Fine jewelry with this insert is a tribute to ancient traditions and real works of precious art, which can be the most desired gift, an inherited family heirloom or the highlight of a personal collection of accessories. But it's essential to remember that the original emerald cannot be very cheap, and therefore you should choose a new pair of earrings without haste and specifying all the nuances. Natural green stone is not just a sparkling insert, but a jewel that attracts attention and reflects the character of the owner, which can give you a new look and make it unforgettable!

Properly selected emerald green earrings should be not only beautiful, but also of high quality! Their harmony with a holistic image is very essential, so that they don't stand out from the overall composition, but are its logical continuation and special completion. You also need to pay attention to their conformity in style to clothing and wearing comfort. To ensure this, FJewellery boutique experts have prepared some useful tips for you - they will simplify the selection of new accessories and help you not be disappointed in your choice. And so, let's start with the most significant!

Emerald quality 

Of course, these are two fundamental parameters in the selection of green earrings with gorgeous emeralds - the durability of the product and your personal pleasure from wearing it depend on them. So, a genuine stone cannot be too light or bright - professional jewellers claim that its brilliance is comparable to the play of luxurious green velvet fabric. A real crystal may even be slightly cloudy, as if a thin milky coating envelops it, but there is nothing surprising in this and doesn't in the least diminish its value. The fact is that the most transparent minerals are insanely rare - they are bought by famous collectors, and simpler, but no less refined stones are often used for jewellery.

The size of the stone is also a very significant indicator - usually gems over 5 carats are a very expensive rarity. The height and width of the crystal in earrings cannot be very large, and therefore if you find a similar product with a big and perfectly transparent emerald at a low cost, you can be sure that it's either of poor quality, or even an imitation. And in this regard, our main advice - don't look for such accessories on sale in unverified stores and choose only those sellers who are ready to provide you with the necessary certificates of authenticity and this will be the best place for such purchases. For example, our website always contains all the information about products and inlays, as well as real pictures and the necessary documentation - we are responsible for the quality of each piece of jewelry and cooperate only with trusted suppliers.

Cut features

Emerald is a fairly hard stone and has an index of 7.5-8 on the Moss scale, and therefore it's not difficult to give it the desired look and shape. We want to introduce you to the most popular cuts of these gems and have prepared a small guide.

  1. Emerald cut - this is the most timeless classic for such crystals. It has the shape of a stepped rectangle with very clear and even edges that prevent possible chipping of the corners. Excellent for minerals with sizes from 1 to 2 carat, but larger is possible.
  2. Baguette is a slightly elongated and oblong variation of the previous type of cut that looks good in solo jewellery.
  3. Square cut is the traditional form for green crystals with sharp edges and absolutely smooth corners.
  4. Cushion cut - a very grace variation of the traditional square. It has soft rounded bases and seems to rise above the entire surface of the accessory.
  5. Princess cut - a relatively new and very contemporary interpretation of a strictly square with an elongated base. It's the ideal insert for solitaire models and similar combinations.
  6. Round shape - perhaps the most ancient and sought-after of the cutting options, which has not lost its adherents and has not gone out of fashion for centuries.
  7. Oval - soft and delicate cut for the most graceful jewellery. An ideal complement for it is a common stone processing technique - cabochon, in which it acquires an impeccably smooth, slightly convex and polished surface. It's these gems that are most frequently used in halo models.
  8. Marquis cut is essentially a classic, but long oval with more pointed edges. Visually resembles a small precious boat. It looks good as an independent decorative element in products.
  9. Pear - a luxurious and very common cut with asymmetrical edges. It's very similar to a tiny precious tear that shines incredibly in the sun. This form is ofttimes used in decorations with fancy designs in the form of a flower or other plants, where a sparkling drop imitates a petal, fruit or leaf.
  10. Heart - infinitely sweet, romantic and sensual cut, which has no equal in the selection of wedding accessories. This is a real must-have for future brides with a very subtle and tender soul.

Setting for emerald

This gem can be called universal in every sense, as it combines perfectly with all types of metals and looks harmonious in any setting. Of course, the most spectacular combination is emeralds and warm traditional gold, especially when it comes to exquisite emerald green statement earrings. Two minerals form a unique and juicy duet, perfectly revealing and enhancing each other's shades.

However, it would not be true to say that with silver this crystal looks bad or not interesting. Against the background of this noble cold metal, the amazing shade of emerald seems even deeper and more magical. This is especially evident in models with dark silver, where the old technique of blackening is used. This gives the accessory an incredible vintage charm and a feeling that it's really very ancient and valuable.

In a frame of transparent diamonds, a coloured stone looks especially advantageous: the gems don't interfere with each other at all and, on the contrary, reveal their mutual splendor even better - the best combination that you can imagine! Such a precious tandem has long been a favourite for every fashion designer.

How to choose the right gem earrings

We have already said what is essential regarding the insertion, but if you want to buy emerald earrings and enjoy your purchase for a long time, then you need to know a few more nuances.

  1. Clasps. Standard for large models, options with a traditional English lock are used - it's strong and will definitely hold heavy earrings on ear. But if you prefer small items, then a stud clasp will come in handy here - it's practical, reliable and almost invisible behind the lobe, and therefore won't distract too much attention. These fasteners are very common for childrens accessories, and they are flawless to wear.
  2. Designs. There is a fairly large selection and should be based on your personal preferences and wardrobe features. If you are looking for a model for a particular occasion, then make sure that it will blend seamlessly with your costume and not seem superfluous. For regular wear, it's easier to pick up - most modern designs look good with traditional casual or business looks.
  3. Combinations. Womens models with emeralds are equally well mixed with both luxurious evening accessories and simple items for every day - the main thing here is that at least one match is observed: the type or shade of the metal, the combination of inserts, the general style or the similarity of shapes. Otherwise, don't be afraid to experiment!

We recommend that you take a closer look at the following accessories from our assortment, and we are sure that they will be the most suitable for any kit with emeralds. These can be:

We invite you to explore the entire range of the FJewellery store yourself and enjoy the convenient online shopping to the fullest! Welcome!