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It is hard to find a person who is indifferent to 14k gold jewellery, and it's not surprising. Such accessories are a welcome gift for every girl, they can be presented as a keepsake to a close friend or family member, and they are also a good investment, for example, in a family gold collection or for the future for a child. In any case, such a product will not be left idle and will definitely not become an unnecessary or thoughtless purchase. In the online catalogue of FJewellery, we have collected the best, highest quality and most affordable jewellery models for you.

14 ct (585) gold jewellery

Here everyone can find something unique and inimitable for themselves! And here are the most pleasant bonuses and frequent clearance sales, and you can purchase any product you like with a good discount! After all, we strive to become the best in our business for you! Welcome!

Choosing precious accessories correctly

There are a great variety of types and designs of 14 ct gold jewellery, and they are all beautiful in their own way. But it's important to remember that each piece must be personalized. For example, are you looking for an anniversary gift for your girlfriend or want to make her a marriage proposal? The selection of women's accessories is simply huge and there are options for every like and budget. And in order not to get lost among all the precious variety, it's very important to find out in advance what kind of decoration she prefers and what will be most desirable for her. Or vice versa, you choose what to give your beloved man, brother or father. Men's products are very different in style: some are massive and bright - more suitable for young people who love luxury and shocking, others are more restrained and strict - for more mature and respectable men. In this case, also take a closer look at the person and choose based on his personality and image. The main thing is to take into account the main points:

  • age,
  • style of clothes,
  • preferences (favorite colour, how often wears jewelry, etc.).

Before buying, it's important to check the 14ct gold ​accessory for all kinds of defects and the presence of a factory sample or a stamp from manufacturers. Famous brands always make special marks on their products, which proves their authenticity and is a sign of quality. Many craftsmen who create original precious decorations have the custom of leaving their own marks on them in the form of small pictures or initials, which is also a guarantee that the product is real and created by a professional.

Size matters, and when it comes to gold rings, you need to know for sure in advance to make it fit. And when choosing chains and bracelets, you need to pay attention to the clasps. They must be strong and secure so that the decoration can’t fly off the neck or wrist. The length is also important, since the necklace may be too long or too short, and the bracelet may not fasten or, on the contrary, fall off the hand.

14 carat (585) gold jewelry

Always ask your salesperson how to properly care for 14kt gold jewelry, how it should be cleaned, and how often polishing will be needed. In some cases, only professional cleaning by a specialist may be necessary in order to avoid unwanted damage (for example, if the product is filled with many small gemstones or has very dainty ​connecting elements).

Where is the best place to shop?

We have all heard the magic phrase "online shopping" and know perfectly well how much it saves time, nerves and energy. Choosing gifts and making purchases while sitting at home on your own comfortable sofa is much more convenient and enjoyable than rushing headlong through the mall in search of something special. So, in the FJewellery store you can find the model you are interested in much faster, and the price will be lower than in retail outlets. In addition, there is much more choice here and there are no annoying consultants - you yourself decide whether you need the help of a specialist and, if so, contact him directly through the chat on the site. A convenient search system by main characteristics, a photo of each accessory from several angles, an understandable and simple payment system and fast delivery are solid advantages!

How to combine gold items with each other?

Do you want to buy several 14 karat jewelers at once and assemble an original kit from them? Fine! But remember the important rules:

  1. The jewellery you want to wear should be in the same style and the metal should be similar in colour. For example, a thin gold chain singapore can be decorated with a small locket or charm pendants made from the same material.
  2. Don't overdo it. You should not put on many accessories with large precious stones at once, otherwise they will lose their value. Better to focus on one thing.
  3. Combine jewelry with repeating elements. For example, a set of heart earrings and a silver wire and heart ladies’ bangle will look very cute.
  4. General form. So, when buying a bracelet for a chain, it's better that they have the same type of weaving.
  5. Cheap doesn't mean bad! As mentioned above, the cost of jewelry on the Internet is much lower than in simple shops. Don't pursue high prices, because this is not always a guarantee of good quality. Choose wisely!

Gold jewellery 14k

By following these simple tips, you will very quickly find the perfect decorations and don't get lost among all the variety that is on sale.

The main goal of the online boutique FJewelery is to sell only the best and most unique 14 carat jewellery, so that all our customers are satisfied and come back to us again and again. That's why, we are constantly expanding our assortment and carefully check each product before sending it to the client. Visit our website and see for yourself!