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Lovers of gold rings don’t always have an opportunity to visit a local store and pick up the most suitable model. This is especially true nowadays, when the travel limitations caused by the pandemic may prevent numerous customers from reaching the place they would prefer to visit. In this perspective, online shopping becomes a lifesaver.

With its help, reputable suppliers like FJewellery are enabled to offer the best deals that will work for fashionistas and those who are crazy and comfort-fit things. Many people doubt that a quick look at the item on the web is enough to order a gold ring online. Luckily, the brand mentioned above presents only high-qualitative shots of their assortment. In turn, photos and images allow seeing a real appearance of accessories. Such a catalogue of gorgeous dainty rings made of gold will come in handy for customers looking for gifts for themselves and their beloved ones.

Gold rings

How to Determine the Right Size of the Ring

Once you determine which model is most attractive in your eyes, it is time to choose the necessary size. There will be a size guide on the website that will help you not get lost among dozens of cool and unique goods. If you don’t have an opportunity to get to a jewelry salon to find the ring’s correct size, that’s not a huge challenge to make proper considerations at home.

In general, there are two pretty similar ways to solve this issue. Customers need to use a simple paper strip or a piece of string, rope, or any other similar material for the first variant. Consider for which finger you would like to purchase an accessory and measure its widest part where rings are placed. Please note that the material you use for sizing shouldn’t be wider than 1.4 centimetres. Measurements are done in millimetres from the beginning of the strip to its endpoint. All is left to do is to divide the achieved results by 3.14. That’s how you can determine the size of your finger without any additional guides.

Gold Rings

The second option is quite similar. The only difference is that customers are welcome to refer to special tables with the connection between measurements and ring sizes.

On the FJewellery website, interested parties are free to check the size they need by fulfilling the special box with their measurements. The system will automatically pick up the appropriate option. Let’s be more precise. While size M refers to 52.5 mm, size R equals 58.9 mm. Even the slightest differences in sizes result in choosing the next size up or down. For example, the measurements for sizes S and T are very close. However, the first one is suitable for 60.2 mm, and the second — for 61.4 mm.

The size of your ring will determine whether the experience of wearing it will be comfortable and enjoyable. It influences the unit’s longevity as well. Although creative in design and cheap, the wrong accessory will lose all of its attraction capabilities if it is too loose or too small. Due to modern and latest technologies, it is possible to change the size of ready-made products, making them more suitable. However, trendy collections are created to shine stunningly straight away without any updates. Altering the piece’s size may have a negative impact on its appearance, especially if you aren’t lucky to apply to so-called professionals with poor experience in the field.

Rings are beloved by different peoples worldwide, and their original value is to bring positive emotions of happiness. Either it is a signet ring for dad or mum, for him or for her, and even for children, it would be better and more well-thought-out to consider the size issue as not something necessary to avoid, but something achievable and solvable. The FJewellery team is always there to assist worried consumers and select the most suitable model at the lowest price possible for their special occasion. Weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries — any day and date is perfect for pleasing people you love with an elegant and fashionable purchase.

General Recommendations

Shopping online simplifies a lot of daily-routine duties and makes customers’ experience more appealing. An average consumer won’t pay much attention to fine points of challenges connected with selecting accessories’ right size. Many average users are more focused on finding delicate models of new designs and with gems of big carats. Looking for sales only doesn’t leave enough energy for thinking about something else than how much this or that model costs. The desire to prepare a luxury gift for the dearest individuals in your surrounding is a worthy reason to consider the following pieces of advice as well:

  • Morning hours aren’t the best time to wear a new golden ring or arrange a home measurement session. Several women and men face a swelling problem due to water stagnation in the body during the night. Since your fingers are likely to be slightly swollen, it is a daunting task to predict which size will be correct. It would be more considerable to wait a bit until you see your body state comes back to normal. You are welcome to get sizes at different times of the day to determine which solution will serve as a nice compromise. It means it will work for you when your fingers are swollen and when they are not.
  • After a workout and after walking, it is not advisable to measure the finger to determine the correct size. The problem mentioned above has chances to occur. Still, there is a high percentage to face the consequences of your nervousness (increased adrenaline level in the blood, other hormones), somewhat elevated body temperature, and hyperhidrosis symptoms will also not give the right picture.
  • You know exactly what size of the ring you require, but the necessary size won’t work for you. This is a pretty spread scenario, but it isn’t a reason to deny online shopping. Much depends on the thickness of the model itself and the country of production. Please note that wide wings will seem slightly larger than narrow alternatives. Moreover, different countries have their unique systems of measurements. If you want to stay on the safe side and avoid as many mistakes and risks as possible, why not buy class jewellery from popular brands in the UK? Then you will be sure the size you expect to achieve when the package is delivered is the same as what is received since FJewellery helps in choosing the correct size and offers regular discounts for various types of accessories (not only rings but also gold bracelets, gold earrings, pendants made of gold, etc.). It sounds like a perfect way-out, doesn’t it?
  • Surprisingly, the fingers on the right and left hands are usually of different sizes. Usually, right-handed persons have thicker fingers on their right hand, and vice versa for left-handed people. Keep this in mind when selecting gifts for someone or purchasing a ring for your own needs.

Five Fingers Mean Five Choices

People are adjusted to wearing rings on the ring fingers (also known as wedding-ring) and middle fingers. While both men and women wear wedding and engagement rings on their fourth fingers, the middle finger is a universal location for wearing accessories. Either flower designs with pretty flatforms or pure experiment with geometrical figures and shapes colourfully brushed or with an ultra plain layout, any ring is likely to look excellent on this finger.

Rings made of Gold

What about others, then? Stay tuned to check it out:

  • It isn’t the most straightforward task ever, just to insert the right size of the ring for the thumb and enjoy your purchase later. Sometimes, there are massive phalanges present in this area, so you will have to select a wide position to shine bright on your finger to ensure it will pass by the joint. The chosen design has all the risks to appear to be too loose and dangling on the bottom part of the finger. If that is suitable for you and won’t spoil your hand operations (even simple washing of hands may be a problem then), it is recommended to avoid rings with inlays. Plain samples without gems, either big or small, will function fine. If the thumb is the same size as the middle finger, please follow common recommendations to go for the right piece.
  • The index finger is extremely active during the day. In this perspective, customers should choose rings that “hug” the finger snugly and don’t restrict movements. A comfortable fit is the main requirement.
  • The considerations for picking up accessories for little fingers are alike with the tips for the index one. The only difference is that it isn’t as active as the previously mentioned part of the hand. The snug fit guarantees you will not get it lost since it is pretty easy not to notice its absence.

Matchability of Rings

The most straightforward part of the journey is to buy gold rings. The variety of different designs is likely to become a problem too. Apart from defining which size you need, it is worth thinking about whether matte finish or other peculiarities are to your liking.

On the one hand, customers have to invest in models of solid quality created to last. On the other hand, consumers are to make sure their recently bought item matches other jewels they possess. If you decide how to choose the ring, you should think about what kind of jewellery you or the target recipient enjoys and has. What are you going to wear this accessory with? Will it be suitable for evening gowns or an official dress code in offices? These and similar questions are to be thought about carefully.

Gold rings

If your accessories have gemstones, it would be better to get a ring with the same inserts or options that will harmonise with the existing collection. Don’t forget about the colour of the metal itself. For example, jewellery of gold or white tones would look much better with the same metal.

Once you know these details, it is the exact moment to make your solution a bit more personalised:

  • Unusual rings — when we say unique, we don’t mean only brand units which exist in a minimal quantity. The main thing here is to add exciting details to the chosen product. Engravings are an excellent decision in this case. That is how you will implement more thoughtful and careful directions in your ideal present. When designs matter significantly, but nothing is appealing to you on the website, the FJewellery specialists will check for you whether good options exist and are available at their partners’ stores and warehouses.
  • Old European cuts — the history repeats itself so that once-popular layouts can surprise in the twenty-first century as well. What is meant here is the heirloom-inspired essence of the ring to purchase. It is stylish to connect styles of divergent epochs to achieve something utterly magnificent at the end. Pieces of this kind will become unchangeable witnesses of your family traditions and will turn out to be beautiful signs of your love and new customs to follow by the next generations.
  • Alternative metals and gems — gold is universal, but other substitutions will help you be up in arms in different life situations. Alternative aesthetics is one of the preferable trends of today.


If the recommendations seem overwhelming for you, nobody will stop you from getting a straightforward reply from the brand you like. The FJewellery shop is happy to meet new customers and help them achieve their goals and objectives. Although the choice of excellent rings seems too complicated, it doesn’t mean the process is deprived of fun and delight.

Online shopping is accessible and convenient. You don’t have to make tons of effort to receive jewellery to satisfy you for long years and ages. The longer you hesitate, the harder it will be for you to start getting new experiences and valuable products. One of the things customers are welcome to remember is that FJewellery will make everything possible to guide you through this journey with minimum stress and maximum positive feedback.

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