Women's Gold Rings

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Perhaps the most common item in the wardrobe of every contemporary lady is womens gold rings and no wonder! This is the very accessory that can safely be called eternal and irreplaceable - it hasn't lost its popularity and demand for more than one century, and women of all ages wear it with pleasure, including both in their everyday and most luxurious evening looks. The fashion for these jewelries will never go away and that's a fact! That is why we try to collect as many models of these accessories as possible in the FJewellery boutique collection and offer them to you at a very pleasant and affordable price. On our website, there are options for rings from classic to the most modern and non-standard, new and pre-owned, relevant now and vintage - options for every taste and budget! Join now, explore our assortment and complete your precious wardrobe with stylish new jewels with us! Welcome!

Women's Gold Rings

A bit from the history of the most popular jewellery: from antiquity to the present day

Rings are one of the most common decorations on the planet. Their presence was found in almost every culture of antiquity, and everywhere they acted as symbols of social status, power, wealth and strength. For several millennia of their existence, their meaning has changed repeatedly, but the form remains unchanged to this day.

According to many legends, rings were known in primitive times. Of course, they were the simplest and by no means precious. The first copy was made by a man in love. The story says that when he saw a beautiful girl, he fell in love with her without memory and tied her waist, legs and arms with a thin rope to keep her by his side. So, the ring, or rather the circle, acquired a symbol of power and became associated with unbridled passion.

It isn't known exactly where the first rings appeared, but many researchers agree that the tradition of wearing them came to us from the Middle East. Archaeologists have proven that at different times they were worn:

  • Egyptians,
  • Babylonians,
  • Persians,
  • Chaldeans,
  • Assyrians,
  • Akkadians,
  • Sumerians.

The very first wedding rings came to us from Ancient Egypt.Then they were not made of gold at all, and they looked little like modern ones. They were still worn on the ring finger, and the round endless shape symbolised the eternal and indestructible union of two people. Lovers wore jewelry made from:

  • reed,
  • glass,
  • leather,
  • clay,
  • bones.

Decorations made of metal appeared later and became a real breakthrough. Since gold has always been considered a special and even magical mineral, such accessories were typically used in various religious rites and ritual ceremonies. They invested a sacred meaning and many believed in their great inexhaustible power.

Depending on the country and its culture, designs varied greatly. So, in Ancient Greece, floral and animalistic motifs, an abundance of volumetric ornaments, golden details and precious stones were popular. In ancient Rome, more strict and simple forms were preferred, without pretentious details and filigree ornaments. At the same time, the tradition of creating signet rings began to emerge, which were used as a personal signature - the owner always carried them with him in order to certify the transfer of goods or property at any time. Sometimes they were made of iron, since they were not decorative, but rather domestic in nature.

In the Middle Ages, very occult properties were attributed to rings made of this unique metal, and gold itself became a valuable ingredient for alchemical research. With the advent of the Renaissance, plain accessories were replaced by artsy and luxurious examples of jewellery art. Each designer of that era strove to create their own precious masterpiece in order to surpass their peers and become the best in their field. These unique decorations can be seen in numerous pictures of those times - a truly impressive sight! Since the cost of such products was prohibitively high, they were worn exclusively by people of high income:

  • notable people,
  • priests,
  • knights,
  • kings.

Over time, they ceased to invest a deep meaning and began to be used as an exquisite and exclusive element of decoration. Little has changed latest, and gold rings for ladies still remain a wonderful decor for a wide variety of outfits and looks. However, they have become much more affordable and today every woman can afford to purchase these magnificent accessories for her personal collection. And it's possible to do this in the FJewellery store, where a variety of models are presented. It's easy to choose - the main thing is to know what to focus on! And we will help you with this!

Metal selection

This is the significant thing with which the selection of any accessory begins. And although we are talking about gold, it also has different types and, accordingly, characteristics.

There are several various alloys, each with a different proportion of pure gold. The most popular are 9, 14 and 18 carats, although there are actually many more. The purity of an alloy is determined by the percentage of other metals added to it. Most often in gold add:

  • silver,
  • zinc,
  • copper,
  • nickel,
  • palladium,
  • cobalt.

This is done to give the golden alloy mechanical strength, durability and wear resistance. Also, with the help of such ligatures, you can change the colour of the product and a wide palette of shades is available here, literally for every taste, even the most sophisticated and picky.

In addition, all these indicators affect the price of a precious product. So, an alloy with a lot of additives will be cheap compared to a purer one. It's worth noting the weight of accessories - it also changes the cost. Light weight happens with hollow products, and they are much cheaper than solid and heavy ones.

How to determine this when buying online? Everything is simple! On our website, in the card of each model, its main characteristics are indicated, among which:

  • actual price,
  • metal parameters,
  • size and weight,
  • the presence of inserts,
  • real pics.

You can explore and compare your favourite options with each other in just a few minutes from the comfort of your sofa! Isn't it very convenient?

But let's move on and figure out the rest of the selection nuances!

Types, varieties, designs

Contemporary designers and fashion brands every year offer us more and more diverse variations of gold rings for her. Here are traditional models, and more fancy and even extravagant - the choice is huge. But let's talk about each in detail.

The most common type are elegant rings with big gems in the centre. They are graceful, concise, amazing, suitable for any outfits and images and invariably arouse admiration. By the way, this design is in the top among engagement rings. A man gives this accessory to his beloved girlfriend asking the main question and hoping to hear an affirmative answer - this alone makes them special!

Ladies Rings made of GoldLadies Rings made of Gold

Also, among the popular models are rings with three, five, seven or more stones - luxurious, bright, chic. They are very noticeable on the hand and are sure to make you the centre of attention at any party or meeting. Perfect for elegant evening outfits.

If we talk about gemstones, then an option with a thin path of precious crystals is no less demanded. They frame the entire product in a circle, creating a feeling of infinity. Such products often use small diamonds or their more affordable counterparts - cubic zirconia. It looks very cute and brilliant - suitable for casual style, and for special occasions.

Stones are frequently encrusted in pinky rings. Since the product itself is not large, the insert is also little and graceful. They can be worn alone or mixed with other ones.

Want more shine and glamour? Then your option is cocktail accessories - chunk, bright, extravagant. Each model is unique and inimitable, it looks just great and self-sufficient. These items are usually very heavy and thick, with unusual designs and fancy cut stones - they are ideal for bold short dresses, cheeky costumes and other original outfits.

For girls who prefer discreet conciseness, traditional golden rings without inserts will be an ideal option. It can be a simple metal band for the thumb or pinky, a bizarre model for the phalanx, or a set of several decorations of various shapes and colours for different fingers. Stylish, but at the same time simple, they will look good in any wardrobe:

  • casual,
  • boho,
  • business,
  • evening chic,
  • etc.

Do you want to look like a celebrity in photos in glossy magazines? Then the Halo models are what you need! Large, alluring, magical - it's simply impossible to take your eyes off them - with such an accessory, everyone will appreciate your impeccable and sophisticated female taste!

You have probably already decided to buy gold rings for women and even chose which ones. Then it only remains for us to advise you on additional jewellery in the kit in order to complete the image as much as possible and make it original and exclusive. We have the following options on sale:

Welcome to the FJewellery shop, where our managers will be happy to select the best jewellery options for you and help you at every stage of the purchase! Do you want to know what is the coolest online shopping? Then we are waiting for you!

Pre-owned 9ct Yellow Gold Seven Red Cubic Zirconia Ring
Pre-owned 9ct Yellow Gold Seven Red Cubic Zirconia Ring
RRP £ 150 | £ 90 -40%