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Jewelry made of precious gems and metals plays a special role in creating a stylish and trendy look. Properly selected accessories, such as a broach, serve as a kind of highlight of the image, not only perfectly complementing it, but also being a bright final chord, beautiful and elegant. This decoration will become a spectacular accent of the image, emphasize the individuality and excellent sense of style of its owner. The FJewellery online boutique offers a wide and diverse assortment of brooches - from traditional classics to bright and avant-garde models, from retro designs to fresh contemporary trends. Here everyone can search out a unique accessory that meets all preferences. Also, on our website there are constant discounts, bonuses and many promotional offers, which means that you can purchase the best and highest quality precious jewelry at the most pleasant and affordable price. We are waiting for you for shopping!


From antiquity to modern times

History is full of discoveries, miracles and mysteries - everything that we value so much today has come to us from time immemorial. And this also applies to jewellery. Accessories such as brooches appeared more than 2000 years BC and are considered the oldest of all types of decorations known to us. Then they were used as fasteners for clothes (loincloths, capes) and were made from the simplest and most readily available materials, such as:

  • bones and teeth of animals,
  • tree branches,
  • thorns of plants,
  • sharp stones,
  • etc.

Everything changed with the beginning of the Bronze Age, when methods of mining, processing and forging metals became known. In addition to loincloths, other items of clothing began to appear, which means that the need for these accessories has increased. At first, they were very simple pins, rather rough and heavy. A little later, options with locks appeared - the prototypes of modern brooches. Even later, ornaments and engravings began to be applied to them, and already in the 10th century, the first brooches and agraphs appeared, very similar to those that we are used to wearing today. They fastened cloaks and mantles, and they were worn mainly by noble persons, thereby demonstrating their status and position in society. In addition, in the Middle Ages, people believed that this jewelry could protect against the evil eye and diseases, and therefore put them on as a kind of amulets. By this time, ornaments had become more diverse, floral and animal motifs appeared in them.

The peak of popularity of brooches came in the 17th century. During this period, at the court of the French king, it was literally bad form not to wear these precious accessories. The craftsmen of that era created real miracles from silver and gold. Unique art works of jewellery, encrusted with luxurious gemstones and natural minerals, decorated the dresses of queens and the mantles of kings at all ceremonial receptions and balls. By the way, it was the French word "broché" that gave the name to the accessory so popular today and every famous designer uses the motives of old France to create stylish and unusual models.

The last surge in the popularity of brooches occurred in the middle of the last century, and today we have a unique opportunity to become owners of the most beautiful vintage items from manufacturers that no longer exist, or even find unique models custom-made by private craftsmen. Such accessories can be safely called real precious relics!


The website of the FJewellery shop presents a separate collection of inexpensive pre-owned golden brooches. Chic and elegant - they amaze with their beauty and grace. Wearing such an accessory, for a moment you lose touch with reality and imagine yourself as a noble lady at a pompous ball, circling in a graceful dance with a charming gentleman. That is why we offer such decorations for sale, because they are a link between the past and the future, a kind of personal piece of history. And so that you don't doubt the authenticity and quality of these jewels - our experts very carefully study and check them before selling. And if you decide to buy brooch in our shop, you will receive all the necessary warranty certificates along with your order. Explore our range now!

How and with what to wear a brooch today

Unlike ancient times, nowadays, this accessory has ceased to perform an exclusively applied function, it has been worn for the sake of beauty and aesthetics. A lot of new, amazing and contemporary designs and varieties have appeared, among which it's not at all difficult to find models for creating any, even the most incredible images. Each famous fashion house adds bright brooches in sterling silver or classic gold to their collections, decorated with multi-coloured gems or crystals in the spirit of newfangled trends. In all this diversity, it's very easy to get confused, and that is why we have decided to put together all the current rules and tips regarding the correct wearing of these accessories. And we'll start from the very basics!

  1. Use only one accent in the image. The brooch is always the main element of the wardrobe, against which all the rest fade into the background and become, in fact, complementary. It's not only about big and bright decorations - regardless of size and design, it remains the basic precious detail. Complementary accessories are products without a pronounced style, concise, simple, in neutral shades that don't draw attention to themselves. For example, a golden broach on shirt can be supplemented with minimalistic stud earrings, thin bangles or initial pendants.
  2. The more complex the design of the brooch, the more concise and neutral the clothes should be - a simple even cut and soothing shades. You shouldn't choose a dress with complex and contrasting prints, or chunky decorative elements (voluminous buttons, a large buckle on the belt, etc.). If you wear jewelry with precious stones, then their shades should overlap with the colours of clothing and other accessories. So, amethyst rings or sapphire earrings should be worn with a broach with the corresponding gems.
  3. The size of the accessory, the complexity of the design and the number of precious inserts greatly increase the weight of the item. And the larger it is, the denser the fabric should be. So, it's better to wear massive brooches on a thick coat, knitted sweater or denim jacket, as they can simply tear or deform a thin T-shirt or blouse, and it will not look very appropriate.

It's always necessary to select jewels based on the situation, place, occasion, outfit and other precious elements. There are many styles and types of brooches, each of which fits a certain look and character. When selecting decoration, it's very important that it be personalized and individual, well suited to the inner mood of a person and broadcast his condition, emphasize his dignity and match the image. The FJewellery store team has made a detailed selection for you, in which we have described as fully as possible all the varieties of brooches and the possibilities of their combination. Based on these tips, you can easily and quickly find the right model for your wardrobe.

Romantic style is delicate subtle silhouettes, pastel shades, graceful lines and fantasy motifs, e.g.: floral ornaments or models depicting graceful animals (flamingo, dragonfly, crane, lizard, panther, etc.). Such decorations will appeal to young girls and are perfect for blouse, light and openwork, an airy flowing dress or a beautiful silk scarf.

The classic, with its discreet designs and strict geometry, will be ideal for ladies suit. Calm colours, straight lines and traditional forms prevail here. A black business jacket or a plain white shirt would be the fine backdrop for this piece of jewelry.

Free style is a wide and rich palette of shades, contrasting combinations and a mixture of different materials - a real riot of colours and elements that will appeal to bright people who love unusual and extravagant looks.
Funky style - traditionally considered teenage and avant-garde. Juicy and acidic shades, daring shapes, original combinations of details and materials - such decorations look funny, cool, bright and contemporary, they attract attention and arouse the desire to look at them for a long time. They are often combined into sets of several models and attached to caps, backpacks, bags, jeans or jackets.

Brooches for kids are always cute and nice fairy motifs, colorful elements and familiar cartoon characters. Usually they are tiny, light and smooth, without sharp corners and have a secure clasp, always cause tenderness and a touching smile.

The traditional yellow gold models are versatile and elegant – they’re essential basic accessories that everyone should have. They are perfect for both evening wear and elegant everyday ones. In addition, they are very easy to accessorize in the same shade of metal. A beautiful set can be obtained from simple ones:

Large and voluminous cameos in the form of flowers or leaves can be considered a separate type of jewels. They combine vintage luxury with a delicate aesthetic, but it's important to get them right with your outfit. Such models are well suited for shawl and a classic coat, or they can be beautifully decorated with a shirt collar.

Womens brooches

Very often, womens felt hats and berets are complemented with original small fancy style broaches. Such a detail perfectly emphasizes the perky nature of its owner and effectively completes the look, introducing a certain romantic charm into it.

Recently, it has become a real trend to decorate the bodices of swimwear with accessories with bright round gemstones. It adds a special chic to the summer outfit and perfectly emphasizes the décolleté. This technique has gained wild popularity among lovers of a luxurious beach vacation.

If you want to always look unique and inimitable, then the best solution would be to buy brooches, one universal or several for each individual outfit. These beautiful and stylish accessories will definitely become the main treasures of your precious collection and will help you out more than once at the right time! In the FJewellery catalogue you will find models made of laconic sterling silver and traditional gold, cheap and more expensive, simple and non-standard - decorations for every taste and budget. For your convenience and saving time on the website of our shop, a simple and understandable search system by category has been implemented. Each product has a full description, including all the main characteristics and several detailed pictures, which will make it easier for you to pick up the necessary accessory. Every day we strive to expand our range and make online shopping even more comfortable and enjoyable for you!

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