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Chains are always in fashion and in demand, and the reason for this is simple - their versatility. Even the most classic belcher chains can add completely different accents to your look: from romantic or glamorous to really daring. It all depends on the choice of style and how you wear it. Such accessories bring variety to even the most modest and discreet outfits, let alone bright combinations. And the best thing is that they are always appropriate! And if you haven't yet acquired such a stylish base for your wardrobe - it's time to buy a couple! The easiest way to do this is in our online catalogue - see for yourself! FJewellery store offers a wide range of different models for him and for her at the most pleasant price! Join now and replenish your precious collection with the maximum benefit!

How to choose a chain - top 3 useful recommendations

This accessory seems very simple and understandable, so not many people think that competent selection is also important here. We can immediately say that in vain - after all, this is the basis of your jewelry wardrobe and accuracy is very significant here! Otherwise, you risk losing harmony and miss the chance to create a single style for all your images. So, let's dive into the process and get it right!

  1. The first thing to choose is the right metal. For everyone, it's individual, because someone follows restraint and conciseness, while others prefer to place bright accents. So, in the first case, sterling silver would be more appropriate - strict and elegant. Its cost makes it as affordable as possible for many, and its reliability has been proven for centuries. However, this mineral is very monotonous and can hardly surprise contemporary fashionistas. Another thing is gold - luxurious, refined, multifaceted. Today's precious assortment offers us a huge variety of alloys and shades that can be coolly mixed with each other, creating truly exclusive combinations. Objectively, this is a more popular option and the huge demand for it is proof of this! But there is a more interesting way - a mix of various metals and colors, which gives more space for imagination and allows you to combine, at first glance, completely different models.
  2. The next step is to find the perfect design. It immediately seems that belcher link chain is already a specific style and nothing new can be added here, and there is nothing to choose from. But we dare to surprise you - there are options! Yes, this is of course a specific type of weaving, and it has its own characteristics, but stylistic variations are also present. It can be a patterned chain, a model with links of various shapes up to square ones, a diamond-cut version, or even double knitting. Each of them looks very original and leaves enough space for experimentation, so it's up to you to decide which product will fit more into your usual image.
  3. Finding the right sizes is very important! The general concept of your image and how organically the accessory will look on the neck depends on this. There are different lengths for mens and womens models, and we advise you to stick to this golden mean for the initial selection. So, the optimal female length will range between 17 and 20 inches. This is enough to perfectly emphasize the graceful line of the neck, thin collarbones and go down to the beginning of the chest. The ideal length for men is naturally longer - about 20-24 inch. It all depends on the height and complexion of the guy. The decoration should not be too long or, conversely, short - then it will be comfortable to wear, and you definitely won't feel unnecessary discomfort.

How to wear a chain - the most stylish tips

Well, we have already figured out the selection of the perfect belcher chain, and now it's time to move on to the most interesting part, namely styling. This definition is perhaps the most correct for the information that we are eager to share with you. So, let's get started soon!

  1. The classic version of wearing jewellery around the neck can be diversified using one of the most popular contemporary trends - layering. Large voluminous necklaces are now at the peak of the fashion wave and this is the best time for bright experiments. Try different lengths and weaves to create your own personalized stack. Thick chains look good on their own, while thinner ones can be combined with small decorations such as hollow crosses or tiny initial pendants.
  2. For a big locket, there must be an appropriate base. This means that if you want to use a chunky decor, try to correctly combine dimensions and weight - a very heavy accessory can deform a fine chain, and in general it will look completely out of harmony and even pretentious. If you want to focus on a large decor - use a massive solid chain and vice versa, mini pendants look good with thin openwork weaves.
  3. Pay more attention to details, and it will benefit you! Fancy pendants or engraved lockets with a secret always attract attention, and you can successfully build the whole image on this. It's especially great if such an accessory has a sacred meaning for you personally - it's always intriguing! Try adding a piece with your birthstone or a glittering name plate necklace to your set, and you'll see how your style changes in no time.
  4. Use non-standard solutions. Spectacle necklaces look very cool and stylish today, and you can transform your belcher style chain into one of these decorations. Or look at the unusual models with multicoloured inserts for sale in our store and simply add them to your traditional chain. This is a cheap but very effective way to show off your impeccable taste!
  5. Connect different accessories - this is the key to a holistic image! You can use classic snail bracelets or golden hoop earrings for a more minimalist look. Or try something more sparkling and sophisticated, like single stone rings or graceful infinity symbol bangles. Don't stop in your experiments, and you will definitely succeed in creating something special!

We hope our tips will be really useful for you and feel an unprecedented surge of inspiration to upgrade your unique style! And the FJewellery website assortment will help you with this! We are waiting for you and are always ready for new challenges!

925 Sterling Silver 4.5mm Belcher Chain
925 Sterling Silver 4.5mm Belcher Chain
RRP £ 90 | £ 55 -39%
9ct Yellow Gold 10mm Patterned Belcher Chain
9ct Yellow Gold 10mm Patterned Belcher Chain
RRP £ 1 545 | £ 860 -44%