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Gold Brooches

Buy brooches made of gold in FJewellery online

Gold brooches are multifunctional and elegant wardrobe details that perform not only a decorative function, but also focus on the area where they are located. They attract attention and are often the main visual center of the whole image, its highlight. FJewellery Boutique has a grand assortment of these exquisite accessories for sale to suit all tastes and budgets. In addition, our store has regular discounts and many promotional offers for both new and regular customers, which guarantees you the purchase of quality jewels at the most pleasant price. Welcome!

Brooches made of Gold

A bit about history

Brooches are the oldest jewellery known to mankind. Even in the Bronze Age, people made them from animal bones and fastened clothes with them: loincloths, capes, cloaks, mantles, etc. At what they were worn by both women and men. They were more practical than decorative. But a lot has changed since then.

In France of the 17th century, these decorations were a resounding success - they were worn by all noble people at court, and the design was simply amazing. From there we got their name "broché" and the popularity that they have gained all over the world.

Today, when we talk about jewelry aesthetics, meaning gold brooches, we first of all represent a beautiful, bright and stylish accessory that can transform any, even the simplest and strictest image, add a touch of elegance and luxury to it.

How and with what to wear

Golden brooch - can decorate any outfit, from strict and conservative suits, to light and airy summer sundresses and even swimsuits - the main thing is to choose the right accessory! There are many designs for this delightful jewelry, from traditional to unique and non-standard models. Brooches with animalistic themes (birds, dragonfly, fish) have recently become a real trend, but the classics, which include floral motifs and abstract ornaments, don't lose their popularity. So, let's start with the basics!

A classic vintage cameo brooch will create an elegant business look. This golden accessory looks especially impressive on the collar of a strict blouse. Small gold details on the lapels of the jacket and shirt look no less sophisticated and solid, adding a bright detail to the classic suit. Often, they are fastened together with thin chains, which adds grace and smoothness to the strict and straight lines of the suit.

Simple plain dresses can be decorated with a big laconic brooch in the shoulder area - this will complete the look and add a much-needed accent. Belts for dresses are also often decorated with bright accessories - this technique incredibly transforms simple-cut clothes. Elegant evening or cocktail dresses are best complemented with small details so as not to overload an already rich look.

With the help of pin brooches, you can beautifully and elegantly drape a shawl, stole or wide knitted scarf. Girls also love to wear these accessories with total denim ensembles, thus bringing a special charm to everyday casual.

A brooch with a natural gemstone will help to complement summer outfits in an original way. It has become a special trend to decorate the bodice of a bathing suit with this accessory, thus emphasizing the neckline and adding a delicate highlight to the image.

Ladies regularly adorn headwear with 9 carat gold brooches, especially classic berets and elegant felt hats. It's also popular among teenagers to decorate baseball caps with similar accessories in an avant-garde and even extravagant style. Young girls also like to decorate backpacks and light rag bags with such unusual accessories.

Gold brooches

Summing up, we can safely say that a gold brooch will easily make any outfit stylish and special, and on the Internet, you can find hundreds more example pictures of how to use it beautifully and organically to create a unique image. But don't forget that this is a very self-sufficient accessory that attracts all attention to itself and large bright jewellery in combination with it will not be appropriate. To create an elegant set are ideal:

If you are looking for an unusual present for your girlfriend for her birthday or any other special occasion, then the best solution is to buy gold brooch! Such a gift will not leave any woman indifferent and will become a real treasure in her precious collection. The FJewellery store catalogue contains many interesting and original models in different styles and at the most affordable prices. In sale on the website, you'll also find many other exquisite accessories with which you can complement your gift. And if you need advice on the range or help with the choice - you can always contact our specialists online. Give joyful and pleasant emotions to yourself and your loved ones with us! Join now!