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Are you ready to get your child's ears pierced, or are you looking for a great gift? Earrings for teens might be a great option for you. The FJewellery online shop offers a very nice collection of children's jewellery. Here you can find sets and individual pieces at an attractive cost. If you still don't know how to choose a piece, we offer you information to help you figure it out.

Earrings for TeensEarrings for Teens

There are four important parameters to consider when choosing such a gift:

  • Material.
  • Clasp.
  • Weight and size.
  • Decor.

 And now for more detail on each item.


Children are a separate and not the easiest category of customer. At any age, they have delicate skin that can react quite acutely to any material. Over the years, it has become clear that there are several win-win options that will allow you to relax and not have to think about the consequences:

Why such a list? Because these metals can be described as neutral. They do not contain ligatures harmful to the health of babies (nickel, lead, etc.). There is a good chance that products made from these materials will be suitable for your child. In this section of our shop, we will focus on gold jewellery.

Gold is a unique material that has a pleasing colour and lustre, as well as a high melting point. The latter makes it possible to make amazingly beautiful pieces of luxury jewellery. Generally, jewellers do not use pure gold to make jewellery. It is too soft and easily scratched. It needs constant care. The best option for earrings for children is 18- or 14-karat gold. These are still gold with a low percentage of alloying metals. The alloying metals give the alloy strength and improve its consumer properties.

In addition, the ligature gives the gold alloy different shades. The most popular are:

  • White.
  • Yellow.
  • Rose.

You can choose from classic yellow gold, trendy white or delicate rose gold. Yellow and rose gold are said to look best on skin with warm undertones, while white gold is said to look best on skin with cool undertones. But this is rather subjective when choosing gifts. You can completely follow your own preferences.

Another material that is often used to make cheap jewellery when compared to gold is, of course, silver. The latter metal looks very beautiful and can be used in children's jewellery. It looks noble and stylish. Suitable for children with cool skin tones.


It is more about security here. It must fulfil several functions:

  • Hold the jewellery firmly in one place.
  • Not to loosen or come off easily.
  • Not to scratch the child's skin.

When it comes to the optimum type of earrings, we are most likely talking about studs. In this case, the fasteners can be of two types: a simple plug and a screw-retained plug. Both variants are acceptable. But in the first case, there is a risk that the child will take the ornament off. This is dangerous.

Earrings for ChildrenEarrings for Children

The best option for a newborn baby is a screw-on clasp. It performs all the functions and is safe for the infant baby girl. The clasp looks pretty simple. There is a screw thread on the stem. The hat is screwed onto the foot. This is rather awkward to do, but it ensures that it will be difficult for the child to unscrew it. Plugs come in two varieties: a flat butterfly (probably named so because of the similarity in shape) and a hat. The second version is preferable. Such a cap screws in completely and looks like a smooth cap. It is safe and very comfortable for the baby. Over time, he will simply stop paying attention to the earrings.

If we are talking about teenage, another option is possible: Huggies earrings. The clasp here is almost invisible. The earring snaps onto the ear. These earrings are so comfortable that sometimes the child forgets that their ears are pierced.

Weight and size

If you are choosing the first earrings for kid girl, we are talking about the small size. This is usually an earring with a front diameter of 3 mm. It can weigh as little as 1 gram. It is a light and tiny piece of jewellery. From age 2 to 10, a new diameter can be chosen, so that the piece looks harmonious and comfortable.

Do not buy adult jewellery for your baby. For one thing, their earrings are still very small. Large pieces may widen the opening, be too heavy, be uncomfortable, and attract attention. Second, children's earrings are smaller and have a protective cap as a clasp.

Children's earring styles

The first earrings are always an occasion. Yes, a child is still too young when they get their ears pierced at six months of age or as little girls. And for most of his childhood, he won't even notice that his ears are pierced. It will be so natural for him. And to make this time pass carefree, you need to buy baby earrings that are, firstly, safe and, secondly, beautiful.

What do safe designs mean? Firstly, there are no sharp elements. The earring must not prick or interfere with the child. Gemstones should be completely enclosed in the bezel. Secondly, earrings for little princesses should not have hanging or dangling elements. These can catch, pull, and injure the ear.

Earrings for Kid GirlEarrings for Kid Girl

In our shop, you can find such gift ideas for online shopping as:

  • Some kind of mini-food. It could be cherries, pumpkins, carrots, watermelon, or any other variation along these lines. Such decorations look very cute on children's ears. You don't have to wait for a special occasion to give such a gift. You can do it right now.
  • Beautiful flowers for a princess. Delicate shades, soft shapes, beautiful gemstones. They are always timeless gifts. They look stylish and very attractive. You can choose from solid gold, enamel, or gemstones. All options are cute. 
  • Funny little animals. What else can lift spirits like a cute bunny, a funny crab, a bear cub, a butterfly, or any other animal? As in the previous case, they can be made of gold, gold with enamel, and ornamental or precious stones can be used as decoration.
  • A talisman gift. It's no longer just earrings, but a cool gift with meaning. Choose earrings for your little one made of a gemstone from the month of her birth. It is believed that such a talisman will help avoid problems and promote good moods.
  • Huggies. There are quite a few models in this section. And they are all absolutely beautiful and trendy. They can be just rings and nothing more. Neat and petite, they always look appropriate. From time to time, you will need to change the diameter of the ring. But we don't recommend very large ones for a 12 yr old child. There is always the risk of them snagging and hurting themselves. Such rings can also be adorned with jewellery. Teenagers love to accessorize their looks with such things. If the child has already grown into a responsible attitude toward the earrings, such rings can be matched with pendants. It is very cute and looks beautiful, not only in the images.
  • Fancy decor. Whatever you desire. There are stars, hearts, clouds, lightning bolts, crowns, and much more. All items are adapted to children's sizes. This also includes this season's fashion pearl or mother-of-pearl earrings. They look very cute!

Designer make wonderful pieces that, when approached correctly, will help create the right image and delight those around them.

As with adult jewellery, the price of the item will depend on the weight, the presence and value of the jewels, and the complexity of the decoration. You can also always find items on sale at a discount. You can also get an extra bonus when you buy the sets.

The FJewellery shop offers a large assortment of jewelry. The best place to buy something special for your children at any age. Other popular gifts for children include chains with different weaves (including Spiga chains), various pendants (pay special attention to initial pendants), and ID bracelets.