Three Stone Rings

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Today the jewellery industry offers a huge variety of rings. Some designs are centuries old, others are more recent. One of today's most popular choices is a ring with 3 stones. This category of timeless classics is available at the FJewellery with a wide assortment to suit all types of users.

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Here you can choose from gold or silver rings. You can give them as a gift for a wedding anniversary, Mother's Day or any other occasion. They can be gold and silver jewellery with diamonds, sapphires, amethysts and other gemstones.

What does a ring with three stones symbolise?

Jewellers often use birthstones in design. Esotericists believe that if you choose a ring according to this principle, it already guarantees good luck and happiness. Also, the three gemstones in a ring are a symbol of tenderness, love and loyalty. But there are also other variations on the meaning of the three stones in the ring:

  • friendship, love and loyalty;
  • past, present and future;
  • mom, dad and child, etc.

Therefore, a ring encrusted with three stones is a traditional gift for weddings, the birth of a first-born child and many other important events.

Rings three stone

What is the energy of the stones in the ring?

Clear-cut crystals in a gold or silver setting are eye-catching and admirable. But for a long time, people have noticed that there is energy in it too. Moreover, according to esotericists, different kinds of stones have different properties:

  • Diamond. This gemstone has a mesmerising play of sparkle around its edges. It gives a strong energy, especially when given as a gift. Therefore, to give a diamond ring as a gift is to give a person positive energy.
  • Ruby. The brilliance of this brightly coloured stone is comparable to that of a diamond. It gives strength and courage. It is also considered a stone of passion.
  • Sapphire. A blue crystal with a clear depth. It has soothing properties and helps to harmonise the personality and fill it with spiritual depth.
  • Topaz. This gemstone activates the feminine, prolonging the beauty and youthfulness of women.

How to choose a three-stone ring for a specific event

  • Engagement. The choice of jewellery depends primarily on the bride's preference and personal style. It is customary to give diamond engagement rings. This gemstone is a symbol of pure and deep feelings. But if a woman prefers sapphires or other precious stones, this should be taken into consideration. A large diamond surrounded by two coloured stones or, conversely, a sapphire or amethyst surrounded by diamonds looks very striking. At the same time, the side stones contribute to the visual enlargement of the central stone in the same way as in the halo rings.
  • Wedding rings. When choosing rings for a wedding ceremony, it is important to bear in mind that they will be worn every day. Therefore, in this case, practicality comes to the fore. But that doesn't mean you can't buy things with three stones. It's just better to choose a model with small crystals. The best masculine option would be a track of three miniature diamonds around the rim of the ring. The diamond-encrusted white gold rings match the bride's wedding dress to great effect.
  • Cocktail models. They come in a variety of shapes and combinations. For younger women, choose a thin ring with small stones; for older women, choose a wide ring with large crystals.
  • Men's rings. A sleek design with small stones in the same colour.

The cost of rings depends on the type of precious metal, the type of gemstones, their size and cut features.

Three Stone Rings

Tips for choosing a ring

All nuances are important when choosing three stone rings. Stones can be chosen according to the future wearer's eye colour, her horoscope, her wardrobe styles, other jewellery she likes to wear, etc. The size and shape of the gemstone and thickness of the ring are equally suited to the shape of the hand:

  • medium-width rings with pear-shaped stones are best suited to hands with short fingers;
  • a wide ring with a bright stone is suitable for fingers with large joints;
  • a ring with oval stones will add grace to a tight hand with large fingers, etc.

When choosing a ring, don’t forget about the size. The piece should fit snugly enough, but so that it can be twisted on your finger. Then it won't cause discomfort and it won't fly off at the wrong moment.

Where to buy a gemstone ring

If you're about to promise your heart and soul or are already preparing for a wedding, you're unlikely to have free time to hit the jewellery salons. But there is a simple way out of this situation - buy the rings from an online shop. You can select them from the catalogue using the pictures. The side view will give you the most complete picture of the product.

The FJewellery online shop offers a huge variety of rings for her and for him, from unique horse shoe rings to sophisticated modern signet male and classic three-stone rings. The latter is represented by a particularly wide assortment for newlyweds and those who have already been married for many years, for young girls, respectable ladies and stylish men. You can buy them here at an affordable price. Earrings in various styles, necklaces, bracelets, crosses, chains domed curb and many others are also on sale. You can also call to order jewellery in the style and size you want. The company's jewellery workshop will be happy to take care of any order you place.