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Single Stone Rings

Buy rings one stone in online store FJewellery

A ring has always been one of the most popular accessories. It can be the simplest form of jewellery or with an original design, gem-less, inlaid with one or more fascinating stones. They will perfectly complement any image making it more refined and elegant. The FJewellery online shop offers a wide range of rings for all occasions. Among them are single stone rings of classic and modern design.

Piece of jewellery for every occasion

The ring as a piece of jewellery has a rich history. The first rings were used more as a symbol of power and authority. And they were worn by men. Women originally used simple models as an attribute of beauty. They are also a symbol of infinity and evidence of a special bond between people. They are used in wedding ceremonies all over the world. A ring can be an amulet, a talisman, a way of expressing love, etc.

A gold ring looks very sophisticated. But if it is inlaid with a precious stone, it becomes a masterpiece of art. A single stone ring, worn on a finger, draws attention to the hands and emphasises their delicacy and elegance.

Ring designs and their types

The basis of any ring is a hoop. It can be shaped like a circle, a spiral, etc, and hold the jewellery on your finger. Complex models also have an advantage. This gives the piece a particularly attractive look. The top consists of:

  • caste (special frame for firmware);
  • inserts in the form of precious or semi-precious stones, cubic zirconia, birthstone etc.;
  • overlays (fasteners with which the plaster is fixed to the hoop).

The rings were made by hand. The beauty of the piece depended entirely on the craftsmanship of the jeweller. Today, the jewellery industry makes use of technological advances, but as before, only a jeweller can make it unique. Rings are divided into simple and complex according to their design.

Simple rings have a laconic design. They are often chosen for engagement and wedding rings to create a business-like look. The complex jewellery is characterised by floral lines and gemstone inlays. Today, Trinity-style rings are very popular today, especially models that use an intertwining of three types of gold (white, yellow, pink). These rings go perfectly with the earrings tri colour.

Ring with single stone

Ring with single stone

Single-stone rings are a separate category of jewellery. It is a classic and always in demand. These rings are most often chosen for engagement rings. Modern newlyweds are increasingly moving away from tradition and buying one stone ring as an engagement ring. In this case, choose a diamond ring. This amazing stone is considered a symbol of purity and longevity of feeling. Such a ring is also given as a promise to love and protect your beloved for the rest of her life.

A cocktail ring design uses 1 stone. In this case, the piece is usually massive. It features a tall customised and large inlay in the form of a big transparent diamond or coloured gemstone.

By the way, astrologers consider minerals to be a kind of conductor that transmits the energy of the sun to people. That is why many people choose a ring with a stone to match their horoscope. Also choose kiss bracelets, earrings and other gemstone jewellery.

Other people choose a stone according to their taste or style. If you are looking for a versatile piece of jewellery to go with any look, a clear stone or crystal is a better choice.

Consider the age of the wearer when choosing the size of the stone:

  • Young fashionistas should choose a neat ring with a small stone. It accentuates the natural charm without being too flashy.
  • Older ladies can choose a ring with a larger stone. This will help create a stately royal look. But not every ring like this can be used to create an everyday look.
  • A ring with a small stone is somewhat lost in a wide palm In this case, choose a piece with a larger stone.

Buy single gem ring online

Online shopping has become an integral part of our life. Choose your desired product conveniently from the pics catalogue. You can call to order jewellery at any address. Moreover, the advantage of online shopping is not only convenience but also a good price.

The FJewellery online shop offers you the chance to buy jewellery online. There is a wide assortment of jewellery. You can buy them at an affordable cost. Women's and men's jewellery in a variety of styles is in sale. Here you can choose from new models as well as pre-owned rings, toggle necklaces and many other jewellery items. They are thoroughly cleaned before they arrive in the shop, so they look flawless. This is a great opportunity to buy a vintage single-stone ring, original earrings, etc. at the best possible price. The assortment includes white and yellow gold rings with diamonds and other precious stones. Just browse through the catalogue and you're sure to find the piece you've been dreaming of.

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